HTC Event

Hmmmm. What have we here? Looks like HTC's having a little get-together on Nov. 3 in New York City, and Beats Audio's invited. (As were we, of course.) There's a strong possibility we'll be seeing the Verizon HTC Rezound (aka the Vigor), though nothing's official yet. We'll see next week!


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HTC laying down some Beats (Audio) on Nov. 3


I was waiting on this phone until the Galaxy Nexus showed it's sexy self off. I love HTC, but I gotta cheat. Just this once.

Being an avid HTC fan I have never owned any other android device but my Evo 4g and now my Evo 3d. The time has come to have some pure android experience and I too will be getting that Google Galaxy Nexus on launch day. The pure android experience has grown now especially with ice cream sandwich and now I believe skins are no longer needed it's time to find out if I am right.. I will end 2011 with the 2 best android devices in technology my beloved Evo 3d and the Galaxy Nexus perfect match in my book..

Wow, the EVO 3D must really suck for HTC/Sprint's biggest fanboy to ditch it so quickly.

Also, if rumors are true, unless you are switching to Verizon you may not get the Galaxy Nexus before 2012. But even if Sprint does get it this year, it won't be quite the same since they don't have LTE yet & it will either just be a 3G phone or WiMax at best (which is being phased out).

Switching to VERIZON....NEVER....I will add the GALAXY NEXUS to my overall profolio why because I want to experience for the first time PURE ANDROID and SAMASUNG ALSO this has nothing to do with sprint or the evo 3d. I am just extremely fortunate to be able to financially have both the best of both worlds on seperate is extremely good...

At best that's laugable...ask the current owners of the epic 4g...updates isn't samsung's strong point...We won't even get into that. The HTC EVO 3D is the FLAGSHIP for SPRINT and will always be..Nobody beats HTC in the update game...Your EPIC TOUCH 4G wont be seeing ICE CREAM ANYTIME SOON REST ASSURED ON THAT ....

Umm, I'm pretty sure if Sprint's flagship is the EVO 3D always, we're gonna fall real behind everyone else real quick. Just sayin.

I have both Evo's also and would have loved to see some of the sense features added to ICS. Like face down to mute or put in speaker phone mode, the lock screen access to 4 things of choice, lock screen notifications and not just camera also joint email and the quick power up mode. But I suppose you can add some of these features.

I Cant Wait... I Hope They announce the New 10Mp Htc Phone With the 1.8ghz 5.0 screen size.. Man Oh Man cant Wait.. If You guys Are Asking How I Know About This .. Well Lets Say I ran into A Gentleman that Works For HTC..Yeaaaa Buddy....

Realized ICS was going to be a Samsung /Verizon exclusive so I rooted my Evo 3D.
Now I'll be rocking ICS a couple of weeks after release thanks to True Android Devs.

I'll take the htc hardware over samsung any day. As far as ICS I have faith that some pretty great ROMs will come along once the source is released. Plus htc is gonna start shipping with unlocked bootloader so there is no way ill stray from htc based on software alone.

It doesn't matter if the manufacturer ships with unlocked bootloaders -- it's the carrier. VZW says "Oh hi, HTC.. that's great you make a phone that ships with an unlocked bootloader but if you want to sell that phone on my network, I want the phone locked."


ALL phones come with a locked bootloader, including Nexus phones. The question is if they are encrypted or not. Only Motorola encrypts their phones & that is their choice, not the carrier's demand. That's why phones by other manufacturers on VZW aren't encrypted & Motorola phones on other carriers are.

Why did beats lock themselves down to one manufacturer? Love beats audio on my Touchpad. I would like to see it on Samsung and other phones.