Dual cameras seen again, metal appears to extend round the sides

Just 24 hours removed from the announcement of its launch event, we're seeing a full leaked render of the HTC M8 courtesy of @evleaks. If you're thinking it looks a little familiar, then you're absolutely right. Oh, and this particular one is in gold, if you like that sort of thing.

Taking a closer look at what we're seeing, there is a lot that's familiar. Boomsound speakers out front and the same overall design language as the current HTC One. There's nothing wrong with that, since the HTC One is a pretty darn handsome thing. The dual rear cameras we've seen in previous leaks are present and correct, as is a dual-tone LED flash. What lacks still is any actual solid purpose for those dual cameras.

One other interesting design choice this time round looks to be the metal body extending around the sides. Since this render shows the gold color wrapping round the entire device, it'd be safe enough to assume it isn't plastic. For reference, the sides on the current gold HTC One are black and made of plastic. The power button is up top, and the display is showing the same new look Sense we've seen leaked before, complete with on-screen buttons.

We're still over a month away from the launch events in New York and London, and we'll be live on the ground at both.

Update: Geek.com has gone live with a second leaked image, showing the top of the device in blue.

Source: @evleaks


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HTC M8 leaks out in full render form, looks like an HTC One


I second that. It's fugly.

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I wouldn't be mad if they kept the same design but they HAVE to move that power button to the side man

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I want the power button on the side also. I actually hit my volume buttons sometimes when holding it in one hand and reaching for the top button with that hand as I have to squeeze it a little tighter to be able to push the top button. If it was on the side then I wouldn't have that problem.

I have a feeling that black will look the best. But, for some reason, I dont like the rounded corners! And there has already been a lot of bashing for that black space and htc logo on the front.

Too much bottom bezel, plus top power button = WHY HTC, WHHHY?!

Seriously disappointing, but looks good otherwise.

Yep, but it's a bit tricky for right handed people. Should have left it on the left side :(.

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Wait, what? I've had my HTC One for like 5 months now and I absolutely HATE the power button setup. Left side is terrible for right handed people and it's too recessed into the frame itself.

So glad it's moving to the proper side.

Try reaching the top right side with your right index, then the top left. You'll notice that it's a little harder to reach the right side.
If they have to keep the power button on top for the IR blaster, the left side is more convenient for people using their right hand.

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Then have a separate IR transmitter. Like the S4. (Side power, and top IR).

I hate top power buttons. I have huge hands and my fingers are never near the top to turn on it. It's right where I want it on the S4. However, I can't stand the S4's physical home button. You just can't win :-/

Nexus 5 :)
Power button on the side, and software navigation buttons.

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Yeah, it's odd to me that HTC used to "get it" in the bezel arena. They were leading the way back in the Evo days. Front facing speakers are a tradeoff that they have decided to make. I don't desire it, but it is a superior audio design at expense of device to display ratio. That being said, LG and Sammy are killing them with smaller top and side bezels on the flagships, and it does make a big difference.
IF this is HTCs best and IF the S5 and i6 come with edge to edge (sides) displays and smaller top/bottom bezels, then HTC is gonna be left in the dust in this round of design. Nice metal and front facing speakers are attractive, but they'll be 2 years behind in the device size to display size progress.

I was thinking the same thing. Probably a 8-13mp on the top and a 4 ultrapixel on the lower one.

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To bad that HTC has such a big ego that the have to have their logo on the front.. Would be a nice phone if it was all screen and speakers on the front.. well we will see tomorrow..

Only Nexus (and I believe Motorola) phones have no logo on the front. HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG, etc all do that. I personally don't mind that, as long as it isn't a carrier logo (looking at you, Verizon).

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You were right with Adding in Motorola too. I like the look of having no logos on the front for that cleaner look.

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Exactly. Hate the carrier logos on the front, but kinda like the OEM logo on the front of my phones. It was too bad when Motorola stopped. Lenovo might change that up eventually, though.

Doors anyone actually see the lens? It might be a fingerprint scanner like the HTC max. I think that actually seems more plausible.

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I think this is great. HTC already had a great form factor with the One, so by not starting over they are going to keep creating brand recognition plus save money on design and retooling.

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I think more people would rather have more screen and less bezel than good speakers. How many people actually listen to music or other content through their phone speakers?

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I disagree, i think most would want the opposite once they heard the speakers. They really are nice and I use them all the time.

You may be right, I'm only going off my use case, and those that I know. But I think most people interested in good audio will have a system in place at home or work and outside of those areas surely most use headphones.

