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Update: HTC has confirmed to us that it's halted the Android 4.4.3 update for the AT&T HTC One M8 after a number of people have reported severe battery drain post-update.

If you've yet to update, well, sit tight. If you're one of the ones experiences issues, we've got a forum thread on it here.

Original post follows:

The Android 4.4.3 update for the HTC One M8 on AT&T should now be available for download. T-Mobile and Sprint subscribers got this update earlier this month, not to mention the broad European rollout.

Here are some of the new features you can expect in the update.

System Improvements

  • Android 4.4.3
  • Security fixes

Performance optimization

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Mobile network

Application updates

  • Camera
  • Gallery (Image Match)
  • Settings (Power History)
  • HTC Sync Manager

Sense experience optimization

  • Boomsound
  • Extreme Power Saving Mode
  • Motion Launch
  • Quick Setting

We're also expecting a Sense 6 update for the HTC One Mini sometime this week too.

How many of you guys are packing an HTC One from AT&T? Get the update yet? Noticing the improvements?

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HTC halts Android 4.4.3 update for AT&T HTC One M8


Obviously it's prudent to wait for a couple days to review feedback from the impatient forum participants (lab rats) prior to installing updates.

"Update halted due to some experiencing battery drain issues."

HTC has said they have incorporated all the security changes etc that was in 4.4 into their 4.3 update. So no need for it.

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Doesn't need it? Sure it needs the updates. There's more to 4.4.4 than security fixes. Sorry . . . that excuse is as lame as it gets.

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I don't think you get it all the 4.4.4 security changes are in there for some reason it's still 4.4.3

Posted via Nexus 7 2013 or Galaxy S5

Does anyone know if/when this or future updates will come to the Sprint HTC One M7?

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How is that relevant? 4.4.3/4 were to fix mistakes in stock, not refined OEM software like LG, HTC and Samsung have put out.

Besides 4.4.4 still is doing more harm than good...It is nothing I want to jump to

Mr. No Nexus....just so you know
The 4.4.4 update has my Nexus 10 flying..doubled my wifi speed and stabilized the having a new device.

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Yeah that is a stock device (I have one) so of course it fixed things that never should have been broken to start with.

Awesome! The update includes a native file manager, just what the m8 needs!

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Updated my One M8 this morning. Draining my battery way too fast and hangouts is having issues with sending SMS now. Ugh.

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My battery drain is giving me flashbacks to my HTC Thunderbolt, I've never gone below 40% by bedtime but after the update today less than 3 hours ago I'm down to 31% now.

So the battery drain is still ridiculous. I pulled it off the charger at 7 AM this morning, I haven't used the phone at all and it's now 9:38 AM and down to 56% battery. I'm now getting emails asking why I haven't responded to texts so I'm guessing my messaging is completely screwed. I noticed a delay in sending messages yesterday but not in receiving but today is a different story evidently. Worst mistake ever in applying this update!!!

Not sure if this is a total fix for me, but doing some testing... I switched my Home Screen launcher from Apex Launcher back to the stock HTC BlinkFeed launcher... after that, my phone temperature dropped, and my battery drain slowed way down, and I am actually able to charge now... going to play around a bit more with it tonight... will try re-enabling Apex Launcher to see if the symptoms come back, etc.... I don't want to have to go to the drastic route of factory reset.

Dear lord. For once I am glad I got a Verizon M8. They still haven't even given us power saver mode, but at least I have not had an update jack up my phone.

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I ended up doing a factory reset and re-install of all apps... running fine now... While I'm not happy I had to spend the night doing it because of this issue, I am glad that I did it ... I am a recent iPhone --> Android convert, and I installed a lot of crap when I first got my HTC One M8 ... so when I went to re-install apps, I only put the ones on that I truly needed/wanted.

Now its getting hotter than normal and having issues updating apps and downloading new app. Gives me a code 961 error.

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The update started out a bit glitchy, once completed, but has since been better since then. Remember, ATT forces its Message Cloud Backup, with the update. So if you haven't called, gone online, or in the app, to stop the service, then you should do so.

Gold made Sense, on my Htc One M8.

Battery drain on the update is terrible so far...full battery at the start and down to 14% 6 hours later. Also having issues updating apps... I shouldn't have upgraded! Damn...

