EVO 4G HDMI dock


As one of the first Android phones with a dedicated HDMI-out port, the HTC EVO 4G is the perfect candidate for a multimedia dock.  The official HTC HDMI dock is that perfect multimedia dock.  It's stylish, simple, and works great -- which is what most of us look for in our electronic accessories.  

Inside the box is everything you need to get going.  The dock, a 72-inch (that's six feet) HDMI cable, and a quick and easy set of directions and you'll soon be watching video on your television or monitor.  And the dock's small size makes it perfect for carrying along with you to share video and pictures from your EVO on any television.

Just plug one end of the cable into the dock, the other into the TV, and go.  There's even a microUSB port on the dock so you can charge while watching.  The dock itself is weighty, and has four rubber feet to keep it from sliding around while using it.  You precious EVO 4G fits tightly, and there's no fear of breaking anything because it fell out of the connector.

The HTC EVO 4G was one of the most popular Android phones ever, with good reason.  It was a real game changer, and the current crop of big, bright displays and media-centric devices can all trace their roots back to it.  And you know what?  It's still great. Hit the break for a few more images.

EVO 4G HDMI dock  EVO 4G HDMI dock

EVO 4G HDMI dock

EVO 4G HDMI dock

EVO 4G HDMI dockEVO 4G HDMI dockEVO 4G HDMI dockEVO 4G HDMI dockEVO 4G HDMI dock


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HTC EVO 4G HDMI dock review


Jerry... when its a Friday evening and you're writing about a dock for a 2 year old device....maybe its time to hit Happy Hour somewhere.

Agree. I'm still rolling with my launch day EVO and I love it but it really is old news. Very curious choice to review an accessory for an EOL device.

But, hey, I'll take all of the reviews I can get.

Keep up the good work, Jerry.

For those of us Evo owners who actually live out our 2 year contract on a device I thank you for the review. I do wonder if it does landscape as well.

I agree, some of us actually keep our phones the whole contract and then some. Honestly, aside from low memory, it's still perfect. Wish there was a way to get more on board memory space without sacrificing apps. End of life or not... I love my EVO and appreciate the continued reviews. Thanks!

I'm still sporting my launch day EVO and this is one accessory I haven't gotten. I want it but with an EOL device I don't know what to do....... But thanks for the review long live EVO

I just bought one...Sorry, but my E4G sounds just as good via speakerphone or ear as your new phones do. Plus, it's paid for without a cancellation fee.

This should be called a Desktop Dock with HDMI. I've got one of these attached by USB to each PC I use and I dock/connect it whenever I'm working or to transfer video files to the SD card. It's also a good way to charge it all the time without stressing the USB port on the phone. I have one more of these attached to the TV. I can dock it there, then use a VNC remote control app to operate the phone from a PC so I can show movies, pics, apps, etc with the HDMwIn mirroring app. The stand won't go landscape unless you plop it over on it's side, but there are apps that let you lock the screen in landscape mode. I like the phone standing up for all uses except playing video anyway.

I'm still loving my Evo. I really wish they'd offer the same phone but with updated memory. I'd never, ever let it go!

Are you listening, HTC??

It's been the best phone I've ever owned and have had it since it debuted. That said, I've been trying to choose the best dock for it now that I'm deskbound at work so this post, at least for me, is very timely.


Loving my Evo with CM7! Just did the Touchstone mod to it tonight, now I have my favorite feature from my Pre back again. I've never been a fan of the HDMI out though, bought the cable and used it a few times. In reality, I've always had a laptop available wherever I needed it for streaming. Not near as cool, but much more usable (for me, YMMV). The times when I needed the HDMI-out ability (like a friend's house), I didn't have the Evo's HDMI cable. Grrrr...

You can have my Evo when you pry it out of my cold, dead fingers... or when the industry finally releases something worthwhile of an update. I just haven't seen it yet, and although I've admittedly never touched ICS yet, I just can't get excited about ICS and the new products announced this year, I'm a hardware guy. As exciting as it was in the PC world, it's hard for me to get excited about faster processors and more memory on mobile until my product becomes obsolete (am I just getting older? naaaaa.) I'm looking for another game-changer, something to make me coffee and get my paper in the morning (lol), and I can't say I've seen it yet. If I update, this may just be a 'faster/more memory' year for me if I ever feel my Evo isn't up to the daily challenge, but so far, so good. NFC is VERY exciting though, but it needs a lot of infrastructure to catch on, I hope more business owners jump in.

For the people complaining about more internal memory I have a question for you? Are you rooted? It sounds like all of you are not. If you root you can use "darktremors apps to sd". Thye way it works is you install "amonra" recovery and partiotion your sd card(hopefully class 10)to however much extra memory you want. As of right now I have around 800 megs of apps in the partition and my EVO4G's internal memory is hovering just under 200 megs. I know rooting is not for everyone, but it keeps the EVO4G on par with other newer phones.

To those who say the EVO4G is old and not worth it, let me put it like this. I recently went to the sprint store and tried all the displays. They all were laggier navigating through the ui than my rooted EVO4G, minus one which was the samsung galaxy s2. Only phone on sprint right now worth upgrading to.