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I've been seeing some awesome devices ..but nothing for Sprint. Do they wait till later in the show? Getting concerned.

Icon says:

Sprint usually waits for CTIA do announce all their goodies.

ranova says:

So is this a 3.6" that some have reported or a desire HD clone, 4.3"?

Battleship says:

According to AT&T's release, it's 4.3"

pearljam5000 says:

lol I had the desire hd
it looked exactly like this so I bet its 4.3

t-woody says:

no hdmi port?

jonstefaniak says:

holding a desire HD as I watched this video... it looks identical as far as I can tell.

Thanks Icon.

So this is the Desire HD with an ugly ass AT&T logo on the back instead of the beautiful chrome HTC logo? That's the ONLY change they've made? WOW.

PaperMate3rd says:

yea I'm not usually like this but I can't help but think they took a Desire HD and put a battery back with an AT&T Logo on it because their 4G network is not AT ALL ready yet. I mean who comes to CES of all places and puts a phone on display with NO battery in it? I'm just sayin

GRRemlin says:

I wish I could embed the AT&T TV ad from a year ago featuring Luke Wilson bashing the Android phones... "Where are all my apps"?
And look at AT&T now.

shame on you at&t major fail to pump up that battery #really

mcwheeler says:

I hope this comes out soon. I'm about to to let goof my Evo for ATT. I made the discion to go for an iPhone because ATT's current lineup is lacking compared to Sprint's Andriod lineup. With this I am willing to wait (as long as they don't add a "premium data" charge)

aeewhite says:

With all the phones coming to ATT with 4G in the name mean we are getting 4G at some point, or is it just because putting 4G in the name makes it sound better?

Jonneh says:

Yes, they have always had 4G listed as Summer '11 I believe. They're actually working on it right now, but we won't see anything until then unless something magically goes faster.

PhiUnion says:

Looks just like the Desire HD. I can't wait. I hope this is at least Q1.

TUROCK says: