HTC Incredible

If you're in the market for an HTC Droid Eris on Verizon, you might want to hold off for a few weeks. BerryScoop has it on good authority that the HTC Incredible is going to replace the Droid Eris, the end-of-life date is April 1, and that we may see the Incredible about the same time.

Also, BerryScoop's source says that the Nexus One won't actually be sold in Verizon stores, which is what we've been saying, too.

Either way, big things are ahead, Verizon fans. Stay tuned. [BerryScoop]


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HTC Incredible rumored to soon be replacing HTC Droid Eris on Verizon


Either way for me I'll be okay since my upgrade date is April 20th. As long as the N1 and Incredible are out there by then, I'm a happy man.

I noticed Best Buy is giving away the Eris for free with new 2 year activation. Didn't realize it would be going away so soon.

I actually think its more likely for us to get it by the time this is released......

And reeally? Ugh, damn, I just got this at the beginning of Jan so I'm a bit ticked, but whatever, technology is outdated in 2 months anyway.

And I don't like the 'look' of the Incredible, so its cool.

I haven't had my phone 6 months and it is already being replaced and looks to be killed. I am shocked and will probably sell my eris quicker than I had expected now.
Way to leave the eris folks out to dry.
If this is true, I feel that I made a huge mistake in getting the eris over the droid.

Your phone won't disappear or stop working. That is a risk you take when you buy one of the original "A series" Android phones right as they were about to hit EOL. I wouldn't have purchased an Eris, Hero, myTouch, G1 or any of those so long after that line was introduced.

Anyway, you can still be glad that your carrier is keeping up and putting out lots of new phones. I don't know about Verizon but some carriers let you trade up or you can sell your phone on eBay/Craigslist and put the money toward a newer model if you can't wait.

Honestly Im hoping that this has 512RAM and not the 256 reported. If thats the case im gonna pass on this and wait for Windows 7 on Verizon. Yes I know its a ways away. But i want Sense on Android...and the nexus one doesnt have it....and No I dont like custom roms there to buggy. Fingers crossed

rumors spit out the forums then regurgitated on the cellphone sites like yours. sad. dumb sheep.... just spitting out what we know as conjecture on the forums.

That's what I thought when I traded my late model 90's Toyota for a current model. Nah..I think I'll keep my Eris