We know you guys wanted to see the next generation of Android phones go head to head and now you've got it! CNET Asia just got their hands on both the HTC Magic and Samsung I7500 and put them side-by-side under the glaring light of the camera with nothing to protect themselves with. It's a good old fashioned head to head, photo shootout!

After seeing these pictures, we can safely say that whichever device you decide to buy, HTC Magic or Samsung I7500, we're confident that you're going to get a super sexy device with a powerful OS. Personally, we like the HTC Magic just a tick better, but that can change on any given day.

Which one do you guys like better? HTC Magic or Samsung I7500?

hit the jump for the rest of the photos of the HTC Magic vs Samsung I7500!

side by side

Samsung I7500 on top of HTC Magic

Side angle, as you can see the Samsung I7500 lacks a chin (tear?)

upright, same height and thickness it seems

back shot

bottom shot


Samsung I7500 on top of the HTC Magic


Reader comments

HTC Magic VS Samsung I7500 -- PHOTOS


I like both, In this case I'd like to consider the hardware, if the battery can hold for more time, and the camera.
Could someone post the hardware capabilities?


I would still go with the HTC Magic. I really don't have a need for a 3.5mm headset jack. Not saying that it's not a good feature to have, I just put the trackball a little higher on my list of needs on an Android phone.

competition is always good. I'd consider the HW specs though. The G1 is atrocious design-wise, kinda like those first generation 80's cell phones that looked like bricks. Glad they got rid of the physical keyboard, should lower the overall price since there's less components. Yeah some people will complain, but it's the trend of technology, slicker interface, physical design, and lower price usually wins over the hardcore whiners who need to feel their keyboards.

I just watched the youtube vid on the samsung. Pretty damn sexy, but both lack the qwerty keyboard. I'm a big fan of the qwerty keyboard. And, with a little bit of tinkering, the g1 is pretty versatile, having both on-screen and qwerty keyboards, auto-rotate and multi-touch(useless). The one thing that the g1 and htc magic lack is internal memory, and for that reason alone i would choose the samsung in addition to the 3.5mm jack, great for ppl that don't want their phone blue jacked or blue snarfing whatever you call it. If i'm not mistaken the samsung i7500 has 8gb internal with upto 32gb sdcard. As of right now its said the samsung has less ram but i don't believe it, so i'll wait and see.

My pick goes for the samsung, unless another android phone comes out with a qwerty keyboard.