The rumors regarding the HTC Hero's delay have been grossly exaggerated. Though T-Mobile UK and Germany still won't release the HTC Hero until August, Orange UK has officially launched the HTC Hero and it's available today. The HTC Hero is available in graphite for the low, low price of free (with qualifying monthly plan).

Prepare for an influx of pictures and videos detailing the Hero very, very soon. Which one of our UK friends are buying an HTC Hero?



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HTC Hero Now Available at Orange UK


waited in most of the day for delivery of my new hero, finally gave in and called orange, "sorry but we've run out of stock and have no date for when newstock will arrive".

i think they launched the phone early before they had sufficient stock to supply demand. t-mobile are probably waiting until they have sufficient stock. oange have annoyed me today!

Thought about ordering online, but went down to my nearest store. Was told they had 'sent someone out to pick some up' so wasn't holding out much hope.

However, an hour later there they were.

They managed to almost match the online tariff I was going to take (£25 a month including 500MB browsing allowance, but on 24 month contract instead of 18, and a one-off payment of £166 for the handset).

Loving it so far - my first Android phone. Some of my iPhone toting colleagues are even impressed :-)