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What's a new smartphone without some benchmark tests, eh? Here we have the new HTC Evo Shift 4G. And with it's 3.6-inch touchscreen, 800MHz Qualcomm MSM7630 processor and 512MB of RAM, the thing is downright speedy.  And it should be, it's basically the G2 with HTC's Sense slathered on top, and Sprints radios installed.

When we get back from CES we'll have more time to sit down with this one, but like mentioned in the video, it's a joy to use.  Sprint has another winner on their hands, and I'm loving the 4G here in Vegas.


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HTC Evo Shift 4G benchmarks


Since the newest EVO update I get very low score on Neocore for my EVO about 28 FPS. Which means that sprint might have changed the EVO back to the 30FPS MAX

Lol didn't know where to reply to this video but my shift evo 4g stock benchmark with full battery was 1657 with quadrant. Freaking amazing can't wait to root and overclock. Now any way of temp rooting and using setcpu to oc and test?????? I have an evo got this shift for my wife and now I'm jealous lol. I still prefer evo size and feel but this shift is nasty fast.

Any news on new stuff from Sprint besides an old G2? Getting frustrating watching ATT and Verizon get all the great stuff.

Really, when do they get the phones? I have heard announced phones but no dates. At least we get to use the Shift here and now. Who knows when those phones are going to be released. CES is for the whole year and release dates get pushed back all the time. If you are always waiting for the next best thing then you are going to be waiting forever. When those phones are released Sprint will probably announce an EVO 2 and before you know it a year will have passed.

Wish I'd have waited on getting my Epic for this.. at least I'd have 2.2 and a device that's supported by it's manufacturer :(

I would suggest rooting, reformating with the EXT4 file structure and installing a 2.2 rom. I'm getting 55 fps in neocore, 1619 on quadrant, and our screen looks way sexier while doing it :P

Not to mention that our GPU can actually handle, you know, real games. Unlike anything HTC puts out there with its "powerful" Qualcomm chips.

I think I saw the Quadrant FPS on the bottom go down to 15-17 during the 3D test down the hallway and up the stairs. My Epic stays consistently over 50FPS, lowest I have seen is 36 coming up the stairs.

I don't understand releasing a 4G phone with no front facing camera. Sort of misses the point.

I'll never understand everyone's hangup on CPU clock speed on phones. When it comes to most of these benchmarks, the GPU plays a good point. Case in point, my bravo (800MHz CPU/PowerVR GPU) outperforms most of the crapdragon phones with the adreno 200 GPU. The adreno 205 is better, but it's still not as good as the PowerVR 540 and I can only imagine how it stacks up to the nvidia GPU in the tegra 2 beasts.

Look at the nexus one vs the evo shift it's all GPU that pushes it beyond the nexus one.

True. The overall speed in Quadrant of the Shift (1400) is a little faster than the Evo (1250). And that is mostly due to GPU, not CPU. I doubt anyone will really notice any difference in the real world. But it does show that the Shift is not a slouch.

Still want an Evo 2, though! Gimmie some dual core 1.2Ghz or something + 768+MB RAM goodness :) [Pure speculation, of course]

You're an IDIOT.

By the way... Try keeping the camera ON THE PHONE if you're going to try reviewing it?

Oh. It also helps to have a clue about WTF you're talking about, too.

So... Talkin' crap about the people who are talkin' crap about your puny little 800 MHz processor...huh?

You realize that you said that they should 'let it go' after having run a GRAPHICS BENCHMARK, right?

You DO know that when it comes to graphics...a GRAPHICS PROCESSING UNIT (GPU)is what does most of the work...and NOT the CPU. RIGHT?

Not to mention you're using a benchmark program who's validity has been widely questioned.

So... That said... I have a little something for you...

It's a video of the Shift vs the Epic 4G. (The Sprint approximation of my Fascinate...except with 4G.) ALSO keep in mind that the Shift has Froyo on it and the Samsung Galaxy S phones in the US have not received the 2.2 update as of yet. (Which is allegedly going to be providing a performance increase of somewhere in the neighborhood of 30% or more, BTW.)

Watch it...then SUCK IT.

The video doesn't lie.

No matter HOW you slice it, the 1GHz processor EATS your precious little 800MHz CPU. No problem. So... Find that about by running a CPU benchmark instead of a GPU benchmark.

Now... Try letting THAT go.