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Rebooting the phone didn't help but it seems a factory reset has done the trick. So far everything seems back to normal and more responsive. Apps have updated and downloaded nice and smooth...the battery is holding steady without heating up. Time to reinstall over again...

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Same problem here with battery drain and a very warm phone. Messages not sending well along with Google play store issues. Hopefully they'll work this out soon.

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The update is working great for me. They added a file manager and changed the name of Data Manager to Usage. They renamed some other stuff, but performance wise, I am having no issues.

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If you haven't updated yet....DON'T!! Battery Drain is ridiculous, Phone gets incredibly hot, and SMS/MMS messages won't send. Wait a few days until they fix these issues, or you will be miserable. Sigh....wish I would have waited.

For all having battery drains and other issues try and clear the system cache and see if that helps

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Tried that but still has the issues. Thinking of doing a factory reset but I don't want to have to set everything up again. I miss having a Nexus.

Cleared the system cache as well....still having play store, messaging, and warm phone issues.

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The biggest mistake I ever made was installing the update. I was at 94% just after updating. I have used my phone hardly at all and am at 63% now. My text messaging will not send unless I restart my phone. I have power saver on by default and even that isn't helping. ATT FIX IT AND FIX IT SOON!!!!

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I have had the same issues. Att has no idea what the issue is. I was sent to get a new sim card. No help. I did a factory reset and will see if that works. Any other ideas would be great.

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The only problems I've had with the update is my Mic stops working, forcing me to restart my phone and apps will sometimes freeze on a blank screen when I try to open them

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Same thing as everyone else. My phone sitting on the desk, screen off, when I pick it up it's super hot.

I can't update any apps either. Installing from Google Play and they just sit at "Installing" and same goes for apps installed from Amazon appstore.

Apps started to finally download in the play store, and the heat issue has been under control after I cleared mine...hopefully that's all it needed. Guess I'll see over the next few days

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I would recommend not doing the update. My phone has been running sluggish ever since and my battery drained 30% in an hour

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Well since the system cache clear I have missed 10 critical e-mails, 3 phone calls and my alarm i set last night never went off. Looks like its a system restore for me. One other thing I noted when I connected my phone to my computer to back things up the USB port is no longer charging the phone. Really ATT you call this an update? ATT you have lost the ability to sell me hardware.

Those same issues are happening to me. I use this phone for work and am at a loss right now on what to do. I cleared the system cache as well and it did nothing to improve the situation.

Same problem here, since update, phone is running very hot and battery is draining very fast. Went from full 100% at 7AM this morning to 22% at 11AM. Something is seriously wrong.

I am talking to ATT Customer Care right now. Lets see what they have to say. So far I am thinking that they are not going to do anything.

I contacted HTC. They had me do the system cache wipe and want me to run the phone in safe mode for 24 hours. If that doesn't work then they said it will be a full factory reset.

Just finished with ATT. Factory Reset for me. Looks like I will be getting rid of ATT crap and putting on a ROM. I hear the GPE Rom is nice.

Son of a be0tch!! My first android, figured I would update the software even though I had no issues before and guess M8 is not a piece of junk! It doesn't send text messages, battery drains in matter of hours, and it is very hot and it doesn't charge like before the software upgrade. how do i downgrade????

I noticed large battery drained to 35% in 4H 53M. I had also had calls asking did you get my text message. I received 1 message out of many and it came 2 hours after it was sent. As was suggest before, WIPE YOUR CACHE:

1. Go to Settings, Power-energy-battery. Look for Fast Boot and uncheck it.
2. Turn your phone completely off. After that, press and hold Volume Down and Power key.
3. Use the Volume keys, press down on volume to Recovery and press Power.
4. New screen will have red or green icon and an exclamation mark on it. Once you get this, press and hold Volume Up 1st. Then press and hold Power. Wait a second and released both.
5. Down arrow to Wipe Cache Partition. Press Power key and wait to be back on the same screen.
6. Press Power button to reboot.

My m8 has improved battery since the update. Weird thing is though it seems really inconsistent. Two days at work doing practically the same thing, got 5 hours screen on time, today, barely 3. Overall, happy with the update.

I updated and had the same issues as everyone else. Cleared cache through hboot and that seems to have fixed the issues I was having.

