HTC Merge Accessories

Where are are HTC Merge accessories, there must be a phone, right? The above shot comes from Verizon's system, so we're probably that much closer (for what that's worth) to finally seeing the Android slider on Big Red, right? In the meantime, check out our hands-on with the Merge.


Reader comments

HTC Merge accessories show in Verizon's system


I too have been waiting for this phone for a long time. I'm usually very cautious and would want to wait a few weeks for user reviews and possible hardware issues, but I may want to jump on this day 1.

In general - for those with more experience with this - about how far off does this make the launch? Is the 17th plausible?

Also, can I pre-order the hot pink snap-on cover?

Why did HTC downgrade the processor? They should have stuck with the 1Ghz or even upped the anti with this phone. If they are looking to compete with the Droid 2, you would think they would have decked this phone out. I guess its because this wont be a "droid phone" like the incredible, x and droid 1&2... this phone was appealing until it got bing'ed and I found out the specs, what shame. I can only hope that the Incredible HD rumors are true.