HTC Incredible

We haven't quite run out of ways to prove that the HTC Incredible exists and is coming to Verizon. So here's one more. We got a tip yesterday about it being in Verizon's CelleBrite system (that's a method of moving your old data onto a new phone), and a pic was posted at Android Forums proving it. (Oh, we also hear that the Verizon Nexus One is in CelleBrite, too.) Now if somebody would kindly slip the Incredible itself into our hands, we'll be happy to make short work of it. Thanks, Steven and JM for the tips!


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HTC Incredible appears in Verizon's Cellebrite system


Looking forward to this one, just in case the Nexus One doesn't launch on Verizon with existing-customer upgrade discounts. I'd prefer a proper, unsullied HTC Desire on the network, but I guess these networks just can't help but muck up a good thing, if only a little bit.

jesus h, march was the longest month ever!

i was already going to upgrade to whichever (n1 or incredible) came first, but now it's even worse since my 80g ipod classic just bricked last night!

which brings me to a question... what's the max memory card size for those two phones? 32g? 64g?

agreed Steven, I have been following the info for the Inc on AF more than anywhere else. Engadget, BGR, and AC are good places to supplement the info, but AF is where most of the "breaking news" has been coming from, in regards to the Inc. I mean, AC didn't even cover the infamous "box" ;-)

hahahahah! Tru Dat! You seem to be on top of things! Cudos to Montana Man for the infamous "box". Why do you contribute over AF? We're nice people! :)

Strange, but why would the HTC 6800 Mogul be listed in that system? Mogul was Sprint's designation for the HTC Titan 6800 -- Verizon never used that name. Not saying this is bogus, but in typical Verizon fashion it's definitely boneheaded.

Do some research before you mouth off. This is not a Verizon machine. Its something used by all carriers. Verizon has nothing to do with what's in it. Its made by Cellebrite. Who's the bonehead now?

And u should get ur facts straight before u start correcting people. Cellbrite makes the hardware but the phones that are loaded on there are strictly provider specific. Verizon Cellbrites only have Verizon phones on them same with Sprint, AT&T, and T-MO. This is a fake image because none of those fones are in the cellbrite besides the Eris. Also even if the Incredible WAS in the Cellbrite it really doesnt mean anything. Phones show up in the Cellbrite anywhere from a few days to a few months before they actually come, if they even come at all. Verizon has axed phones days before they were supposed to release. The only way to be sure a phone is coming out is an official press release or to get a pic of the actual phones in a store.

Take a look at the screenshot again. It says "source" phone on top. Meaning the phone the contacts will be taken out of. Which is why it would make sense to have other carriers phones listed in it. And by the way, I work with these machines everyday. Now that being said, the socal region will be taking these machines away soon. I can't understand why they're still pushing out software upgrades if they aren't going to be used.

This response is incorrect. The cellbrite has phones from multiple carriers so when u port ur number to verizon they can transfer ur numbers. Not just verizon phones.

Guys, I spoke to a manager in the VZW store and he said not to expect either phone for at least 6 weeks to 2 months. June 1st would still technically be "Spring". Sucks, I know...Hope he's wrong.

From what I've seen over the last two years is that once something shows up in Cellebrite its usually released within the next 4 weeks. Cellebrite has nothing to do with the release of phones on Verizon or any other carrier, they simply are making their machine capable of working with the new phone being released.

Ironically they do not the LG Cosmos in the thing and it was released a week or so ago. Pfffffttttt!

a) most store managers/employees know exactly what we do. are there maybe one or two exceptions somewhere? sure. but other than that, they know jack squat.
b) the incredible hasnt even been officially announced yet - so the fact that june 1st would technically still be "spring" is irrelevant
c) the nexus one has already been approved by the FCC and it's been around 30 days i believe. that, on top of everything else we keep hearing - i think it'll be sooner (ie, next two weeks) rather than later for the phone to be released (the nexus one)

i do have a theory, tho, that verizon is holding the release of the nexus one until they release the incredible in their stores, in an effort to curtail nexus one purchases and boost incredible purchases. if nexus is released b4 incredible, there are tons of people going to buy it right away. if the nexus is released after/at the same time as incredible, there are tons of people who are going to debate in their head which they should buy, and especially depending on pricing, verizon could sway a lot of people over to the incredible instead. (but this theory hinges on the assumption that verizon controls/has a say in the N1 release vs google has all the power - which might be the case judging on the ATT release. only diff: google probably needs verizon's help with activation bc there are no SIM cards to just pop in the phone!)

bang on summation right there,

google and verizon most likely have some type of agreement on when the phone will be released with google pulling most of the strings.

No, this machine is used by all carriers to move contacts and other info from phone to phone. The other equipment is listed because they may be transferring to or from any of those phones. It actually has hundreds of phones listed in it, all the way back to old stuff like the v60. I think the StarTAC is even in it. The fact that a phone is listed in it simply means that Cellebrite has programmed it into their device so that store personnel can do a transfer to it once its released.

The mogul would be in the system so a customer moving from sprint would be able to transfer their stuff to a verizon phone.

Well its progress I guess but the suspense is KILLING me! my HTC vx6800 is on its last legs and im dying for a new phone but I don't eant to get the Droid knowing that the next phones are just around the corner! (did that last time) I wonder if VZ is just waiting empty their droid inventory before moving on?

Let me ask you this....I want this Incredible phone but if it is coming, why no promo commercials to build hype like with Droid....why just one day put it in the store or online with no big announcements or building up to a release date? They spent a ton of money on Droid ads, but nothing on this phone so far??


I cand find the link now but I did read this morning thatpat of the hold-up might be related to the Apple lawsuit that is trying to block HTC from importing any devices using "infringed" technology. Possible Vz is paranoid about getting screwed whereas Sprint and everyone else are willing to risk it. (typical - Vz is always the last to try anything new or unproven....)

doubtful. that won't be settled for years. and verizon is still currently selling HTC phones, including the droid eris....


Just to make sure we are all on the same page... CARRIERS LOAD SOFTWARE INTO CELLEBRITES. Yes, the Cellebrite is a universal transfer tool but each carrier updates the software for the phones internally. Verizon Cellebrites only have Verizon phones just like AT&T Cellebrites only have AT&T phones in them. The only way this image could be real is if this is from a "authorized dealer" who sells cross carrier phones. (Not that anyone in the US is using a Magic branded HTC phone.) This pic really looks like a good April fools joke.

im waiten 5 days AND THATS IT IM GETN THE MOTO DROID if the incredible or the n1 comes out i have 30 days to give it back and just pay the 35 dollor restocking fee, i need to get rid of my blackberry before i smash it on the GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok listen, I work in a verizon retail store. Our cellebrite machines have all phone from all carriers on them (and yes, the incredible and nexus one). Not just verizon phones. What sense does it make not to be able to transfer somebody's numbers from another carrier? We have the iphone in it for god's sake. Please, if you don't know what you're talking about, keep it to yourself.

Verizon is pretty much the only US carrier now without a 1GHz handset right now. My NE2 has been up since November, and I almost got the Droid, but 3 days before it came out, I had received some info about The Incredible and also the Nexus 1 coming to Verizon as well. Well, 5 months later now and Big Red has nothing top end but a Big ZERO. Sprint's EVO 4G is going to blow doors on every other handset out there anyway, so I guess it's off to Sprint to try out their new 100% fully money back guarantee.... Sorry VZW, but you had, and lost, your chance.