HTC Flyer video

The HTC Flyer (see our hands-on at Mobile World Congress and with the Wifi-only version coming to Best Buy) is one of the most anticipated Android tablets, with its aluminum unibody design or the Scribe system that lets you write on just about anything. So whether you are a HTC fan, someone looking at getting a new tablet, or just like all things Android, be sure to check out HTC's official promo video after the break, and see just how incredible the Flyer is. [HTC YouTube]



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HTC gives its Flyer tablet an official 6-minute video


A 7inch tablet just doesn't do it for me. Id use mine mostly at home so a travel size is pointless. Still sticking with xoom for now.

7 inch tablet just does it for me. Id use
mine mostly outdoors so a travel size is
awesomeness. Still sticking with my phone.

Just something about that video that just makes you want it, huh?

This is the first tablet to catch my attention like this....HTC knows how to showcase their products.

can you use google docs on this? that will be when i decide to get into the tablet market...when it has more business use for me.

While there is no official dedicated app, Google optimized the mobile site for editing. I use it pretty often on my Tab.

Yes there are two ways
1)Use a browser like Firefox or Dolphin and have their agents act like a destop app.
2)Use an app that integrates with google docs, like gDocs and "DocsToGo"

I prefer the latter since they are apps that are designed for Android devices. Trying to edit a browser based file is just too difficult. The only disadvantage that you get with the latter is the lack of some advance features like a spell checker.

Def feeling this one. I know that it'll be upgraded to honeycomb, especially with this being HTC's tablet why the heck wouldn't they support it? Although, the screen size is a little small for me, it still looks a hell of a lot better than the Galaxy Tab. IMHO.

Honeycomb requires a dual core cpu. Have you not noticed the eerie specification consistency across all the 3.0 tablets shown? Enjoy being stuck with 2.x firmwares for the entire lifespan of your device.

Actually, HTC guarantees that it will be upgraded to Honeycomb. Also, i challenge you to find one single credible source that says officially that dual core processors are a requirement to run Honeycomb.

I hate it when idiots like you spew forth nonsense with conviction and confuse everyone else reading the thread. Neither of your claims are true. There is no dual core requirement and HTC has already confirmed Honeycomb via Twitter and Facebook.

Size wise its the same as my Nook Color. The Flyer is obviously faster and more feature rich but not enough more for me to spend more on that form factor. My next tablet will be 10 in so I have one for around the house and one for travel

Haha loved the unbound internet experience line... "Flash - check... HTML 5 - check... Never a dead end to your surfing" lmao

I doubt this will be upgraded to Honeycomb any time soon, given Google's recent statements on making sure the "Honeycomb experience" is consistent between devices.

Combine Google's statement with the custom Sense software and HTC scribe stuff they did....

Maybe really late this year at earliest?

I really love HTC! Quitely brilliant no doubt. Love this flyer. Could be my next tablet too. Would like it to be a bit bigger. But we'll see once its in our hands. Like the LG Slate too but don't like the stereoscopic camera. Its not practical. There aren't many 3D movies I want to see in theaters I'm not gonna make my own. Ideas like that make me wonder. Listen to what consumers want, don't try to appeal to whatwe might want. My opinion thou. HTC is brilliant thou.

I like the xoom, but man the scribe feature makes things alot easier. Xoom maybe getting returned. I hope HTC prices this thing right. $600 is a hurtin'

If the price for Wifi only (not sure about that whole T Mobile rumor...) is close to $400, I'm definitely getting it. I'll give my Nook Color to my mom :P

I currently have the Samsung Tab and it has almost become a part of my person. I love it and carry it everywhere. However, I've found myself having a little HTC envy once again. Faster processor, Scribe and all that brings with it, etc. Anyone want a used Tab? :-)

I think the 7" format is perfect for me. 9 or 10 may be better for others but I prefer to have something in my pocket.

What i really want to know is what will Cyanogenmod be able to do with this thing? Buying it relies heavily on this for me.

I use an Archos70 (which has a lower resolution screen) and find the 7 inch form factor quite practical. The Flyer would add a lot to that experience and I really like the pen. Today I tried an iPad2, which is nice, but I still think the Flyer would be a more practical tool, for me.

A lot of companies rejected pens when they chose capacitive screens; I think that is a mistake as this device shows, a pen is useful.

Actually I think they were rejected because of one very fundamental reason .... people loose them or break/chew on them requiring them to get replacements... lol

I liked the idea of a 7 inch from HTC, but didn't care much about the pen - now I'm intrigued. If it's really integrated throughout the whole device it could be something one could get very used to (dependant on)

YT video is pulled btw - here ya go -

I like it.

I just orderet the HTC Flyer tablet, think the 7" is PERFECT, it fits in a pocket, and can be held in one hand with no problems, just hae to wait till the 9th of may, thats the new release date i could find, cant wait to carry my flyer with me everwhere i go :)