If you live in the UK, and have been eying the HTC Flyer ever since it debuted at Mobile World Congress, the wait for the device is coming to an end. Online retailer Clove Technology has put the device up for pre-order, and it is set to be released next month. The device carries a price tag of £600, which will get you the 7 inch tablet with 32gb of storage powered by a 1.5GHz processor. So, if you have been waiting, place your pre-order now, and the device will be in your hands at some point next month. []


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HTC Flyer now available for pre-order in UK, releasing in April


This isn't your father's stylus though. More functionality I believe. Also, Android Central did a piece on this from MWC. It looks like the stylus can put a markup layer on any document. This actually would be very handy for those who have to edit, or comment on documents on the go. Besides, the stylus is an additional interface devise, not the primary like the old PDAs.

What is it with some people and stylus hate? You don't have to use it!! Having the option of pen inputs for notes, drawing, drafting, etc. is a good thing and it's the kind of thing artists and early adopters of Tablet PCs have been missing for a long time on this new batch of mobile tablets.

My only concern is that like Wimax and HDMI on the Evo, the software isn't part of AOSP and the drivers are HTC closed source so it will probably require Sense to use the pen input. That kinda makes it hard for me to buy one of these when it hits the states. Sure, there will be Honeycomb builds and Cyanogen ROMs and other launchers but you will probably need Sense to use the pen which blows since I don't really like Sense.

I dunno... I think they could have done A LOT better with a Sense UI version for tablets... I don't like what they did with it... I was expecting more... just looks like a retouched version of Sense UI for phones...

Anyway... they'll have that 10incher coming out with honeycomb so i'll be looking out for that.

If it doesn't have Honeycomb I am not interested. I don't understand why manufacturers keep releasing tablets with an OS not made for tablets. In this case it is a really large phone without the ability to make phone calls.

It's comes with Android 2.4 which is a combination of Gingerbread and Honeycomb. Then it'll upgrade to Ice Cream from there

i think they already said they would on either twitter or facebook or something like that.

Probably because HTC has a higher moral ground than Motorola. HoneyComb 1.0 is pretty much in a pre-release, crash prone state right now. There is a reason why the only HoneyComb tab out there is Xoom.

I think they probably will release an update to Honeycomb, but how long will that be and is it worth it to have a less desirable tablet until that point?

This is actually my next purchase; although I'm not sold on the nearly $900 price. The stylus is actually something you don't really think you want with a tablet until you use it. They have actually integrated the stylus pretty well with the device, and its aimed at providing a nice writing/painting application instead of your finger. Look at their website, they have a pretty good screen shot of what it can provide; as well as the stylus having multiple modes for drawing/highlighting.

With the exception of Google Body and the not-released but hacked Google Music, Honeycomb offers me nothing interesting other than saying you have the latest. I would rather have a company that spends the time to develop a great interface and application on still new technology versus rushing to put together a beta project. Plus, if I recall, Honeycomb is right now only out for dual core processors, this is rocking a single core 1.5 beast.

And if you complain about a 7 inch screen size versus a 4.3 inch phone display; trust me, put your Evo up next to a Nook Color. You'll see why you'd rather the 7 inch screen if you are going to be using a tablet on the go.

Actually; if you compare the price of this device in Euro to USD; its $900 but if you compare the ratio between the Samsung Tab unlocked in the US (499) and the Samsung Tab unlocked from the same provider (714), the Flyer will be about $630

Price needs to be under $400 to make this of value. I can get a wifi xoom for $600 which has better specs...

i really like this tablet, its not like all the other tablets and if that gaming service works in Denmark its just better,

but i'm gonna wait till they get the promised Honeycomb upgrade on it, as long as i have my Desire HD i wont need a tablet,

maybe HTC announces something better before the Honeycomb upgrade so not 100% sure yet,

but i can't help having a manic smile every time i see the function that lets you draw on everything, theres just something weird yet incredible great about it.

I can't decide... at one point I was all for the Wi-Fi Xoom, but this little guy keeps popping up, giving me second thoughts everytime I see it. I love HTC and Sense on my Evo, which helps. I plan on going back to grad school in the fall and I would love to have this for note taking and marking comments on documents. Decisions, decisions...

Way too expensive to compete. Xoom believe it or not is cheaper than this (In the UK anyway). I don't see this doing well at that price considering there will be plenty of options when this is finally released.