Droid DNA-like design in a smaller chassis, with a dedicated camera button to boot

With the recent emergence of certain leaked photos, we've slowly been able to piece together a picture of HTC's upcoming 'M7' handset. And the successor to the One X has cropped up on camera again today, disassembled, in the form couple of leaked component parts. ETrade Supply got hold of what seems to be the back case and front housing of the phone, which looks a little smaller than the similarly-designed Droid DNA. That suggests we might be dealing with a 4.7-inch screen, as has been rumored in recent months.

Also of note is the second front-facing speaker down below, which roughly matches a render that leaked out a couple of weeks ago. And there's what seems to be a dedicated camera button on the right edge, below the volume rocker, an unusual sight on an HTC Android phone.

Without the front glass in place -- not to mention functioning innards -- it's difficult to get an overall impression of the phone. But it looks like we're dealing with a handset that shares much in common with the DNA and its international cousin, the HTC Butterfly. The edges are squared off, in stark contrast to the curved One X and One S, and there's a slight hump to the back, like the DNA and Windows Phone 8X.

There's no way of knowing whether this is a finalized HTC design or merely a prototype, but the parts shown in today's video certainly tick all the boxes we were expecting from a 2013 HTC flagship. The 'M7' is expected at or around this year's Mobile World Congress in late February.

Source: Etrade Supply


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HTC 'M7' parts caught on video


I'm sure the answer to this is no, but I'l ask anyway. Is there anyway to tell if this will have capacitive or on-screen buttons from this? Thank you.

Looks GREAT. Simple and sleek. Always loved the soft touch materials HTC uses for the back. Looking forward to seeing Updated Sense.

I think it looks wonderful - I see HTC as the BMW of phone makers. They don't do anything gimmicky or overstyle. They focus on solid performance. I love my EVO LTE. In my opinion, Sprint doesn't offer a better phone.

I love how some people are watching this video and saying things like "Done with HTC" and "I think I will skip this" without seeing the actual front of the device or even knowing whether or not this design is really going to be the M7 design. Sheesh, at least wait until the phone is confirmed.

I think people say things like that because they have had their EVO 3D replaced 3 times due to manufacturer defects to just get another one that keeps shutting itself off randomly (obv my HTC experience). HTC has also stopped making flagship phones with a removable battery and storage or ample storage for that matter (things i will NOT buy a phone without now)... I have a quite a few friends that have HTCs and had HTCs, they allll say they wouldnt buy one again. I think i am in the same boat. I get my upgrade in 2 months and i think i will hold out and get the GS4.

OH no. I couldn't see the square rectangle of wireless charging as compared to DNA on the back panel.
Does that mean no wireless charging for M7 . But then it does not have pogo pins like One series .

I hope HTC is not going back to 2010 to save SKU costs


on the back part you can see two copper contacts, those could be want connects the wireless charging to the actual phone circuit. If you've ever looked on the bacside of a palm pre you would know what im talking about. The wireless charging coil is taped/glued to the back of the phone and it connects through two contacts when the phone is put back together.

Well that was interesting. Yes didn't see POGO or the wireless contacts so question is just micro usb or not? The camera button very similar to the EVO4GLTE. What kind of storage? Is it just 16 or 32,64? Oh and no ext sd card slot so better be higher. I'm not into the "well we have to copy" camp. But has HTC not learned anything from Samsung's success?

If those parts are real, then I'm glad someone finally added front facing speakers to a phone. Based on their position, it doesn't look like the sound will be blocked when holding it in landscape or portrait orientation. I have to wonder what size (capacity) battery they will be able to squeeze in that compartment. I'm cracking up how they are teasing this device by showing components. Reminds me of what happened when the iPhone 5 came out.

Extra thin (slim) tall phones feel horrible in the hands HTC! Add some damned girth to it with a bigger battery and expandable sorage.1mm is not that big of a deal on a phone that is this uncomfortably thin.

"And there's what seems to be a dedicated camera button on the right edge, below the volume rocker, an unusual sight on an HTC Android phone."

Except for the Evo 3D and Evo 4G LTE, you may have a point.

Dual front facing speakers, a nice respectable design, and not to big. Plus this looks like it's coming to Sprint, makes this phone the kind of device that would make me try HTC on Sprint again.

It's closer to the HTC J in looks, size configuration. The J is only in Japan, H.Kong and Philippines. But I was lucky to get one. And it's got SD card slot, removable batt andbest of all, CAN BE ROOTED just like the old HD2 Leo. So HTC is delivering phones according to the wishes of the network providers in each reason. THATS WHY SOME MODELS COME WITHOUT THE EXTRA FEATURES. So dont blame HTC. And those saying that it was their "last HTC" and will change to whatever. I say, GO FOR IT, BECAUSE LOYAL SUPPORTERS NEVER LEAVE THEIR TEAM, NO MATTER WHAT THE SCORE.

Holy crap the power button is on the top right? Finally! With these phones getting bigger the power button being on the top left makes it hard to reach for right handed people like myself. Although i wish they would just move it to the side like everyone else. Really hope this is final for right handed people.

This has to be a prototype. There is no way HTC is trying to revive things with a plain jane no frills looking shell like that. DNA blows this away so far. Whats up with the 'flagship' status?