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I had this problem. Did a online chat with a HTC rep. He told me to clear the cache. Tried it didn't work so I tried doing a factory reset and it worked like a charm!!

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I also cleared the cache...seemed to fix a few things but it's still having issues. No timeline for a fix from the rep I spoke with. When you did the factory reset did it update you back to 4.4.2 or are you still with the 4.4.3 update?

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I'm still on 4.4.3. I did the factory reset through the recovery menu. For some reason it wouldn't let me do it through the settings menu. So just do it through the recovery menu and make sure you have everything backed up!!

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When I cleared the cache it fixed my overheating problem but not my sms. So that's what made me do a factory reset.

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Anyone having issues with their music player??? My just freezes after the update. Has all the other issues also.

Been running 4.4.3 for weeks in the form of Android Revolution HD 10.2 on my gray att m8. Best phone I've had. Note 3 was good though.

Pssshhh, I conferred my AT&T M8 over to a dev edition two months ago! I'll never settle for a carrier crapdate again!

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Do you have a link for a decent guide for this? I would like to do the same, but when searching it out it seemed like there were a few methods that I'm not supposed to use. I had a hard time finding one that is working for people.

Anyways, thanks in advance for the help.

I don't know about that battery drain issue, luckily enough I escaped all that drama. I tell you what I do like, the new HTC file manager.

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People still sit and wait for carrier OTAs? Turn that phone into a dev edition and say f#ck the carriers. The phone is yours. Do what you want with it.

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Do you have a link for a decent guide for this? I would like to do the same, but when searching it out it seemed like there were a few methods that I'm not supposed to use. I had a hard time finding one that is working for people.

Anyways, thanks in advance for the help.

I took the OTA update on Wednesday and it was a mess. Phone running constantly hot and battery draining 1-2% every few minutes. Last night I backed up everything on the phone using the HTC Backup app and did a hard reset. Only took a few minutes. Then I restored everything using HTC Backup and now all is right with the world. Works great!

The weirdness keeps on rolling. Yesterday, I was having the same problems as everyone else: rapid battery discharge, mobile data still active whilst attached to wifi, Play Store apps not updating or taking forever to do so, nasty overheating, etc. I tried clearing the cache partition and everything else short of a factory reset, to no avail. Yesterday evening, the phone got so worryingly hot that I shut it off for an hour and a half. Even then the problems persisted. So I tried wiping the cache partition again, shut the phone off and left it off overnight.

This morning, data usage appears normal and behaves correctly. No 4G activity when connected to wifi. SMS would not work. Battery discharge seems normal as well. No heat spikes either. Three apps updated from the Play Store automatically, and did so quickly and cleanly. SMS works fine. I have no idea why the phone is suddenly behaving itself now, but for now I'll simply be happy it is.

11 hours since I switched it back on, and my battery is down to 71% after a typical day of use (no cheating putting it back on the charger, either). No overheating, SMS normal, data normal, app updates normal. If the problem has indeed righted itself, I should be problem-free until the next OTA patch.

I'm not sure about a patch. The AT&T representative I spoke with said they are simply exchanging them under warranty, and has one backordered to ship to me. He didn't even bother trying to troubleshoot it

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Yesterday I relocked my boot and unrooted SuperSU. I used the RUU exe from HTC's support. It says to have HTC Sync installed but I don't and only have the drivers installed on my 8.1 machine. It ran very quickly with no problems. After first boot I did a factory reset and cleared the cache. I then turned off FastBoot, I disabled all of the bloatware, and only updated the things I wanted to. I let the phone update while I made all of my personal settings. Next I turned the phone off and did the battery Calibration while plugged into the charger by holding all 3 physical buttons down for 3 mins. I let the phone charge to 100% then turned it on. I did a couple of restarts. It's been 12 hours and I'm still at 80% battery. Half of the usage is from me surfing the internet for a few hours last night...


My friend had the issue after update to 4.4.3, now AT&T stop OTA, but he did nothing, only reboot once or twice and phone is normal now, no clear caches or factory reset. I was wondering what's going on. Have you had the same experience with my friend.

EXTREME battery drain after the VERIZON update. Not AT&T. If anyone has a fix for this, please let me know. I'm down 20% in a half hour.