HTC EVO Design 4G

If you own a HTC EVO Design 4G, odds are you may have already seen an update hit your device, and if not now would be a good time to check for one. Unfortunately this isn't the Ice Cream Sandwich update that we are all anxiously waiting for. This update is aimed towards some security fixes which is something we have seen HTC do previously. Hopefully this is just one step closer to the ICS update, but for now be sure to grab the update, and as always sing out in the comments if you notice anything else that has changed.

Source: Sprint


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HTC EVO Design 4G receiving an OTA security update


Security? Doubtful more likely they've plugged exploits and try to ward off other things that we Android Centralizers tend to enjoy doing with and/or to our devices. End rant.

plugging exploits is not a security update? The things you do to get root, are the same things that malware can exploit to gain root. Difference being, one is done for the user's benefit, the latter is not. It is still a vulnerability.