Best Buy Flyer preorder

As promised, Best Buy has launched its pre-order page for the HTC Flyer WiFi-only model for $499. The estimated arrival dates are between May 22 and 27, so it would seem HTC has pegged a late May launch for the tablet. Make sure you check out our hands-on with the Flyer WiFi and then jump past the source link to reserve a Flyer of your own.

Source: Best Buy; via Android Central Forums


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HTC Flyer WiFi for $499 on pre-order from Best Buy


I think you have to buy the stylus separately.

But considering the lack of dual core processor, price, second rate camera by smartphone standards, and all the HTC crapware, why not just buy a Nook for half the price and load that with an AOSP ROM such as CM7 and overclock kernel.

Rover's lock screen and animation mod for CM7 really rocks on the Nook. That's what I'm getting my mother-in-law for mother's day.

Hmmm....cause the nook is really outdated in hardware....not sure what to get though...i love scribe, htc watch, and sense ui....but the transformer is cheaper, technically better speced....and has the keyboard....just no scribe, or sense.... :( any advice?

The author of that "review" apparently hasn't watched the videos specifically showing the Flyers palm rejection.

Whoops. Phone posted reply to wrong thread.

It looks really solid but I can't believe it doesn't come with the Stylus. I guess I see the point as it may not be every users choice, but as someone said above, the stylus is what sets the HTC Flyer apart.

Ugh. Another sub par overpriced tablet. Thet have only convinced me that android tablets are not ready for prime time. They need to standardize like pcs did to beat apple

Bet you a beer it comes with a stylus.

Every site in the whole internets reports it comes with a stylus.. except Bestbuy. BB obviously made a mistake.

BTW.. I will take an Oberon ... thanks.

I think I will ask the source :). On the phone now .... very helpful sales representative who also isn't sure but is checking ... she says that it is included - but she is not certain. I will go with it!

Just go buy the best tablet on the market!! The Acer Iconia A500 is simply the best tablet out there and at the right price! I just love this thing!!! And it feels so well made with its brushed aluminum back that completely resists finger prints!! Go get it!

If the Flyer does not include a stylus, I for one will be cancelling my pre-order. The scribe technology is the attractive feature of the Flyer and justifies the $499 price with me. I contacted Best Buy and the moble rep could not give me a definative answer, therefore at this point I am taking a wait and see approach.

kilofox .... you owe me a beer, canceling my order today ... I will wait for the HTC Evo View 4G, basically same product but may be Sprint will have a little more integrity.