HTC Hard Shell Case for the Evo 4G

The HTC Evo 4G and it's massive 4.3-inch screen make for a pretty big package, and unless you want to holster it, a thin, form fitting hard plastic case like the HTC Hard Shell Case is a great way to protect it without adding too much bulk.  The case is made from a textured hard plastic, and the matte finish helps maintain your grip even when your hands aren't completely dry.

Its two-piece slide-on design is easy to put on and take off, and there are cutouts for access to all the buttons and features that come with the Evo.  The cut-out on the bottom of the phone that allows access to the micro USB and HDMI ports is unique, and while the open-ended design may not be the best looking option, it allows the use of just about any USB or HDMI cable, even those with a thick jacket and wide plug.  All the cutouts are raised with tapered edges so buttons aren't likely to be pushed while riding in the pocket, and the case is just thick enough to keep the camera lens off the surface if you lay your Evo down on its back.  And of course there's full access to the kickstand.

Putting the case on and taking it off is easy, just place the red ( red for this one, the HTC Hard Shell Case is also available in gray and black) side on, then slide the black side over, lining up the interlocking tabs.  The case isn't going to slip apart on its own, but it doesn't take much force to unlock and slide the case off.  On the front, the case wraps around the sides of the phone and creates a raised lip to protect the screen when the phone is lying face down.

The HTC Hard Shell Case is a great way to protect your Evo without losing the slim profile, the cut-outs line up very well so the controls aren't awkward to use.  You can get it for $8.24 in the Android Central store, and there are more pictures after the break.

HTC Hard Shell Case 1  HTC Hard Shell Case 2

HTC Hard Shell Case 3  HTC Hard Shell Case 4

HTC Hard Shell Case 6  HTC Hard Shell Case 14

HTC Hard Shell Case 8  HTC Hard Shell Case 9

HTC Hard Shell Case 10  HTC Hard Shell Case 11

Kickstand FTW


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HTC Evo 4G Case Review: HTC Hard Shell Case


I have a hard case called Trident...! I love this case it comes with a build in screen protector... its fantastic... it covers allll corners, find it cheap in amazon, and for most phones... check it out i got the white one for my htc evo...

This case is not a thin case as described. Actually adds a pretty good amount of bulk to the phone but it does protect it very well. The case's thickness also makes it hard to press the power button. Eventually, the snaps that hold the case together lose their snappiness and the two halves come apart.

I have tried this case out. They sell it at the Sprint stores. I really don't care for it because even with it on it felt flimsy enough where the case may pop off. Like DocToxyn said, its like Legos. The case the I really like is the Case Mate Tough Case. It has a rubber cover that is covered by a hard cover. It may make the phone a little thicker, but well worth the protection.

I have the sprint 2600mah battery and love it! Gets over a day of heavy use running cm7 overclocked to 1.19 and isn't crazy thick like the others. Only thing is I can't find a case to fit. Does anyone know of one?

I have this, in grey. I actually like the opening at the bottom, if I'm swiping down, its nice to not be resticted at all (though its really not a big deal).

My only problem with it, the cutout above the headphone port is big enough for headphones to be plugged in, but not big enough for an Aux cable to be plugged in. At least not mine. The plug gets thick right where the pin sticks out, and it is too big, so I have to take the case off if I want to play it in my car. Not a big deal, and perhaps the make Aux cables that are thinner now.

Also, for me, it feels slightly larger than it needs to be, as in there is space between the case and the phoen. The phone doesn't rattle in it or anything, and it may just be my imagination, but the case could be half a millimeter shorter.

And, I've gotten used to it now (had it for a couple months), but the hole over the power button takes some getting used to. The hole is big, but the button itself is towards the edge. So even though there is room at the opening, you kind of need to focus to push the power button.

7 months later we get a review. this case has been out since launch. it looks like complete trash. no thanks.

Yeah, agreed. Otterbox Commuter. Costs a bit more, worth every penny, though. Get it on eBay in the low $20's.

So far I am more than happy with the Seido rugged case/holster combo I bought. It has a two piece click on hard case, a rubber case that can go over that if you want and then another skeleton piece on top of that. I actually liked it to the point where I bought one to use with the extended battery as well. Good case combo for a good price.

Ugly and stupid. Hard shell cases don't protect anything. If you drop your phone with one of these on it, the shock is transferred directly into the phone anyway.

yeah, i'd have to agree with some of the other posters, this case isn't that attractive. i'm also not a big fan of "two piece" cases.