Otterbox Defender for Droid Incredible

The OtterBox Defender is one of the toughest cases you can buy for your precious Droid Incredible. The case comes in four separate parts, two of which snap together to directly encase the phone. This is made of hard plastic and the front-facing one has a thin, clear plastic screen that covers the entire face of the phone. There is a tiny cutout around the optical joystick, which you can see in the picture above. 

Around this hard inner shell goes a thick rubbery layer that also servers to provide both protection and access to the various ports on the phone. Both the micro USB port and the headphone jack on top are given ample space when needed. The case also comes with a holster complete with a clip on the back for latching it onto your belt or nearly anything else. The clip felt very strong and durable during the time I used it. A great feature of the holster is that it is designed in such a way that you can have the screen facing inward for maximum protection of have it exposed for all to see. This is a feature not found on most holsters and is a definite plus for those who make constant use of holsters.

The overall build quality was top notch and what you would expect from someone like OtterBox. The device feels great in the hand if you are used to large cases and the buttons didn't require too much effort to press. The one big issue I had was that the clear screen has a very small opening for the optical joystick and was very uncomfortable to use. Anyone that uses that optical joystick on a regular basis may want to look for something with an open face. That being said, the OtterBox Defender is overall a great case for anyone looking for maximum protection for their DInc. You can buy it right now from the Android Central Store for $47.95

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Shipping package       Back with micro USB

Front      Side view

Back with headphones      Side view of holster

Holster with back of phone exposed      Holster with front of phone exposed


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HTC Droid Incredible Case Review: Otterbox Defender


I have the commuter case and I love it. Adds a good amount of heft to the device and I actually find it easier to hold with the commuter case on than without it. Awesome review and Otterbox has never disappointed me.

I used the search box at the upper right of this page.

This is like the 4th "otterbox defender" review, each time on a different phone. In addition, the Otterbox Commuter (very similar) has several reviews.

Is it really necessary to review the case on every single phone for which it is manufactured?

If so, there are 37 versions of the Defender. Could we just review them all at once, and get it out of the way?

I don't mean to ruffle any feathers...but you didn't have to click on the article, scroll to the bottom, and write a comment if you didn't want to, especially if it was just to nag the author for not doing things the way you would like them to.

Sorry, but I don't know if you realize the way most of your posts come off the majority of the time. Are you always this pissed off about something?

My issues with this case have been documented in the forums and I am a little surprised they weren't mentioned here. However, not all of them are apparent until after a few days of use.

  1. The rubber outside does not fit firmly onto the inner plastic shell. Functionally, it doesn't really matter but just doesn't look like a good fit.
  2. A surprising amount of dust will get through that hole by the optical joystick
  3. The screen's responsiveness isn't as good compared to a screen protector directly on the screen (like a Zagg)
  4. The raised edges of the case make some of the edge keys difficult to press.

So I am thinking of keeping my Zagg and cutting out he built-in screen protector. Just haven't had the time to do it yet.


1) The rubber outside does not fit firmly onto the inner plastic shell. Functionally, it doesn't really matter but just doesn't look like a good fit.

Yeah, it seems to me the Rubber should go INSIDE, Plastic shell should go OUTSIDE, on top of rubber. At least thats how my Commuter works, and it works well.

The responsiveness has to do with the grounding of the phones shell. I agree there is a bit of lag introduced with these rubber cases on most phones.

Is there any issue with a gap in the case or the phone wiggling around while it's in the hard plastic? I've heard of reports of this and I don't know if it's been fixed.