OK, folks. The Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE is in our hot little hands. We're on Day 1, and quite frankly we're already pretty impressed. Under the hood it's basically an HTC One X. But it's been redesigned, tweaked (and truth be told, improved) and launched as the EVO 4G LTE, the follow-up to the extremely popular EVO 4G.

Some quick thoughts:

  • The display is gorgeous. And it should be -- it's the same Super LCD 2 as on the One X.
  • Under the hood, it seems speedy enough. And it should be. It's the same processor as on the One X. (The Qualcomm version, that is.)
  • Sense 4 is great. And it should be. It's the same Sense 4 that's on the HTC One phones.
  • The camera is great. And it should be. It's exactly the same as what's on the HTC One phones.
  • The rear speaker is pretty good, too. A lot of you have been asking about that.


Our full review's coming. We like to actually use the phone first. Crazy, I know. But here's a quick video walkthrough answering some of the more burning questions that have been thrown our way.

Still want to know more? Our complete EVO 4G LTE review is well in the works. In the meantime, be sure to make your way into our EVO 4G LTE forums, where you'll you'll find the best info on the net. Huzzah!


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HTC EVO 4G LTE video walkthrough and not an unboxing


I may be moving back to Sprint soon and I'm trying to decide between this and the Galaxy Nexus. Touch choice so far.

I would go with the EVO. You can change Sense (CM9 will come eventually) but you can't change the screen and camera.

That's a pretty large assumption given how locked down the ATT version is. I'm not saying it isn't possible or it won't happen, but never, ever buy an Android phone with the hope that it might get better in the future. Buy the phone that works best for you now, if you like tinkering and throwing roms around, you can't beat the Galaxy Nexus. The Evo is technically a better phone though.

But you don't get S-OFF.. its a pain having to always flash your boot.img alone and when your restoring nandroids

Thanks for the quick walkthrough; really looking forward to this phone!

And on a side note...HOLY COW are you rough with your phones! *thunk*bang*toss*

Was that a dent that I saw on the back of your Nexus?! GAAAHH!!!! ;)

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LANDSCAPE SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DIDNT THINK THE EVO HAD IT!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: Oh never mind.....

You know what's better than 1 EVO? 2 EVO's!

"...and to be just completely and totally mean, 2 EVO's *EVIL LAUGH*" That was cold blooded!!


Gosh I can't wait for someone with Sprint LTE coverage to get their hands on this phone (or any Sprint LTE phone, for that matter), so we can know what kind of speeds to expect from their shiny new LTE network.

I live in Overland Park (Sprint World Headquarters) and I was able to get hold of the LG Viper, don't hate... it really isn't a bad phone, and I got it for free. There is a LTE tower right behind my apartment that has been up and down, but the speed has been increasing every day. I really just keep running the Speed Test app. Fastest so far was like 14 Mbps. I am throughly excited, and I feel like the fact that they are already testing it and tweaking it means it will be coming very soon!!

So, it's slower than Verizon's LTE? Good to know.

I was leaning towards renewing with Verizon anyway here in a few months when I am due for upgrade again. It doesn't hurt that we already have LTE in my small city for over 6 months now & never even got WiMax, so who knows how long it would take us to get Sprint's LTE!!

I wouldn't really say if it is faster or slower than Verizon. It is still in testing phaze, and since the speed keeps increasing pretty much every day I have no idea where it will end up. Also I did go into a Verizon store and played with the Galaxy Nexus. I ran a Speed Test on their LTE while I was in the store, and it came back at around 12 Mbps, so it all may depend on the area as well. Until you can compare in your area I have no idea how the speeds compare. According to this video posted on Engadget Verizon is pulling down about 14 Mbps in this comparison between Verizon LTE and Tmobile HSPA+.


He won't care for facts. He's just here to troll around and talk smack about Sprint. Been there, done that!

I just want to say thanks for your unbiased view, input and link!

I pretty much hate all you guys... I average about 2 to 3 Mbps on WIMAX. Still fast enough to do what I need I guess. I can't speak for everyone, but I know I enjoy my Sprint service. But I have to root for the home team, being just blocks away from their headquarters.

BTW I was joking about the hate thing.

Well actually, it depends, over at www.s4gru.com they have some speed tests from an Athens, GA (near Atlanta?) tower putting out average speeds of 25mbps and tops around 30+. So, not exactly slow. VZW is also very fast, in my area they average around 6-12mbps, obviously, their are a lot more customers on it.

Once Network Vision is complete with LTE on 1900mhz and 800mhz and Clearwire adds their TDD-LTE, Sprint will have a very strong and even faster LTE network.

And by then the even new faster EVO LTE will be out for upgrade... So then you get that phone and it will be a 10 core and have 500 gb of storage lol

All depends on the area. The other day in my office I got 34MBPS down and 11MBPS up on Verizon LTE using my Galaxy Nexus. Today I only get 25 MBPS down and 12 MBPS up.

Going down my history in different areas, I have gotten a range of 7-34MBPS down and 6-15MBPS up.

So far I have been pretty impressed with the speed of LTE. Faster than my FIOS at times :).

can the notification light be customized? On the one X it cannot be; green for all notifications and red for battery charge....if you want to set it purple or any other colour you are out of luck

I wonder if I can send this thing to colorware and have the red kickstand changed to match the silver band around the edge of the phone? Maybe even black? Haha!

Thanks Phil! I'm paying my cousin with lunch to be my beta tester for next friday! ;)


Be sure to Check out the multitasking post in the HTC One X forum, and see if you are seeing the same symptoms on the Evo.

TL;DR: Switch away from some apps (browsers especially) and switch back causes the apps to restart, rather than simply carry on from where they were left. Web pages reload from the server, some other apps do as well. Might be hell on games.


ty for the video. You made me laff the way you kept throwing the phones around, i can't believe they still work the way you manhandle them...lol

But sadly just seeing that ugly mofoevo next to that beautiful One X once again makes me crazy. I know you LOVE the current design, but i will never get used to it. Can't you get some inside info on if a white one is in our forseeable future?! Pretty plz? You GOTTA know someone who knows, dontcha?!



never mind, jumped ship to AT&T and got me the white HTC One X... there are really no words to describe such awesomeness... Free 2 yr 25GB subscription to Dropbox takes care of no Micro SD and the battery life on this thing is unreal. Playing with it non stop alllll day, at night still has 20%+. And my data flies so fast on this network, it needs a crash helmet...lol


Thanks a lot can't wait for May 18th to come, it's like a mid-year Christmas!
I hope I'll never have to buy a refurbished phone that belonged to you, every time you were throwing those phones on the table or stacking them and rubbing them against each others like that it was hurting me haha
Scratching such beautiful objects...

Great looking phone!! They need to start giving us the choice of stock android or sense. Like at boot-up "choose your OS". That would be great, so I can pick whatever one I prefer.

Is there any reason to believe a White version will be produced? What about the black polycarbonate top cover?

If so, the color elements of the top cover, the kickstand, and the bottom aluminum will be intriguing.

Yeah, it's really amazing! Comes with amazing camera, premium design, astounding HD experience, Beats Audio built in, and the latest version of HTC Sense added, is no wonder the Sprint’s best Android device ever.
This is a very nice phone I want to buy it! And I have already collect many resources, tips from Enolsoft blog for it!
Can't wait! Cheers!