No doubt about it the HTC HD2 is pretty darn beautiful device. With the exception of the OS that it came pre-loaded with. Developers have been hacking Android onto the device for quite some time now. Problem with that though is previously, users had to boot to Windows Mobile and then into Android, not ideal by any means.

Now with the release of a new ROM anyone wanting to load Android up on their HTC HD2 can do so by flashing right to the NAND memory and booting directly into Android bypassing Windows Mobile altogether. Granted, the process is still a little bit for the more advanced users out there but hey, if you got an HD2 kicking around that you want to make use of, give it a go. Hit the break for a video of the install process in action. [HDBlog via XDA]

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HondaCop says:


That is a beautiful looking device. HTC FTW!

I believe that's just a random render of a windows mobile device...not an actual phone since windows mobile is dead

weehooherod says:

No, that's the original HTC HD.

weehooherod says:

Oh hi there HondaCop, I see you in the Evo forum of xda all the time.

weehooherod says:

Breaking news! Android bootable from HD2 internal storage causes HD2 to turn into HD1.

cesarb says:

I knew it! I was like that is not the HTC HD2 it is too beautiful to be the HTC HD2. How can they go from HTC HD to what the HTC HD2 looks like... Origianl HTC HD looks way better...

Bla1ze says:

Ya, I goofed on the pic.. will fix it.. Although, gimme a break.. it's Windows Mobile. :P

AndroidFTFW says:

HTC HD2 was and still is a beautiful device..really was a game changer.

leo says:

Guys, help!

I really need to get this done.

Could someone post easy to follow step by steps instructions in English?

Will be much obliged.