HTC Kingdom render

The Internet's all abuzz over a render and a leaked ROM for the HTC Kingdom, but what is it?  A peek through the leaked files tell us it has a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm MSM7630 CPU, 768 MB of RAM, a four-inch qHD display, and both front and rear cameras.  Put all this on top of Gingerbread, and the rumor-mill takes care of the rest.  That's how the Internet works (trust us, we know).

But what does that really tell us, besides now knowing that it's not the Evo 3D?  Rumor No. 1 says it's a world phone.  Maybe, maybe not.  Yes the MSM7630 has "world phone support."  It's also the same CPU that we find in the Evo Shift 4G, which is a CDMA-only device.  Rumor No. 2 says it will feature FM receive and transmit.  Again, the Bluetooth chipset supports this, but that doesn't mean it will happen -- think Nexus One and its hidden, unused FM radio.

And finally, just because we see a render and a leaked RUU doesn't mean we'll ever see the phone.  I'd love for it to appear (especially as a dual mode CDMA/GSM device), but a good portion of these leaks just never pan out, even if they make it as far as a usable prototype (hello there Verizon Merge!).  Manufacturers build and pitch a lot of different models to the carriers, who cherry pick the ones they think will sell.

I think this one would make for a nice choice when on the shelf next to a bigger, and surely more power-hungry Evo 3D, and hope to see it with all the features we're hoping for.  I think a lot of you folks want the same.  But for now, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed.

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Is the HTC Kingdom Sprint's newer, smaller black slab?


Regarding the CPU being the same as the EVO Shift, I doubt that has anything at all to do with the Radio(s). Just about any phone can be a so-called "world phone" just by a change out of the Radio chip set.

Most of these true "World Phones" are using newer chip sets that allow dual radio protocols. But those chips are autonomous, and have nothing to do with which CPU is installed.

(The term "World Phone" is pretty suspect anyways. The AT&T captivate calls itself a "world phone" when you boot it up. Yet its not going anywhere near CDMA. The term, like 4G, has been usurped and corrupted.)

I called this out as not being the 3D in comments days ago when Phil posted the article about the guy on XDA saying it was and he scolded me, then I tipped this yesterday and still no credit. What does a guy have to do to get a pat on the back around here?

You should disabuse yourself of the notion that anyone at AC reads the tips sent in. If you want something to show up here on AC, tip one of the other sites, Android-And-Me, Phandroid, Android-Guys. Then within a couple hours it will be repackaged here.

Yea, because I sent the story in too....

I dont think they ignore tips, but they probably do overlook some ...or maybe just too proud to let somebody else find it and show it to them firt.

I tipped Phandroid as well as here earlier about the Sense 3.0 Lockscreen being available as an .apk, it showed up on there within 30 min, and still haven't seen it here. I love AC but I feel like they have been dropping the ball a little the last month or so.

They have to mine all their sources and make a decision on what they will cover. I get that. I understand they don't print everything sent in, (and totally ignore some people).

But once they do cover something you would think they would watch the story they posted, fix the typo call-outs, or story bugs, and check what people tell them about. The "Thanks-To" tags at the end mean nothing to me. The point is to get the content right, because that lives on the web for ever.

As of the time of this post, you still can't post any replies to the Google Earth Story of an hour ago, and there is NO WAY to contact the author of that post privately to suggest they fix that. Edit: fixed since I posted this.