HTC Evo Shift 4G

Just like Brad Pitt in Se7en, you just had to know what's in the box, eh? Fine. We're happy to oblige. After the break, a non-unboxing of the HTC Evo Shift 4G.


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HTC Evo Shift 4G: What's in the box


Not bad to satisfy the mid market. Heard that Sprint just announced exclusive rights for the Blackberry 4G Tablet to launch this summer which has a dual core processor with 1 gig of ram. Should be nice.

Come on Sprint where is all the powerhouse phones at? Everyone else comes out with multiple bad ass phones and all Sprint has to offer is the shift?... Sprint needs to do a lil better than just the shift to "wow" its customers

That's what I'm wondering too. My contract with Sprint expired in Dec so I'm watching to see what's new out there.

From where I'm sitting, it looks like I'm going to Verizon with the new LG Optimus X2. That phone looks Sweeeet and because I now qualify for a discount on Verizon with my employer, I will actually save a few bucks ... Assuming there's no price increase for LTE or there's an option to opt out of LTE.

Keep in mind these awesome phones for ATT and Verizon are either Q1 or Q2. By March, I'm sure Sprint will announce some other awesome phone as well!

You can actually go through Sprint and sell your old phones instead of just sending them back free. They only give you like $15(for something like a Samsung M520) but better than nothing if you typically throw them out. Just Google Sprint Buy Back and it's the first link.

:) Am I the only one that was thinking of the ending of Seven "WHAT'S IN THE BOX!! What's in the booooxxxxx!?!"

I never really "got" unboxing vids either - I've watched them for devices I as interested in, but ultimately I just want to see the devise so I'll just skip to the "hands on".

re: LTE - I guess you'll have to be able to opt-out of LTE till they have more coverage, but this is VZW we're talking about.

You can also sell you phone to Best Buy if it's in good shape. When I bought my Evo, I sold my Tour to BB and got $50!

Only if you bought the phone at Best Buy and have proof of such. Radio Shack will buy ANY phone, mp3 player, camera etc. for store credit (as in new phone.)