HTC Espresso

So we've seen the HTC Espresso codename leak. We've had an HTC exec say a follow-up to the Hero will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress. And now a leaked profile from the Espresso has emerged, showing a QWERTY keyboard device with 320x480 screen and the same processor found in the Hero and Magic.

Place your bets, folks. Something's coming down the pike. [ via BGR]


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HTC Espresso profile shows QWERTY, 320x480 screen


Yeah, seriously. Android phones need to stop using that old hardware and start using the modern Cortex stuff in the Pre and iPhone (and Droid?).

T-mobile is getting some really nice handsets, hd2, n900, bold 9700 etc. They really offer some great stuff and where they have 3g its solid. I wish other companies verizon and att would get these super nice handsets
Once a ROM leaks out, the floodgates are opened. Welcome to the wonderful world of HTC bootloaders, my friends. Espresso details:

I think this is photoshopped. If not the overall size would make the g1 look like a razor. Think about it. TP2 keyboard and then the Euro hero on top. Just doesn't look likely. Not in this form.

First of all, people need to stop whining about hardware. If you feel the need for better hardware, get another phone. Second, why would the successor to Hero have a physical keyboard? It doesn't make sense, they are two different product segments. A physical keyboard is not necessarily better, some people prefer to not have one.

But some people prefers psyhical keyboard, for example to play games on phone .. I don't buy hero, becouse it doesn't have qwerty keyboard, but i think that espresso is so interesting, and I will buy it if that informations is true.

the new commercial is a follow-up to the original "Questions" spot. But instead of asking more questions without providing the answers, it shows ways that the G1 can uniquely answer them.

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Jack - whining child