However, where I live teenagers like to walk around and blast music out of their tinny phone speakers much to the chagrin of the general public. They'll love this phone. They just need to find someone to steal it from first.

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"most people interested in good audio will have a system in place"

I don't know, personally, I don't think people should have to have a "system" in place just to get decent sound out of their phones. My 4 year old son often watches cartoons or plays games on my phone while we're traveling, and he's always blocking the single speaker with the way he holds the phone. I'd far more prefer front facing speakers than an ever increasing screen size. Screen sizes and resolution are already more than adequate, lets have some of the other features catch up.

The speakers on my HTC One are fantastic - I regularly listen to the radio with my phone docked and no other speaker. The sound is loud and crisp.

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I never used to but now that I have the HTC One with Boomsound & front facing speakers I do often. I am not liking the big bottom bezel so far though

I agree. My phone is always on vibrate or silent. The only time I hear phones is when the idot kids on the train are blasting their stupid music.

I do listen to music via phone speakers from time to time:
I don't like the screen set up on this as a current HTC 1 owner ....
They should have made the HTC logo as part of the speaker grill coloring in the grill or something (i get branding) :then gave more screen to compensate for the on screen buttons...IMO

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WHY WHY & WHY the black bezzel for the logo ...
It seems like the jack port is on the bottom of the phone

At least the bezel on the Original ONE housed the capacitive buttons now it just holds the logo

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the HTC logo is not a hackable capacitive button, the trick is to use to bottom of the screen just obove the logo as an additional button

I'm guessing they're still gonna use ultrapixels rathan than MP. Screen display looks a tad awkward design-wise.

Gold? Please tell me that isn't the only color at launch. If so, it was nice knowing HTC... And two cameras? Tell me it isn't for 3D... Just looks dated to me. That huge bezel was a mistake. At least if it is going to be that big use capacitive buttons...

Omg HTC.. why must you molest my eyes with those bezels. First you forced the fixed battery on us and now you are forcing the bezels on us. Curse you and your bezel fetish..arggghhhh... The bezel assault has blinded me...iiieeeee

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The corners are too rounded, id prefer them to be a little sharper, like the first One. Screen just doesn't impress, after my LG G2 I just cant put up with big bezels any more.


The HTC One looks impressive with the build quality but on a day to day basis that bezel becomes more and more of a drawback.

It's too bad because HTC Sense is a beautiful skin. They should just put it in the Play Store. I'd pony up for it.

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The design is really derivative. I have the current One and this doesn't really look much different. I guess they are following the Samsung mantra of evolutionary designs rather than revolutionary. I really think the screen should be a larger percentage of the overall dimension. There's so much black bezel bordering the screen which should have be eradicated. Lets be honest here, most people with smart phones have cases so build quality is only so important. I think HTC should have swung for the fences as opposed to resting on their laurels. I don't think I'll upgrade...

from what I'm hearing of the Samsung S5, I just don't see this competing. They really needed to swing for the fences and unless there's some seriously awesome software features I don't see this making a dent in HTC's marketshare.

I have a One and love it but i don't see any reason to upgrade to this.

If this is all they can come up with....get ready for more losses HTC! Sales of the One fell off the proverbial cliff months ago, and I don't see this making the climb back north again. #fail

Samsung approves of this device, so they can crap all over it.

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I think all the complaints about the bottom bezel are misguided. When I hold my one and my pinky is across the bottom, it's a bit of a stretch to reach the home button with my thumb. If it were a bit higher, like on the new one, it would be more comfortable and easier to reach.

I was afraid that they would take cues from the HTC One Max with the bezel all the way around the phone.
Probably due to the issues with gaps that they never seemed to resolve.
Like most, I fell in love with the One because it was gorgeous and there was nothing else like it on the market....truly innovative. I remember my reaction when I first saw the one, I was truly wowed. Can't say that any of those same feelings came into play when I saw this.
Looking at this (aside from the speakers) it could literally be like any other phone out there (MotoX, S4, etc.).
Taking away the best thing(s) about the phone (if this is in fact what it will look like) may just throw it in the mix with all the rest of uninspiring designs out there. I hope for HTC that the S5 does not have a dynamic design changes.......

Curious to know why 2 lenses(?). They could've made the bottom bezel smaller by making the HTC logo smaller and I kinda don't like how the metal sides look from the front.. they shoulda kept the old design in that area. Also, IDGAF what anyone says it sucks that it doesn't have Beats Audio anymore. It's the only thing I miss from my last phone (Rezound). Besides that it's still a decent looking phone..

