We know that Cupcake still isn't officially here yet but we have another update of Android to wet your appetite. Haykuro from xdadevelopers managed to get a build of Android from the HTC Hero (a future Android device) and ported it over to the G1 to show off in a quick video tour.

And my, it looks GOOD. You get the same Android you've learned to love with a fresh interface that is both sleek and intuitive and some newly redesigned apps like the browser, calendar, music player, etc. It even looks a bit snappier to us. In all, we don't know if Cupcake can hold off our anticipation for the next build of Android!

Logical conclusions would lead us to believe that this is Android 2.0 Donut. Right?

[via modmygphone]


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HTC Hero's Build of Android Gets a Redesign, Looks Great -- VIDEO


Wow... Is this for real!? Especially loving the new browser window layout. Is there any confirmation either way as to whether Android 2.0 will/won't be coming to the G1?

P.S. 1st...

Strange. This isn't Android 2.0. Stop it at time marker 4:08 and check the firmware version. It's 1.5. Not 1.5.1 or something like that, just 1.5 which is the Cupcake build. When we got minor changes to firmware 1.0 (modified profile to extend battery life, etc) it moved us to 1.1. So if the build we're seeing is 1.5 as is shown by the time marker, does that mean the official Cupcake release will contain these UI improvements show above?

I hope so. iPhone users are correct in saying our existing Android build looks like beta. What we see in the video is definitely where Android needs to be to take on the "undisputed heavyweight champion of the world".

Google itself has stated that "Donut" which is destined to become Android 2.0 is for it's developers 1.5 "Cupcake" As we heard during the announcement of Cupcake, Donut is just another branch of the main Android OS development process. As development progresses and features are finalized as will the version numbers but I'm sure it's still pretty early in that process so therefore it is completely plausible that the version number would still show as 1.5.

On second thoughts, not so keen on the calendar UI. Rest looks sh-weet though. Also, would it be completely silly to suggest that this is maybe just an HTC front to the OS? Sure looks like some TouchFlo influence to me... Would explain the "1.5" anyway. BUt that's just me :)

Yeah, i wouldn't get your hopes up. From everything I've read this is completely an HTC thing and it's up to android if they want to add some of this to their OS. The calendar though, that would be a change through google so i'm not sure about that. I'm not impressed with cupcake, although i haven't had it running that long. This build is a must for my phone though. Whether it is just for the hero, as soon as Haykuro guides me i'll have this on my G1 or I will be buying a Hero when it's available. If one of these updates doesn't allow me to run programs off the SD card my G1 will become useless. I will sell it to someone who thinks rooting there phone is good enough for them.