With the slew of disappointing Android 2.1 update news today, here's something that'll get you excited for the weekend: the HTC Evo 4G just cleared the FCC. There's not much in details, but the WiMax is all there and it's using the 2500MHz band. We're going to just pretend and hope that clearing the FCC means the Evo 4G will soon be ready to rock and roll. If you need to remind yourself on how awesome the Evo 4G is, be sure to check out our hands on. [engadget]


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HTC Evo 4G clears the FCC


Folks who read/understood the FCC documents say, the documents clearly show simultaneous voice/data is a feature, I believe it has something to do with SARS evaluation. The documents also show you will be able to talk on the phone, play online video games and use the Hotspot at the same time. The documents show the EVO will have a pretty good battery life as well.