HTC Senior Director and Dashwire founder Ford Davidson is leaving the company after almost three years. Davidson has been with HTC since 2012, coming aboard with the sale of his startup, Dashwire, which spawned HTC's Get Started setup tool. Davidson felt that the time was right for his departure, following the launch of HTC's latest device, the HTC One M8, according to GeekWire.

"HTC recently launched the new HTC One m8, which is amazing, and our team on the software/service experience side, is rocking, so timing is good for me to get back to entrepreneurship," Davidson tells GeekWire. His last day is Friday. Davidson is already thinking about a new startup idea relating to mobile services. HTC's design chief Scott Croyle also announced today that he would be leaving the company. Are you sorry to see Davidson go? Be sure to tell us below in the comments.

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Ford Davidson leaving HTC, contemplates new startup


Everybody, at some point, will want growth for themselves so I don't think this move would hurt HTC so not sorry I guess.

Davidson sold his startup company Dashwire to HTC, which was rolled into HTCs software library. He wasn't a major mover & shaker at HTC. Not a huge loss, unless there is something else we are not being told about.

Actually, it really isn't a good or bad day. This guy was an acqui-hire, who only stayed on for the required duration, just like any other startup exec that gets hired by a bigger company.

The other guy was in a similar situation, but was bigger story because he was integral with HTC's recent designs.

Neither departure makes this a 'bad day'.

The last time I read about a company's higher ups and lower downs leaving, the company was getting bought out by Hewlett Packard. Can you say Palm!? The late employees know something that we don't know, and I really wouldn't be surprised if in the next 6 months or so, we start hearing about some big company trying to buy out HTC. THAT WILL BE THE BEGINNING OF THE END!

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Hmm, sounds like he just finished working the required amount of time he had to at HTC as part of the acquisition deal with his previous company.

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Sounds like folks know what's in the pipeline for next year's (M9).....?
I love you HTC, but I'm not going to be last getting off the Titanic.

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HTC won't be around for too long. Nokia was bigger than HTC will ever be and they got bought by Microsoft.

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