Could they be trying to use the same screen? Maybe that bezel is still capacitive.

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A no go for me if the power button is required to wake the device. The blue is lovely.

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I think he's referring to how the logo bezel could possibly be used for gesture waking, like the BlackBerrys

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heinous. I've always been a fan of the HTC handsets, but with their new Sense package and this device, I see them devolving into an alsoran. While LG makes a huge charge with awesome specs that perform well in the real world, HTC continues to downward slide into obscurity. Won't be long now.

May be wishful thinking here, but I don't think it is two separate cameras. Might be a second lens that takes portraits with less distortion... less of a wide angle. Not sure if that's possible technically with so little distance to project an image, but I can dream.

Then again, it may not be a camera at all, but rather a fingerprint unlock feature.

Looks like OEMs aren't trying to reinvent the wheel with each new flagship device they put out anymore. Use to be, HTC had a different looking flagship every year. Same with Sammy, Sony, LG, etc. Now it seems it's best to stick with one common design and just refine it each year, like the iPhone. No problem with that though. The One design was solid but could've been better. They haven't nailed it yet with this new version. Still too much bezel. The One X is still their best looking phone to date.

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I personally don't understand taking up space on the front with the logo and making the design larger (or screen smaller) to do it. Have you ever looked at the front of someone's phone to see what brand it is? A prominent brand on the back is more than enough. They won't gain one single buyer by putting it on the front but they would gain buyers by being more efficient with their use of space.

I like that HTC continued the aluminum along the sides, but this image leaves a lot to be desired. The bezel and HTC logo should have been removed (or the logo could have been placed on the speaker area, at least). Not sure how I feel about the more rounded edges, either. Having two cameras on the back looks sort of odd, as well.

On another note, there is something "off" and photoshop-y about this picture. I understand that this leaker is usually accurate, but I'll still wait til the final product is on the shelves to decide whether or not to count the M8 out as my next device.

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Well I guess I know I won't be getting an HTC for my next phone. Just hate the stupid large bezel on a bleeding edge phone!

No big on the gold. And is the new phone fatter?

The biggest question for me is where is the developer edition that can run stock Android.

It's a nice design that is ruined by having that "HTC" logo in the front that adds extra bezel.

the first ONE is aestatically more pleasing imho- the speakers were symmetrical and of the same size, the space next to the htc logo was not wasted- now if it retains the same dimensions, you actually get a smaller display due to the software buttons- dafuq?

sorry htc but thats a fail.

ps: looking at my one, the sides look better too- viewed from the top this new ONE looks like its got a case on.

IMO if you're gonna try gold trim it in white not black..

To add it's just not as attractive as the current One ... I'm not feeling it it based off the pictures being released..

Still have to see the entire product though... But they should have left the grill alone at the top and the bezel...all bad...
How you eff up what u had..
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Jeezus, all the nitpicks about the damm bezel. Have you people seen a Sony Z1? A Nexus 5? Talk about bezels! Don't cite the ugly LG G2 please, that back power button is total garbage.

Yes, I have seen the Sony and Nexus.....that's why I own a One. If I wanted something to look like the Sony and Nexus, uh....I would buy one.

Bezel too big and that gold look is hideous on that phone. It's as if they did nothing as far as design to change it up or improve on things. No thanks.

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What if.... Have you noticed that all the renders with blinkfeed shown the on screen buttons are covering up essentially the bottom of the feed? And since the HTC logo seems to be taking up space.. Is it possible that the HTC button will toggle on and off the on screen buttons AND the app row that is always on the bottom? I realize that the app dock is software but could this be a possibility and a person could actually use ALL of the screen until they are ready to use the buttons or home screen? Just a wishful thought....

Does anyone else think that the on screen buttons slightly overlap the bezel below? Look closely. I may be wrong.

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HTC will never learn...people don't want a gimmicky Camera, they just want it to take amazing pics. Why oh why can't htc just make "one" fantastic camera.

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How is it a gimmicky camera? I'm pretty sure none of us actually know what the camera situation is yet. Dual lenses could be for lots of different reasons.

Would you bezel complainers complained less if there was no front facing bottom speakers? That way the bezel with the logo would be the same as on a phone such as my Nexus 4. The only reason it looks like more bezel is because of the speakers.

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Side bezel is the issue.....not top and bottom bezel. Already own a One (with the speakers) and the top and bottom are just fine.

