HTC Sensation

The HTC Sensation is still getting ready for its T-Mobile U.S. launch this summer but that hasn't prevented HTC from allowing fans to sign up to receive email notifications. Our own Alex Dobie got some quality hands-on time with the phone at a HTC promo event in the UK, where Vodafone will be the first to offer the device starting next month. Head on over past the link to sign up with HTC, or, you know, just keep reading Android Central. [HTC] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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HTC launches Sensation sign-up page


HELP I dont know whether to get the Galaxy s2 or this, the specs are better for the s2 plus quadrant is alo higher on the s2, not to mention the amoled plus display ....and also what happened the metallic strip originally on the sensations back?

HTC keeps updating their product line with these micro-iterations it's like they are trying to be Apple or something. Each one makes me almost wish I could get one but not quite.

Whatever happened to the "best phone ever" approach from last year's Incredible, Evo, and Nexus One?

If Samsung comes through with best specs and unlocked bootloader, I'll definitely have to take a look at them. But then I had unbelievable frustrations with the i910 Omnia with proprietary cabling, not being able to use the gps for the first few months, and then having to turn the phone off in order to get it to charge from an external battery. After spending $70 on an external battery that really ticked me off.

I agree with volcomrive. I've always been a fan of HTC, but if no one has noticed, their phone look the same! This will be T-mobiles first 4'3 inch android phone which definitely makes it a winner but besides a couple of specs, it really doesnt look in different the the Thunderbolt or Evo or even the HD7. All i'm saying is mix it up a little!!!

While I agree they look similar at first glance, if you look closely they have subtle but noticeable differences:

The TB looks more silvery and less dark with a larger border around the screen, while the Sensation looks darker with a smaller border and more streamlined and curved edges. Even the ear pieces and touch buttons on the bottom look slightly different. The back is not as noticeable, but how much can you really change on the back of a phone, besides adding a kick stand or having a diagonally pointed metallic piece going across the back.

Also as others have mentioned, there's not much room for innovation when you are working with a black slab touch screen phone. This is what sells, and so far it's working out pretty well for HTC and consumers, so what else really would one expect?

Mix what up? Its a 4.3 " screen on a black slab. What else is there to do? Slider? Portrait keyboard? 2 screens? Whenever something different comes out all you monkeys do is throw your poop at it!!! Buy something different and OEMs will come up with new ideas. Until then, this is what sells. Look at the iPhone. Very small changes each time and still have a line out the door on day 1!

Battery fail... HTC needs to figure out that specs mean nothing if you drop from 100% to 90% before from the charger to the front door.

I am absolutely in love with this phone. you can't compare the Thunderbolt to this phone, the Thunderbolt was rushed and could have been better than what it currently is. 4.3 inches is really popular that's why htc phones have been looking similar. at least HTC doesn't pull a Samsung on us and never update their devices. or Motorola and lock the boot loader down. (Thunderbolt's was cracked simply )

truth is HTC is the biggest manufacturer. of android phones and this design keeps selling so they'll keep making it, phones like sidekick and echo always felt gemmicky to me anyway.

I just bought me and Evo 4G Shift and I must say. This is a very sexy a** phone. I love it and want it... too bad I got an Evo, but then again I am perfectly fine with this phone. Can't wait to read up on this device!