HTC J Butterfly

We've heard a lot of rumors swirling lately about HTC releasing a 5-inch 1080P phone, and it looks like the first proof of this device's existence has just shown up in Japan. The HTC One X's SLCD 2 screen still holds the title in most people's minds as the best smartphone screen on the market, but they seem to have outdone themselves with the SLCD 3 on the J Butterfly. At 5 inches and a full 1080x1920 resolution, this screen produces a staggeringly high 440 ppi (pixels per inch), much higher than any other display we've seen. If HTC's previous screens are any indication, this is going to be a huge step up in display technology going forward.

Moving along past the screen, the J Butterfly has a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2GB of RAM, LTE, NFC and an 8MP camera. For software, it is running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with Sense 4+. It comes in a flashy red, more subtle black and white varieties, and will be released in Japan on KDDI in December. Hopefully we'll see this device's counterparts show up outside of Japan soon as well.

Source: KDDI; HTC


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HTC J Butterfly with 5-inch 1080P screen makes its way to Japan


And it's water-proof! Don't forget that feature :) :) :) I guess I'm a big fan of that feature, I keep talking about it on here lol...

A lot of Japanese phones are waterproof/water resistant. I really wish that would become a more popular feature outside of Japan. I almost lost my Evo 4G to a bowl of water a year and a half ago. I'd like to feel a little less apprehensive about having my GS3 near water, but every time I see water when I have it, I get flashbacks to my Evo and clutch the S3 like I'm going to crush it.

My buddy dropped my brand new E4G in a glass of Killians at a festival. Got it out, battery out and dried, and it fired back up like nothing happened a few days later. I Agree that better water protection is great!

the rubbing alcohol trick would always work if you are able to remove the battery. might even work with the battery. but ill wait for someone else to try it first.

Nice, I find it rather interesting the One X+ is running the latest Tegra 3 and this will be running the S4 Pro. This phone sounds pretty impressive and I am looking forward to hearing more about it.

According to The Verge this phone won't be making it stateside, or anywhere outside of Japan but similar models in the future might. This phone looks SICK. Almost makes me forget about the Note II, ALMOST.

The DROID Incredible X is already in the hands of testers. A version of this phone is most certainly coming to Verizon.

Cool, been hearing that from other people as well. I was just going by what The Verge said in their video. Would be nice to see this with a larger battery, and in a version of the OneX for AT&T next year.

There have been rumors and screenshots from Verizon's system indicating the same 1080p display on a 5 inch screen and supposedly it's going to dubbed the Droid incredible X. I first heard of it in early spring so my guess is that the US variant will be on Verizon and the only difference will be a one x style version of sense 4.1 or higher. This is the phone that I've been waiting for and the rumored release was supposedly this fall. My guess is that they will have it ready in time for Christmas and if that's the case I might just say goodbye to my GS3 and pickup this bad boy. There have even been a few leaked photos of it so it's almost def heading to verizon as an exclusive. Verizon customers haven't gotten much from htc since the rezound so it's about time that we get a high end htc phablet. Forget the note 2 I'll be grabbing this on launch day.

Would be great to see a Rezound successor. Excellent phone from last year but that thing was thicker than a block of cheddar. The J Butterfly actually triumphs over the Note II in thinness.

The only disadvantage here is the 2020mAh battery. It won't get far as compared to Note II's ever lasting 3100mAh.

1080p on a 5" display is well beyond *perfect* human eyes. It is a marketing thing only and has no real-world value.

I kind of agree, I already think 1280x800 screens look great. Plus, the GPU has to work twice as hard if the resolution is 1080x1920. But I'm sure the adreno 320 (presumably) will be able to handle it and I'd at least like to see a SLCD 3 screen in person to see if I can really tell much of a difference.

This phone looks very sexy, powerfull and beautiful screen but there one issue that I know a lot of people are going to hate and that's the battery...its only got 2020mAh

Battery size comparisons mean nothing unless all the other technology in the phone is identical.

The Evo LTE has the same battery, and it can run for VERY long times. The butterfly screen isn't that much bigger, and the CPU is similar, perhaps even more power efficient. So why is 2020mAh not enough? How much *is* enough??

My Galaxy Nexus has a 2100 mah battery and gets 3 hours of screen on time.
The GS3 has a 2100 mah battery and gets twice that (even with its bigger screen).
Point proven.

