White 3VO

The HTC EVO 3D in white (ooo-la-la!) and the Kyocera Milano should be on your local Radio Shack's shelves come Friday Sept. 9 according to these information sheets we received from a friendly insider.  There's not much more to tell about the EVO 3D -- it's popular for a few reasons (fast as hell CPU and qHD display come instantly to mind) and if you don't mind a bit of gushing, it looks awful damn sexy in it's white dress.  If you have been on the fence and are a sucker for white phones (guilty!) go buy one and be sure to torture me with full frontal shots in the EVO 3D forums until I give in and get another Sprint line.

The Milano looks ready to pounce smack dab in the middle of the entry-level smartphone arena in a big way.  Combine an 800MHz CPU with a 3-inch touchscreen and 3.2MP camera, put a few goodies like Swype and Gingerbread on board, then sell it for $50 on a new contract and you have a pretty good formula for sales.  The real test will be how it performs a few weeks after the newness wears off, and we'll have our ears open to see just how it's received.  Hit the break to see the picture.

Thanks, Anon!

Kyocera Milano

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White EVO actually looks nice. I still have my OG EVO Black. . . Looking forward to upgrading to another HTC device (that isn't the 3D) . . .

RUSH says:

I'm rocking the white EVO 4g , and this bad boy is really beautiful. Next year I'll get the 3d.

pDoG says:

Ill be looking into this for the backing of my 3D

svargas05 says:


Look at the second picture, for "Accessories" for the Milano, it says:

"Suggested accessories for the Evo 3D include...."

Typo :D

I'm definately on board for this white verison. I might just have too add an line to my account if they don't except the current black evo 3d I HAVE..Htc/Sprint RULES ANDROID...