Verizon Droid Incredible

Seriously, Verizon hasn't actually announced the HTC Incredible yet? No matter, because it's now live on Verizon's staging site -- and it's been renamed the Droid Incredible. Also looks like that April 29 date is still on the money, and you can give Big Red your e-mail info to be notified when it's ready. Check it all out here. Thanks, Nick!

Update: Whoopsie. Verizon's put a password on the site. Too late, though. The horse is out of that barn.


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HTC Incredible now the Droid Incredible; 'coming soon' on Verizon


i can't wait!! my next phone!...and im kinda glad they stuck with the "droid" thing cuz now they can really advertise this thing and sell a bunch of em

Can't wait! Just so happens my Droid is going back today (30 day period ending) because I really don't want a keypad and the extra bulk it brings along. Now to tough it out a couple more weeks...

This phone looks great, but I really dislike the Sense UI. Is there a way to disable that to get a more "stock" Android experience?

Not gauranteed, w/o reflashing..

I'm sure we all saw the video a couple months ago showing how to disable Sense UI on an HTC Desire; however people noted that it wasn't completely disabled, the top bar was still like sense, not like android 2.1. Also alot of background sense apps were loaded and performance wouldn't be as good vs a non-sense phone w/same specs

I've also seen comments that it doesn't work anymore. They're saying that once Sense is terminated it restarts immediately.

This is a big issue for me, as I too would like to be able to disable Sense. I'm caught between wanting the OS of the Nexus One, and the hardware and design of the "Droid Incredible". If only I can completely disable Sense then I'll be happy. But I am doubting that is possible.

It would be great once someone who has access to one of these phones can verify whether or not it can be disabled (and whether it auto runs each reboot, or if it can be removed from startup programs as well)

Sense can be disabled.

How does the Incredible compare to the Eris? They look exactly the same. Just a little more power under the hood?

A lot more power under the hood.
track pad versus track ball.
8 megapix camera with dual flash.
1 ghz snapdragon processor.
8 gigs of onboard memory.
will accept up to 32 gig expansion card.

It kills the Eris. At least on paper.

Very nice phone...however is it really necessary to play on the whole Droid thing? I mean they are made by to different manufactures (motorola & htc) seems to me they must be paying Lucas a ton of money, and they want their monies worth.

It's actually a smart move by Verizon. They can take advantage of the popularity and the word of mouth that the original Droid gets and transfer that to their newer phones. It also helps immediately differentiate all the Android phones in their lineup (except devour)making it an easy choice for regular consumers to identify. Overall, the marketing for the original Droid has been pretty darn good and will probably continue for the Droid Incredible.

When they started the Android series, Droid was basically the brand name that would be used for all the VZW phones with Android. Like the previous poster said, this is a smart move. Someone off the street may know of the Droid and then the VZW person can be like well we have the Droid or this new phone that just came out.

I agree. I believe using the term DROID is causing confusion, particularly amongst new smartphone users. The DROID commercials have created quite an awareness of the word Droid, yet the public is confusing a device name with the OS. I've heard things like, "That Sprint Hero is not a droid!" and so on...

Bad move, if you ask me. Android is already treading a slippery slope with the threat of fragmentation amongst so many devices (i.e. Windows Mobile's nightmare). They should have discouraged VZW from using a word so closely confused with the OS.

""That Sprint Hero is not a droid!",

It is not a droid, this is a true statement. Droids are Verizons Android phones. I dont see this an issue.

There is a lesson for Google here. In this market, you better get your hardware out and get it out quick. The VZW N1 just got downgraded to an afterthought.

Is this really legit? At first, I thought it was another Photo-chop attempt at getting everyone excited ... again. So this stage.phones.verizonwireless site, is it really real?

Hallelujah!!!! If your waiting on the iPhone to hit VZW (Moto1907)...Good Luck!!! In the meantime, I'm upgrade ready and this Droid Incredible will be my NEW phone.

DroidLover (Android, that is...)

Awesome!! Now I only have to wait until next fall for when I will be eligible for an upgrade from my stupid BB Tour!!

Are people really going to shell out anywhere from $500 - $700 for one of these if they're not up for an upgrade or brand new to Verizon?

The entire Stage site is now password protected! Hahaha! Doesn't make much sense, since there is a form to be notified about pre-sale. Maybe they are changing something again. I noticed on BGR the first screen shot was no date, and it was just call Incredible by HTC.

Locked down the page haha. I can't believe they are still taking steps to conceal this phone. At this point what's the point of releasing the Nexus One? Going on 5 months old the next iteration will be out before they get around to that release.

Never mind. I just went back to make sure it was still working (since it didn't ask me for a password) and sure enough. It is now protected. I even got an email thanking me for registering. Guess I just got there early enough.

I don't mind the name change at all. The Droid name just means that advertising and support will be top notch for this phone. I've been waiting way too many months for this...FINALLY.

Global-capable phones have SIM cards, which is why the storm and tour have them. Those SIM cards aren't activated unless you plan on traveling internationally. I'm wanting to know if the Incredible is global-capable??? If that were the case, it would have an option for a SIM card...

We know verizon doesnt have sim card the question is will it work worldwide like BB Storm, on EVDO and GSM (empty sim slot)

I got in before the page was shut down. It's not unusual for pages to go live before they're supposed to, and they get taken down. It may be that Verizon is planning a big announcement and doesn't want the page up until then. Some web tech at VZW will not be having a good day after making that link live.

I knew Verizon wasn't keeping quiet for nothing

The new Microsoft Kin phones, Droid Incredible, Blackberry Bold/Tour 2 and the Nexus One all announced within the same month??!!

You better believe it!

I'm not even with Verizon (although I might switch) and i'm excited!

Engadget Mobile is showing a screenshot of the phone in inventory at Costco with T-Mobile service attached...


I wouldn't read too much into that alleged Costco screenshot. I looked up Wireless Advocates. They are the preferred third-party vendor for Costco. I suspect the reason T-Mobile showed up is because it's merely the first name in a string of wireless carriers the company is authorized to resell for in Costco. If it's carried on T-Mobile, that's fine, but all indications are that it's hitting Verizon.

That's kind of what I was thinking. Plus are the two carriers on different radio bands? Wouldn't a version have passed through the FCC if it were for T-Mobile as well?

Just thought it was something else interesting to throw in with this story.

Hopefully VZW will maintain the "Droid" prefix on their line of Android OS based phones. It'll make it easier for the consumer to identify which phones run on Android...

Droid Enterprise by Motorola
Droid Columbia by HTC
Droid Challenger by Samsung
Droid Discovery by Motorola
Droid Atlantis by Samsung
Droid Endeavour by Motorola

Familiar names?