I wish HTC well on this device. The Droid Incredible X for Verizon it's Nov/Dec exclusive. I will be purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 plain and simple that will be the best all purpose/entertainment device ever made. Nothing will be better than the Galaxy Note 2 period.

You weren't this trolly on SmartPhoneEnvy, what happened?

I personally would rather get this phone than the Note 2. Aside from the screen, the specs are about the same. However, I do think this phone looks better than the Note 2.

This phone is very exciting. I was all set to get the note 2 because I do not trust LG with their nexus or Optimist G, but this has turned my head. I am happy with a 5 inch screen and really do not need the pen of a note 2 even though I would try to use it. I also like sense over touch wiz as well. This amazing display on the HTC will future-proof this phone for at least two years and with a micro SDHC expansion card it will work. This chip set will probably out perform all the other quad core chip sets currently on the market. I have my doubts about the size of the battery. But if the display is efficient, we know that the chip set is also power saving then the real test will be how it performs with LTE. As we know, we can't seem to have every thing, I wish that HTC would put a 13 megapixel camera on this beast then it would truly be good for two years at least. We can hope that when it comes to the US the camera might be upgraded. How long do you think this will take to gt to the US market on sprint and ATT? I need a new phone now!!

I was wondering why no one else mentioned that, doesn't the "with google" very strongly allude to this being a Nexus? If so, this is HUGE news and will make a lot of people really excited.

That name is for the Japan market. It won't come stateside with such a fruity name. Instead it will be the Droid Inc X aka the DIX. lol They can call it whatever they want and still take my money.

I don't get why people care what a phone is called. It doesn't change any functionality. It doesn't change it's build quality. It doesn't change it's capabilities. It's just a label (that is nowhere on the phone mind you). I'm not trying to be mean or anything (it is an odd name) but I've read a lot of complaints about the names of phones and just don't get it. The one complaint I share with others regarding names is the whole Verizon/Droid deal. That crap is annoying and being played out.

So many great smartphones out there, gotta love competition. This phone looks INCREDIBLE! I have an SIII, and was thinking about getting a note II. However I might wait, and see what the 2013 smartphones look like since with the S III, I'm really in no hurry to upgrade obviously.

Now that's a tempting phone. going to be tough to pick between this and the note 2. How much storage on this guy? Removable sdcard? Removable battery?

edit: found the storage - Built-in (ROM / RAM) 16GB/2GB
External support 32GB microSDHC Secure

This is my dream phone. This is going to put htc back on the map like the original evo 4g did. It's def coming to verizon so I'm happy but for htc to make a true comeback and gain some ground back from sammy they need to launch this on all of the carriers like the Gs3 and note 2.

I could see this coming to Sprint as the 2013 EVO. Throw a kickstand on this and wala! I will upgrade my EVO LTE early for this...

It does fit the EVO mold quite well. A top of the line phone all around.

Note: I only count the OG EVO and EVO LTE as real EVOs. All the rest have sullied the name.

All the rest? LOL
The Evo 3D gets no love but it suited me well for a year. it was an incremental upgrade over the Evo and it was plenty speedy for it's time. Had a decent screen too, qHD was still good back in its day.

yeah i still rock the EVO 3D. wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than the OG EVO. faster, better cam, better screen, much better batt life, got upgraded to ICS. i dont understand y people knock it for not being a "real" EVO. lack of kickstand? that's it? give me a break. the phone is plenty capable and runs ever app available no prob. people still tell me they think its a nice phone. i have found no real reason to upgrade thus far, it suits my purposes just fine... however, i would tootally go for this as my upgrade. It looks like it has EVO styling, i wouldn't be surprised if the next EVO looked a lot like this.

@ Dutchmasta - I never bought the EVO 3D, so I was rocking the OG EVO until I upgraded to the EVO LTE in May. I think I may have one reason for you to upgrade - LTE. I don't know if you're in the U.S.A. or not, but I get strong LTE in most areas of the ATL I frequent. Just a thought...

You left off the Evo 3D. The Evo 3D ran circles around the EVO 4G in *every* metric- speed, screen resolution, storage, memory, and features. You have no idea what you are talking about, apparently...

