HTC EVO 3D Watch update

And ... we've got another software update for the HTC EVO 3D. This one specifically targets the HTC Watch app. According to mikephenix in the Android Central Forums, it corrects a little issue the EVO 3D had with syncing, as well as a wake issue.

Just go to Settings>System updates>HTC software update and let it do its thing. It won't require a restart or wipe any data.

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S_C_B says:

Gotta love updates.

rsock1300 says:

.. and dying batteries

svargas05 says:

Well if a battery doesnt eventually die, then what is it supposed to do?

My battery life on the Evo 3D is phenomenal!

archtech3d says:

Yeah, I'm 8 hours unplugged and at 70%... 5 phone calls, about 30+ texts, showing people the 3d video (few headaches lol), and testing the camera. Oh... the camera seems to focus better than the Evo 4g... can actually take a picture of my jack russel who never stays still! Almost every shot with the previous 4g was just a blur.

bbarend says:

What is wrong with mine? Died this morning in 2.5 hours with light use. Sigh.....

... and Jealous Haters...

briankurtz79 says:


moosc says:

but it shouldn't bw this buggy just leaving the manufactureang plant

S_C_B says:

You can do all the testing in the world, but something is inevitably going to get missed. I've learned all too well, as I work for a software company.

what company?

briankurtz79 says:

The iphone 4 can't get reception without a bumper case and apple is the best in the world so...

svargas05 says:

It was HTC Watch. Not a bug on the actual device.

All HTC did was update their license system to allow everyone to play their free movie.

AaronS says:

Speaking of updates, when can we expect to see the Evo 3D review?

LilTmac2003 says:

Haha. I was just about to ask this. Never thought the EVO 3D would get two software updates before Android Central would release their review.

Can't wait to pick up the phone tomorrow on Friday. It's Friday...Friday...Gotta get down on Friday. Everybody's lookin' forward to the Wii-kend.

stopsign002 says:

This isn't the proper place to ask that question though. And I don't know the answer anyway lol

blackroseMD1 says:

Oh yay!! This is the update I've been waiting for!

Oh, wait, no it's not. I'm waiting for the one that actually unlocks the phone...

Guess my Evo 4G is staying activated for a while longer...

archtech3d says:

Sweet! Phone isn't constantly syncing anymore! Now just fix the phone app on the launcher and I'll be happy... Well, happier... Love the phone so far!

svargas05 says:

I have my Evo 3D already and I still want AndroidCentral's review!!!

SoCalMario says:

We all want AC's official review!!!

Viscott says:

That fixed the problem that would not allow you to watch "THe Green Hornet 3D"

SoCalMario says:

Good thing that by the time I get my EVO 3D delivered by UPS today all the bugs would have been fixed!! Thanks early adopters! Now I know what didn't work for you yesterday will now work for me tonight! LoL

I'm still jealous you get to play with the phone right now as I am still waiting for delivery!!!

svargas05 says:

Yea, you're still an early adopter...

I doubt they said "Hey, before we ship Mario's phone off, let's update it for him so he can have the perfect out of the box experience"

You're gonna have to run all of these updates too....

SoCalMario says:

That's what I mean. This is why I said "would have been fixed" the thing is I wouldn't have to go through the old bugs as I would update the phone as soon as I go it. I know their will probably be more bugs but the initial ones are fixed. :)

svargas it would be nice of Sprint to say

"Hey, before we ship Mario's phone off, let's update it for him so he can have the perfect out of the box experience" But then I would not get it over night LoL

Only in a prefect world right?

How do you like your new EVO 3D?

svargas05 says:

It's kick-ass and I recommend it to everyone.

Chuck Norris got his yesterday.

SoCalMario says:

svargas, the anticipation is killing me. I'm stuck at work till 6:30pm. The UPS truck should have delivered it to my house by then. But I want it now!!!

Wrong, Chuck Norris ALWAYS get it before yesterday! LoL

SoCalMario says:

svargas, is it smooth like butter? does it run faster than a speeding bullet? Does it blend? Does it make julian fries???

kcbacon4pb says:

So... I went to Walmart this am, asked if they were selling them. I don't know if the worker knew they didn't go out till tomorrow but sold me one today. And!!! when she scanned it in, the computer came up with $89.99, plus 14 for activation. So I got my new EVO 3D for $105.00!

svargas05 says:

Welcome to Wal-Mart!

jescobe82 says:

Is that for real? If so, I'll be hitting Wallie world tonight! Please confirm!!!!!!

jescobe82 says:

Just called Walmart and the dude told me they do not carry ANY Sprint phones.......


Lol , this phone ain't even out yet. And already has problems!! Smh ...

SoCalMario says:

Actually the phone IS out. Those of us Sprint premier members got them delivered to them as early as yesterday. Im getting mine delivered today. ;) This is how they know about these bugs.

bigrey81 says:

Can someone get this hater a Evo 3d please

cbwrob says:

I have the phone and think so far any issue has been fairly minor compared to other launches.

Phone is fast and it is ridiculous to judge it until you have used it.

bgpoppa92 says:

I updated mine and it didnt work. says on watch that i need an update but in system updates it says its already updated. anyone else having this issue?