HTC Incredible

Call it incredible, but the HTC Incredible, which we've already seen in Verizon's inventory system as well as in four different shades of leakage, is now said to be ready for launch in just two short weeks. That's coming from an unnamed source talking to Daily Tech, so take that how you will. However, with Sprint expected to announce the WiMax-powered HTC Supersonic next week at CTIA, we wouldn't put it past Verizon to have something up its sleeve, too. [Daily Tech via Engadget]


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HTC Incredible said to be coming to Verizon 'in two weeks'


For me it's between the HTC Incredible and the Nexus One. I would rather have the Nexus one. Hopefully nothing happens there but if so I'd take the Incredible.....

It's between the Incredible and the Nexus One for me as well. I'm not too familiar with the Sense UI, does it have the ability to be disabled and just run stock Android 2.1? If so that might push me over the edge to get the Incredible instead, especially because of the optical pad and 8mp camera.

Yes it can be disabled if you so choose BUT that is not going to make your updates come any faster. The largest advantage of the Nexus over this is that it gets the updates first. Either will be a great next phone though :-)

So how will the Incredible compare to the Nexus One? I'm not real excited about buying my phone through Google especially if it's not subsidised.

Nexus 1...

at&t announcement on Tuesday
sprint announcement on Wednesday
now how about a Verizon announcement on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this phone that big an improvement over the Droid?

I'm due for a new phone April 10, and unless this phone really is a big improvement, will go for the Droid. I'm coming from a Blackberry and I'm not sure I want to give up the physical keyboard (or push E-mail or BBM but those are different issues).

However, its not like the Droid keyboard blew me away.

Not really considering the Nexus. I need to physically play around with the phone before I buy it and I also don't know if my NE2 discount would apply.

Does anyone think that the rumor date of March 23rd for the N1 still holds some truth? Im not sure with this announcment...

Anyway...I think the biggest difference between the two is the update times, as the N1 would receive them first, and the Sense UI on the Incred. I have seen the N1 in action and I like it, I am afraid that the Sense UI wont be as nice. any insight?

1. Yes I still think the 23rd will hold true. AT&T just got their Nexus so now it's our turn :-)
2. This isn't an announcement it's a rumor...

I've just about come to the conclusion that I'd rather get the Incredible than the N1. The specs on it are not much different (same processor underclocked at 768MHz to conserve battery, allowing more talk time). Not many applications would fully utilize 1 GHz anyway. It also has 8MP camera vs 5 MP, FM Tuner (which I really like), 6GB flash memory vs 512MB and I can physically touch it at a Verizon store. If I don't like it, I can return it in 30 days. I'm up for my new every 2 and I'm not sure that Verizon will honor my $100 credit if I go with the N1.

All in all, I'm pretty excited about it. Can't wait.

The HTC Incredible Specs are:

1 Ghz Snapdragon processor (QSD8650) (245 Mhz at idle)
RAM - 512 MB (320 N1...more to become available with OS update)
ROM - 512MB flash + 8GB moviNANDe
8 MP camera (Dual flash and AF)
Android 2.1
Sense UI (w/ Friendstream)
Optical track pad (vs. "ball")
3.7 inch screen
WVGA resolution
1300 MaH battery
FM Tuner
802.11 b/g
Dimensions: 117.5 mm (L) x 58.5 mm (w) x 11.9 mm (T)
No 720p recording
No multitouch BUG as found in N1

8GB MicroSDHC card
RAM - Possibly 1 gig...further confirmation needed
Noise canceling dual mic? (like on Nexus One)
Release date: March, 27th, 2010 (in inventory systems starting March 23rd) Note: This is still being vetted for additional sources but enough evidence so far to post...will be moved to confirmed once more is known.

This is all coming from, in the htc incredible thread. If you want UP-TO-THE-MINUTE news on the phone, it'll always be there first. It's better than the N1 in my opinion, has vzw tech support and all, no buying online thru google ;)

BTW, the processor is NOT underclocked, don't believe any of the news sites around, because most of them get news from anyways, and the processor speed has been CONFIRMED by more than one person testing it out in their hands and clocking the speed. Idk how the whole underclocking thing got around, it's still a 1ghz snapdragon.

Thanks everyone for your input...I honestly dont know if I like the way the Incredible looks though :-/ Maybe I will wait on the nexus one then if it does some how magically come out before the incredible.

this explains the recent push out and price drops on the Droid. I still want one but it's hard to stay faithful when all of these sexy new Android phones are coming.

Hoping it really does come out soon as I have been itching to get a new phone, and I want a phone I can actually play with first before I buy. But I am waiting to see how the Verizon n1 performs before I make my final decision.

I want official specs first before I make up my mind. I do love the 8mp camera and the sense ui. I am also not willing to wait forever for the sense ui to be updated.(current eris owner)

I'd buy this over N1 because I'd get to try it out in person and because I'd like to use my NE2. Specs seem similar to N1

this phone looks great but besides the fact that it has an 8mp camera the desire's specs are equal or better....

Besides the Sprint HTC Hero and iPhones with their oleophobic smudgeproof screens, does any one know if the Incredible sports an oleophobic screen as well?? Even the N1 lacks this feature!!

Why did they blur the homescreen we already seen this thing on video. I have been patiently waiting for the n1 since before the launch of the droid and now the n1 will be available to any joe shmoe on the streets cause it's for any carrier. F*ck that I'm getting the incredible! I pay top dollar for VZ and silly as it sounds i want people to know it! "huh? no this is the incredible... nah it's only exclusive to Verizon... Oh they're too expensive for you? yeah that's cool dude." ;) look at the specs it is plain and simply better then the N1. Plus i will have waaaaay better warrenty thru VZ then google and htc.

LMAO! Andrew m your post made me laugh a lot! I don't even disagree with you.

Like you I have been waiting and waiting for quite frankly whichever one came out first the Incredible or N1. But if these specs turn out to be legit - I will likely pick the Incredible because it comes direct from VZW.

You go dude - defend our right to pay top dollar for our service!!! It'll be nice to have spent that money on both good service AND a rockin' phone.

I'll believe it when I see it. They are not going to release it a week after the Nexus One and less than a month after the stores get the Devour.

Will the HTC incredible sync with MS outlook? I need to have that, anyone know. I heard the Droid won't sync with outlook.

Think I'm going with the Incredible... My ne2 is going to be a pain with the n1.
Storm owner now, very unhappy. So psyched about my first andriod phone!!!

Does anyone know if it plays better with a mac? Storm was terrible with it. Could only sync addresses (and not all).

Thanks in advance for help.