I've always loved the unibody construction on HTC phones, and this one is beautiful. I have an upgrade available now but I'm waiting for the Gnote2. It would be great to have another choice for a 5+ inch phone(not the optimus vu) my only concern is sense. It's been a negative on HTC, too slow(but beautiful) it should be promoted as "sense-" not +. And if the u.s version comes without quadcore, then that's a deal breaker.

This is the foirst phone I see as a legit upgrade to the nexus. Double the ram 1080p screen quad core. It's a real beast. I wish this was a htc nexus I would hop on it in a heart beat but I only upgrade every two years so the leap is very big at that point. But I question how much furter next year it will fo 4gb ram 2.0 ghz lol it's insane.

(1) do smartphones really need 1920x1080 screens?

(2) is this phone "waterproof" or "water resistant" ?????

(3) can this phone be used in the U.S. as a WIFI-ONLY device?

(4) price?

(5) does it have English menus?

1. No smartphones don't need 1920x1080
2. They wrote a typo, its actually fireproof
3. Unfortunately no.. This phone does not come with wifi built-in. You have to buy an adapter.
4. $1200
5. The phone comes with googles language pack, but they specifically excluded english. You will not be able to have english menus.

Hope this helps.

honestly, I don't need wifi or english menus, I have an unlimited data plan and if the language pack has every other language then I could just change it to something like spanish (which is pretty similar). Theres only a handfull of 1080p fireproof phones out there, so i might consider picking this one up.

I was planning to get the One X+ and then this comes out. This looks to be the best phone anywhere, but the fact that its only available in Japan is a disappointment.

It's frustrating that so many handset makers release awesome phones in very limited locations or on just one carrier in a particular country. iPhones are boring these days, but at least everyone knows that Apple will eventually release new models in just about every region of the world. HTC and other handset makers need to adopt similar strategies to compete.

YES MY NEXT PHONE!!!! Love HTC phones!!!! Been waiting for a phone like this, they just need to make 2 changes (1) up the camera to a 13 mp and (2) up the processor. It should come to the US asap and on Sprints network.

Really liking this but how does the One X+ have a bigger battery? HTC come on 1080P screen is sure to need a 3000mah battery. Motorola crammed one into a smaller phone.

Really liking this S4 Pro chip seems like a good upgrade from the GNex. Probably should say the same for the new Tegra 3 in the One X+.

The thing that you have remember is that the S4 Pro is going to be amazing for battery life compared to any Tegra device. The S4 Pro is a 28-nanometer while the Tegra is a 40-nanometer. Plus the Tegra is based off of Cortex A9 while the S4 Pro is Cotrex A15. This thing will destroy the Tegra in every single category. Just like the S4 Krait beats the current Tegra 3 in every category. It will be a bigger difference though because both will be quad core instead of the S4 now being dual core.

Depends on the raido and what bands it receives. As you know Japan uses a diferent LTE/CMDA frequency than the US does.


* another half an inch to the screen size
* a removable 3000+ mAh battery
* a better camera than the Nokia PureView 808
* at least a 32GB internal storage
* a kickstand

If I get all that, then this will be... precious.

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but the charging port appears to have been moved back to the bottom of the phone. As we all know, the charging port on the One X/EVO LTE series was moved to the left side of the phone.

HTC? I hope you are listening (and yes, I know you aren't listening to your consumers). Take this phone, make CDMA and GSM versions (with LTE and/or HSPA+42), put 32GB (or more!) storage in it, and release it worldwide. On all major carriers in the US. I would buy this in a heartbeat...but as it stands now, my carrier won't be seeing this or a version of it (Verizon the only rumored carrier stateside). That's just another sale lost to Samsung and its Galaxy Note 2.

I agree. I think that HTC needs to do just what you say but add a 13 mega pixel camera to that list and a larger battery. That would make it future proof for at least 2 years.

I agree. I think that HTC needs to do just what you say but add a 13 mega pixel camera to that list and a larger battery. That would make it future proof for at least 2 years.

if HTC released phones like this in the US maybe it wouldnt report profit loss each quarter!!! I would for sure buy this phone in a heart beat!!! super sick!!!

hopefully this is the rumored 5" phablet coming to VZW? fits the profile, and damnit,Verizon you owe us! No OneX, no Nexus4..3 strikes and your out!