HTC can't let everyone else have all the early April Fools' fun, and they just had to show us a pair of smartgloves of their own.

Unlike Samsung's imaginary smartgloves, HTC's imaginary smartgloves feature an industrial design and Boomsound. And tiny holograms of cats.

Have a look, and be thankful that this only happens once per year.

Is it Wednesday yet?

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xs228 says:

Aawwwww c'mon HTC you're not LG

timi_oke says:

Woah, HTC clearly don't get April fool's day. It's not about coming up with something random and kooky, but obviously a joke. The whole point is to trick people. A retro glove, poorly shopped with a phone isn't an April fool's day gift HTC.. it looks like it was knocked up by some random dude in a random forum lol. Leave it to Google ;)

benthe1 says:

Or maybe APRIL FOOLS isn't supposed to be taken so seriously...

jeddo45 says:


Nexus 5...enough said

BldyIdt says:


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scouser73 says:


anthonok says:

I know there are different time zones and somewhere it's April 1st...
But come on people wait till tomorrow. Google started WAY too early this morning and everyone has just jumped aboard.

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Google Posted the Google Maps one at an appropriate time.

April 1, 2014.... IN JAPAN.

The world does not revolve around USA time zones.

anthonok says:

But they are a US based company so they should. You know, just hire they like to keep services and stuff limited to the US must of the time. Surely you've seen people complain about that... So it's only fair we get to complain about SOMETHING for once lol

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"But they are a US based company"

With offices all around the world, like in Japan, which this joke was intended for.

benthe1 says:

But the US is the center of the universe...

BigDinCA says:

This is true.

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dumbcow1 says:

Truth spoken there. This is America....we speak American here.... I do not understand you, go back to your country

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clutch3672 says:

Verizon will probably April fools us and say the Samsung galaxy s4 KitKat update will finally be tomorrow.
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neonworm says:

Don't they always do that regardless of whether it is April fools day or not :)

Or say no more logos.

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dumbcow1 says:

That would be the day......

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red.foxx15 says:

Kinda sad but I think I would do a power glove that docked a phone

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it solutions says:

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Born To Kill says:

That's kinda dumb april fool joke IMO

When you really run shit, you don't have to talk about it....

Wizzy says:

Goddamnit, just design a great phone to compete with Samsung and Apple, okay?

scouser73 says:

They have, it's called the HTC One (M8).

SpookDroid says:

Oh, so they copied Samsung AND Nintendo's Power Glove... Nice... ¬¬'