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Well, the cat's pretty much out of the bag for HTC's teleconference this morning for what it's billed "a major news announcement" by CEO Peter Chou in Los Angeles. If you haven't heard, HTC and Beats by Dre have teamed up in a $300 million partnership that will bring the audio giant to HTC smartphones starting this fall.

But let's assume we don't yet know it all. Join us after the break as we liveblog the teleconference. The show gets going at 11:30 a.m. EST / 8:30 a.m. PST.


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HTC-Beats by Dre announcement liveblog


Ha ha, music to the phone. Little late to the party. Actually I think Music industry issues have more to do with a worthless product and consumers dwindling desire to listen.

I had hoped for a phone release announcement, especially the Holiday. Maybe this is why they've been holding it back, waiting for the deal to go through so that they could incorporate the audio features into it. One can only hope. So, come on and release the Holiday!!

Any else not care about this whole HTC/Beats thing? Personally, I don't even use my phone as a music listening device.

I don't get this question: "Q: Why did you buy Beats rather than just license?"

If I read that question, it's like HTC bought Beats By Dre. It's just a partnership, right?

The question was actually "Why did you buy IN TO Beats rather than just license?"

They invested $300 million into Beats, but Monster Cable still owns the majority stake.

They bought 51% or the company with a 300 million investment which means they own beats now leaving Dre with only 49%and 300 million dollars or who ever owns beats a

From what I heard, HTC bought a majority share in Beats, so they pretty much own it. That's why they point out that Lovine and Dre will continue to run Beats autonimously.

Really?? Can we get a couple more posts on this partnership? Because I don't think we can get enough of this overhyped, over priced headphone partnership that makes your Thunderbolt and your EVO 3D obsolete for music listening...


This is 5 posts on a nothing deal that nobody cares about.
All the other Andorid blogs posted one article and pretty much yawned it off as no big deal.

I just don't get what passes for editorial leadership here some days.

So, the hype was about an app? An app that will probably kill batteries even more.

I was hoping it was about a revolutionary new battery that lasts 10 days, or at least about a phone dropping at Verizon. Damn.

No. It's about how much of that $300 million Dr. Dre is going to get for his association with this deal. Who cares about the phone, app, or head phones. I want to know how much dosh Dre is getting form this deal. :-)

I will say I expected huge news by the title of the email I received and this seems to be good news but not amazing. For everyone completely playing it off though, I do own an HP laptop with Beats speakers and they are by far the best laptop speakers I have ever heard.

Also when I hook my evo into headphones/speakers I hear the deep bass in the songs yet when I play the same song as a ringtone out the back speaker it is completely devoid of bass which for hip-hop completely changes the song. So even if they added a single much richer Beats speaker in phones I would be happy, not a game changer as the hype machine wanted everyone to believe but a welcome change.

OK people, BEATS is more than about head phones. Its an entire sound technology that built into the device. My HP ENVY for example, has BEats built in, and the sound is amazing - especially through the headphones. I'm not sure if its just software or a combination of hardware and software. I don't use BEATS Headphones but I can vouch for the quality of sound through both of my laptop headphone jacks.

I do use my Evo 3D as a music player sometimes. I may browse the web while listening to Pandora, or my own music via Google Music, or some music that I loaded on the device using the built in HTC music player. If I had Beats built in, that would be even better!! And ultimately, that's what this is about. I understand people are disappointed because they didn't get the announcement that they were hoping for -- neither did I, but this is still a good announcement. HTC are taking the good products that they make and making them even better! This is a good thing.

I just hope that there is simply a software patch we can download on some existing devices like the Evo 3D, Sensation, OG EVo, Thunderbolt and Inspire..

Thumbs up man! I just got my new envy a couple of days ago & was wishing that somehow they could get that tech into my 3D. Then I turn around and read about this partnership. I hope that this will be compatable with the most recent HTC phones but if not, I'll see how it goes for next summers upgrade!

I actually use my phone for music almost every day. The only time I don't listen to music when I'm out, is when I go to the grocery store a block away. I use Winamp app as my main music app and sometimes switch to Simple Music and UberMusic. Always playing with the EQ to get the perfect sound. Have about 12 gigs of music on my phone...

...and with all of that being said, I really don't give a s*** about this whole "partnership".

Audiophiles do not buy Beats headphones because they know that Beats are just overpriced SkullCandys. People who do buy Beats, generally buy them because of hype (marketing) and image - both the looks and the name. I agree all of them look great. Probably some of the best-looking headphones I've seen, although, I think Sennheiser HD-800 are the most badass-looking cans out there. But I personally, will take sound-quality over looks any day! After trying some Beats headphones, I can say that for the price of Beats I'd rather buy some Grado, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica headphones...or better yet, custom-made! If this is about some app or built-in sound software then even if "stock" sound quality on the phone doesn't satisfy you, I'm sure there are plenty of EQ's that can be downloaded.

In any case, this whole "partnership" thing is overhyped!