Otterbox Commuter for HTC EVO 3D

New phone needs a new case. It has been this way since the dawn of the smartphone era, and so it shall be until its end. Your HTC EVO 3D is no exception, and for those interested in maximum protection while still maintaining a relatively slim profile, there's nothing like the Otterbox Commuter for HTC EVO 3D.


In typical Commuter fashion, you're looking at two pieces: the flexible, rubbery skin and the hard plastic shell. The rubberized skin fits nice and snug, and the hard shell keeps everything from sliding around.

As far as ports go, the top and bottom bezels on the phone have openings for the microphone and 3.5mm headphone jack, but the left and right bezels are covered up with the rubber skin. The micro-USB port has a removable flap (as it should), but the volume rocker and power button are totally dominated by the rubber skin. The camera shutter button is also protected but the 2D/3D slider is left bare.

As is typical with all EVO 3D cases, the camera lenses are now recessed inside the thickness of the case, so you can lay your phone on its back all you want without worrying about damaging your precious gimmick hardware.

More pictures are after the break.

 Otterbox Commuter for HTC EVO 3D Otterbox Commuter for HTC EVO 3D

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HTC EVO 3D case review: Otterbox Commuter


If you actually head over to xda, people have had too many problems with this case which is weird. Otterbox is amazing. I have a defender and its great, just too bulky sometimes.

I have this case. Great case but only two complaints. First rubber case is a lint magnet. Second the rubber case is loose on the top and bottom of the phone. Not enough to be a nuisance but noticable. Love the look though. Would recommend it.

I will never buy an Otterbox again after my experience with this Commuter, the first one was stretched out towards the top after about a month. Otterbox's CS seem to be courteous and sent me a replacement with the same problem, I emailed them back and they apologized but that was it! They should offer me a refund or even a partial refund since I have 2 of their worthless cases at my desk. I have a better experience with another case and will tell people my experience with Otterbox's overpriced under-performing products.

I have an Otterbox Commuter for my MyTouch 4G and my son has one for his iPhone 3G and I also had his in a Defender initially. They are all excellent and way better quality and design than competing cases.

It doesn't matter what product gets reviewed, there is always someone who pipes up with a negative anecdotal report that counters the conventional wisdom. It's inevitable.

I have this case as well. 1. Rubber case became and continues to be loose. I recommend this case only if you don't drop your phone. I dropped mine and the case did not protect it from scraps-because the loose case exposed my phone to scratches...which it now has. Sorry Otterbox....however if you would replace my phone, I will say that at least Otterbox will replace your phone if it gets scratched.


I’ve had this case since the release date of my HTC EVO 3D. I’ve not experience any of the looseness issues. That being said; I’m 100% satisfied with this case and would highly recommend it to others.

I have this case since the EVO 3D came out and have not had the problem about looseness on top. I can see how it would stretch if you keep playing with it. I have left it alone and had no problems with it. The skin is a lint magnet though, but cleans off easily. My only complaint is that the case covers up the power button, and sometimes it takes more than one press to turn it on or off.

If this was made up, they wouldn't need a revision.

*****, (my name)
Your cases that currently do not fit will most definitely be covered by the warranty still. We do not have the newest revision available yet but when it does get released we would be more than happy to replace your ill-fitting case with the updated more snug fitting case. If you have any other question please let me know.

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My 1st Commutter case, and my factory replacement both had the same lose top end problem. Right now my EVO is bare back, and I'm just waiting for the re-design case to be released...

I had the defender on my 3d and I liked it alot and it offered great protection but it was too bulky and too hard to take off and put on since I swap batteries from external charger. I wanted the commuter but there were too many complaints about loose fit and it didn't have a holster. So I went with the seidio active and can't be any happier. The commuter does look nice but until they come out with a holster and fix the problems with it I wont be buying it.

I got my case yesterday
N I love it
The clip on d other hand
No good
4 hour into work
It broke

I guess the maker likes when people talk bad about there product

Now how I'm I GOINA carry my phone?
In my pocket?
That's not what I paid for
I would Like a new clip with no money out my pocket
Cause its not my folt
So please help

I was wondering y there are selling clips only
Now I know y

1mo thing
Can u tell that I'm mad
N disapointed