I'd trade the front facing speakers to get rid of all that bezel and that better not be a finger print scanner at the very top. We are men not spider monkeys. I doubt this is HTC's savior.

Who cares about the color? My guess is gold won't be the only color available at launch, if it is available at all. Now, can anyone tell me if they share in my frustration in not getting my HTC One (Sprint) able to learn my DirecTV television remote control so as to be able to use its IR blaster with my TV?

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I got an app from play store called directv+ it works great. Has all buttons and functionality, even macro.

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I'm not a big fan of the color gold, but I actually like the design of it. Keep up the great work, HTC!!!

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Another nitpick.. The top speaker/sensor/camera layout. It was better and more symmetrical on the first One. Idk but the original design remains superior to this one.. smh.

I was looking at it as well. The bottom grille lines up w/ the edge of the top grille on the left side and the FF camera on the right. So the components are symmetrical on the whole, just not the individual grilles. It looks a little off to me as well but I learned my lesson with the EVO LTE: don't complain about the render, no matter how bad you think it looks - wait until it's in your hand.

Here's what I see: another photo of the phone that looks really similar to others that are out there, but not identical. I see what appears to be the IR blaster (or something glossy black) flush on the top-left while the power button is on the top right. I see the HTC logo occupying the bottom of the screen, but there are lots of potential reasons for that, like it or not. My guess is that the screen size (rumored @ 5") and the component requirements dictated a given footprint for the chassis. Whatever small space that remained needed to be filled in and it would either be what we see here or just more speaker grille. What would you crybabies scream about more?

I wouldn't expect them to stray from the One design too much. You can't invest all of the money that they did in the equipment and the process for machining the One and just shit-can it after one year. Plastic molds can be made and re-made pretty inexpensively. This isn't plastic. And I don't say that to knock plastic or starts the Great Materials War of 2013 again. I'm just pointing out fabrication facts.

Edit: just saw the update from Geek.com and it looks so much better now that there's another angle to it.

As someone who owns an HTC One, I don't see myself upgrading this year. I don't use the camera often, but I'm happy with it when I use it. 2gb of RAM is plenty for now, and the processor is still fast enough to stay relevant for at least another year or two. The screen on this new one looks exactly the same, give or take a few tenths of an inch and obviously the addition of software buttons. HTC has guaranteed to keep up with software updates until around the time I'll be looking to upgrade anyway, so I'm good there. To me, there is simply not enough here to warrant an upgrade. For someone who doesn't own an HTC One, HTC are basically fine tuning an already fantastic phone and I give it my thumbs up (except for that god awful gold color).

Evleaks doesn't post fake stuff. What you are posting is a fantasy. The M8 will have the logo on the front and on-screen buttons. You simply want to believe what you are posting is reality. Wake up.

He did when he posted that it would be marketed as the All New HTC One. That post was laughed off by someone in HTC's marketing department.

That picture you posted is fake as well. It still has the polycarb inserts on the sides, which the new model doesn't have. It would be nice if the final new One didn't have that black bar with the logo, but I think it will.

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Ugly as heck, what the hell did they do to it?? I guess I will have to make it another year with the One. After 4 HTC devices, I'm not ready to give up on them just yet.

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There probably going to go with that ultrapixel crap they touted good low light performance and from what I've heard from some one users its not bad but the camera is really relient on the software for sharpness and stuff like that but I figure that not everyone going to get this phone because of the camera but I'm no going to complain about the design even if it looks like the one because just look at the difference between the s4 and the s3

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This thing looks just like the One, WTF HTC really??? And the gold one is ugly as hell. Lets hope the S5 is going to be better, this doesnt look like a worthy upgrade from the One.

I don't enjoy bashing HTC but my prediction is that this device is going to fail miserably. Most people anticipate the next big thing from Samsung or Apple. I think HTC needed to do something BOLD with their next device. Some SUPER sleek design change--instead we get something that looks almost EXACTLY like last year's model. Don't they remember that as nice as it was it didn't do as well as they would have liked against the competition?

I wish HTC didn't make the corners so round too but the gold colour is a complete turn off. Good thing there will be other colours. I'm more interested to see what kind of battery they put in this thing. HTC should of also have tried to reduce the bezels too with this year's ONE. Ah well... there is always next year. I'm hoping Samsung goes with a metal body this year as rumoured. These manufacturers have to step it up a bit more!

Really? Your all up in arms about the bezel? Its not bad at all. I for one love that it still looks like the One, thats what makes it a One! The iPhone hasent changed much over the years and look how it sells!

I cant wait to get this phone when its released, very excited.