HTC 'M8 Ace' leak points to single camera, June 3 release

A more affordable version of the HTC One M8 may be on the way, according to a leak on a Chinese website. The device is slated for a June 3 release and could well be the rumored HTC One "M8 Ace" we've been covering. We've previously looked at what its next Android smartphone would be and this cheaper HTC One M8 would bring the company in line with what competitors are offering.

The leak details some specifications as to what we can see in this upcoming product, including a Snapdragon 801 processor, 5-inch 1080p display, 2GB RAM, Android 4.4 and HTC's Sense 6.0. There are some differences with this new M8, including increased use of plastic materials over metallic due to cost savings - but HTC seemingly isn't going as far as to make the device feel cheap. Also, the device will make do with a single rear 13MP camera.

The detail with this M8 "Ace" (or "Vogue") is in the price, whichis reported to be under $500. China is said to sport this new HTC Android smartphone next week and will be available in black, blue and red variants.

Source: ifran, via: SlashGear


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HTC One M8 'Ace' leak points to single camera, June 3 release


Honestly I'd rather have a decent 13 mp camera on my M8 than the 4 "ultrapixel" duo camera it has. The depth of field feature has shown it can be achieved through software, almost better in some cases, rather than needing a second camera.

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The render looks like it has two cameras. Was it a part of the leak, or just a placeholder?

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Remember that time HTC said One device and then rolled out 3 to 4 versions of it.
Oh well I'm sure it'll be a good phone. The first one in poly was nice.

I just came in here to say this. Why does HTC always flood the markets with 3 or 4 versions of a phone? Its like the anti-Apple approach. 5S and 5c at the same time was earth shattering when they finally split the market.

HTC will never learn. Meanwhile... over at LG.... ☺

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Sure lets check in with LG. Since the G2 we have:

Optimus S6, Optimus L1 II, G Pro Lite, G Pro Dual Lite, G Flex, Optimus F3Q, Optimus L1 II Tri, G Pro 2, L90, L70, L40, G2 Mini, F70, F90, Optimus Exceed 2, L65, OPtimus Zone 2, Lucid 3, L90, Volt, and L35,

Correct me if I am wrong but out of that list I see a bunch of G2's, L (whatevers), F (whatevers), G (whatevers) and Optimus phones.

Imagine that, giving the consumer different phones at different price points for different purposes.

I guess LG will never learn either. Or Samsung. Or Sony.

Or maybe it is just you?

Honestly, their more affordable will be not that affordable. Their one mini 2 costs more than what you can get a M7 for on swappa.

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HTC, it really doesn't matter what you make the phone out of. I'm still gonna throw a CarbonFiber or Woodgrain SlickWraps Skin on it.

WTF... Why would you destroy the build quality ... Ive moved from samsung to nexus to the m8.
Loving the way this phone is made,no case no screen protector =:-)

moved from nexus 5 to HTCm8

Does the wrap all of a sudden turn metal to tissue paper? What kind of Alchemy is this? Are you a wizard? Do you weigh as much as a duck?

If this comes out looking like a newer HTC DNA I'll be all over it as long as it supports tmobile

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Pretty sad that they FINALLY put a BETTER 13MP camera on this M8; they should have put this 13 MP camera on the general release flagship version. I feel bad for the people who bought THAT version with that 4MP B.S. and who now have to witness the release of a BETTER 13 MP camera.

It won't be a better camera. The one mini 2 has the same 13mp camera and it isn't better than the m8's.

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It is the same as the Desire 816, and yeah it is leaps and bounds better than the 4 Ultra-mistake camera on the M8/M7

There you go again like you're a know it all authority, NoNsense.

A better still image in daylight perhaps in select lighting situations. Not leaps and bounds and not necessarily better. We all know there are advantages to HTC's use of UltraPixel technology in naturally lit lower light situations. The M7 also has optical image stabilization. Zoes and Video Highlights are awesome. The HTC One (M7) was awarded best smartphone by many in 2013 and definitely not because of your opinion.


You are no longer worth a comment, you are so constantly off base that I refuse to try to educate you anymore. They say ignorance is bliss so I am sure that you are the happiest individual on earth.

Enjoy the rose colored glasses

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Dude, you are so off base. MP count means so little in a phone. Shutter speed, aperture, and software matter so much more than MP do. Just look at the reviews fit the HTC One mini 2 (that's a mouthful) and the Desire 816 reviews that they've done this week here at AC. They've said the 13 MP shooter on those phones were not on the same level as the 4 ultra-pixel camera on the M8.

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I am not making this a mega pixels thing, I know that they are not that important, but the camera on the m8/m7 is easily one of the worst 3 form last year(and this year since they didn't change it). Does it such as bad as a Nexus? No. Is it on per with LG, Sony or Samsung? Not even close. It wins in low light but loses everywhere else.

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Wow.. slap a case on it (Anyway..) Done for what $449.00 ? ticks all the 2013.5 / upper-middle class 2014 specs to me.. and it will always be considered a *Newer* device than the 2013 M7.. Nice option if your budget says: "Stop at $500.00".

So basically lighter, smaller, and cheaper M8 with a single higher resolution camera. Sign me up.

With the Snapdragon 801 processor, 5-inch 1080p display, 2GB RAM, Android 4.4 and HTC's Sense 6.0, if the 13 megapixel camera has OIS and if it becomes available in Red on Sprint, I'll buy it upon release.

And I will be pleased to use it without a case because this handset is a work of art.

It'll most likely be the same camera that's on the M8 mini & Desire 816 (I think that's the right number).
Either way we need this here in the States & hopefully it is significantly more affordable (32GB Nexus 5 affordable).

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Will it get rid of that ugly, wasteful, unused screen area and shrink the phone down to match? If so, plastic or not it'll be better than the original. If not, it's still too big for what it offers in usable screen area.