HTC just hit us up to give warning of a "major news announcement" to be made by CEO Peter Chou on Thursday morning. He'll be conducting a teleconference Los Angeles, and that's about all we know.

We've certainly been through our share of HTC news conferences, but getting getting a heads up for something like this seems a little unprecedented. Soon as we know more, you'll know more.

Oh, and we'll be liveblogging the whole thing, of course. Click here for the liveblog!

Let the speculation begin!

Update: So we've confirmed that it's a phoner-only event. Nothing live going on. Which tells us ... basically nothing more than what we already knew.


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HTC making a 'major news announcement' Thursday morning


yep, m$ already gets $5 a phone anyway. Microsoft finally gets serious about mobile and buys HTC.

Sorry but they are announcing that they are changing their motto away from "quietly brilliant" because Apple is suing them for use of the lowercase "i", which they claim trademark on.

Could they be the winner in the Nexus Prime (Nexus 3) race? (If there ever was such a thing). I never fully bought Samsung having it two years in a row.

That's Google's device. No OEM would announce that first, ever.

It's going to be something related to the HTCDev (i.e. bootloader unlocking) as well as another device or two, such as the Vigor and the Puccini.

that's the first thing i thought too, and if that's true, i'll go right back as soon as one is ready. webOS is, dare i say, fun to use.

I bet they reached an a licensing agreement with Apple in exchange for Apple dropping their patent lawsuit against HTC...

@PingaDulce For erudite individuals as yourself, they might not be. But for simpletons as myself, they will always bring about a laugh, obviously assuming it's clever of course.

Apple jokes will never get old as long as that lame a** outfit continues it's current posture of competing through litigation, instead of innovation. They had it too easy for a long time, and now when faced with some real creative competition, they start crying like a little two year old baby whose had it's binkie taken away.

You know that doesn't mean anything. It's a brand. They could put out an effing brick and call it an IPhone if they wanted to.

"I don't care."

I hope it's that HTC will be making WebOS phones! And Android phones too! I love them both... Although my EVO Shift is pissing me off lately.

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE Be the 10.1 Tablet OMG i would suicide of happiness if it is coming this month!!! (not really but i'll buy 2... i'll sell one and keep the other LOL)

Now if it isn't the Tab... it's would be something stupid to do with WebOS or that Tango junk.. (WP7.84) lol

If it is truly 'major', then it wouldn't just be bootloader unlocking, right? And it wouldn't be another tablet, right? It could be something to do with TV's?

Or even better, all new Kitchen Appliances from Bed Bath and Beyond will ship with Android!


doubt it.. someone got an email that said the DInc wasn't on the list to get the update anymore.. of course there are speculations and hopes that the rep was an idiot and meant the Eris or some other phone.. :/ I'm hopeful for my non rooted DInc brothers and sisters to get some GB love though ^_^

The Flyer gets Honeycomb and we see the the a few new phones and tablets including the G-infinty.

Then we get a apple style one more thing and larry page comes out and shows ICS running on the Nexus H, with a Samsung and Motorola variant to follow.

They're coming out in support of aosp's Sensation rom build, and pulling support for all the hater's?

I know...they figured out how to make a battery last longer. Now you only have to plug in to re-charge twice a day.

They are just announcing it is my birthday. I don't know why they are making a big deal about it.

All Thunderbolt owners will be getting a Thunderbolt 2 for free due to all the problems they had with the first one.

To all consumers, please be advised that all HTC handheld devices are slated to transform and take over the world for HTC world dominance. We thank you for your cooperation during this transition.


evo 4g and ALL current sprint "4G" phones run on Wimax which is NOT LTE. Sprint has been planning on changing to to LTE for a while now but i doubt this has ANYTHING to do with sprint

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Apple files complaint in Germany for HTC making an announcement tomorrow. According to Apple, Steve Jobs was planning to possibly make an announcement tomorrow, as well.

UPDATE: Court agrees with Apple as, according to the judge, this cannot be a coincidence. Hence, HTC is now banned from making any announcements in the entire EU.

HTC is going to announce that in conjunction with Motorola, they tracked down and located Steve Jobs in a bunker in Afghanistan. A verbal altercation over patent infringements ensued and after a brief firefight, SJ was pronounced dead at the scene. His body was dumped at sea.

What really would put a smile on all htc and android. Fans would be one of two things or even both at the same time, htc mergers or takes over Rim and/or offcourse the nexus 3 . Here's hoping with fingers crossed. I personally think if they were to merge with Rim, they would rule the world, as far as hand held devices are concerned anyway. On the otherhand the nexus 3 would give them the reward they justly deserve after the truly amazing sensations and the evo 3d, phones that are completely underrated

They are expanding into the Latin American Market. New offices have been rented in Miami and job postings are everywhere for employees to grow the expansion into Central and South America.

HTC purchased by Google. In the midst of heated negotiations Google inadvertently purchases itself.

Since they are not showing pics, vids etc., it could just be about when they are going to release 2.3 for the Thunderbolt.

HTC is trying to introduce inductive coil charging before Motorola does on their new Droid Bionic. 5$ if I'm right.

This announcement has a lot to do with Apple. Google said that HTC won't lose no matter the outcome. Thre outcome has arrived and Apple just got bit!!! (Or bitten,)