HTC Invincible on Verizon

There's little doubt that the HTC Incredible was at least being tested on Verizon -- we've already seen it with Verizon branding as it booted up. Now it's appeared in Verizon's inventory system, meaning a launch should be imminent. The two SKU numbers above apparently point to the launch kit (top) and the phone itself. Stay tuned, Big Red fans. [BerryScoop] Thanks, Jason!


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HTC Incredible appears in Verizon's inventory system


So from what I have gathered from the various leaks and news reports, the Incredible looks to me to have the same specs as the HTC Desire, except with capacitive buttons instead of hardware buttons. So the Incredible is like a hybrid of the Nexus One and the Desire??? BTW... I hate that colored back, so hopefully they'll get rid of that when it does show up in the US.

Bring it on! I sure hope it doesn't disappoint, but if it does my Storm2 will hold till some other Android SuperPhone comes along on VZW. It would Incredible for me if its basically the Nexus One with SenseUI with a VZW radio.

I sure hope its really coming soon, and gets ride of that horribly ugly back molding and color. Maybe we will luck out and they will up the RAM as well from the original leaks.

Where is the news on the release date for the Nexus 1 on Verizon or going through Verizon's inventory??? I hope this isn't replacing the N1 - I would rather have the Desire or Hero 2....

OK, now that is all well and good but where's my Sprint Supersonic?! :)

Guess I will have to wait until Dan gives his speech at CTIA next month.

phone looks great, looking forward to seeing it in the stores. Huge advantage over the nexus i believe.

I cant wait for this phone. I am still trying to figure out if im going to go after this one, or the nexus one. The fact it comes with the sense ui makes me think i will pick the incredible. Ugly back doesnt matter, when i get a cover for the phone, it will make it look a lot nicer.

whats with the low RAM, thats retarded. Verizon needs to do better with picking out better phones or working with HTC to make a good one like the supersonic. that will tear shit up. instead Verizon will put their crap like Vcast on it rhapsody and everything else they want on there phones. worst phone selection of any carrier

yea I agree I have been debating whether I should stay on verizon hoping that the Nexus one will come out soon. I currently have the BB storm and I never use any of the Verizon apps they are pointless and I am not going to be steaming music from Vcast when I have pandora and Slacker that can do that for free . Google maps > VZ navigator. If the nexus one doesnt come soon then my 3 phone lines are going to a diff carrier who cares about their customers needs more.

The nexus one is coming in spring, so you got like up to 3 months maybe 4 to wait. So go enjoy a shitty network then!