Droid Incredible 4G LTE

Update: And it's been pulled. But not quickly enough.

We've been hearing rumors of a third Droid Incredible for some time, and today it looks like the device has been outed a little early on Verizon's "Droid Does" site. Head to droiddoes.com/droidincredible4g and sure enough, you'll find images and specs for the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE.

The new Incredible's specs are a close match of one of HTC's new high-end GSM phones, the One S. It's got a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, a 4-inch qHD SuperLCD display, and on the software side it's running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Sense 4. It's rocking the same dual and rear camera setup as the One S too, with a VGA front-facer and an 8MP rear camera, presumably the same HTC ImageSense shooter that's found on the manufacturer's other 2012 handsets. The site says it'll come in at $299 on contract, which is in line with other leading Verizon devices.

We've got a full list of specs after the break. But do note that we're still waiting on official word from Verizon, so specs and pricing could still change.

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HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE specs --

  • 1.2GHz dual-core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • Sense 4.0
  • 4-inch Super LCD display at qHD resolution 
  • Storage: 8 gigabytes internal, up to 32GB microSD card 
  • Beats Audio
  • Pandora
  • Slacker Radio
  • 8-megapixel rear-facing camera with flash
  • VGA front-facing camera 
  • 4G LTE hotspot
  • 4-inch display 
  • Size: 2.4 x 4.8 x 0.46 inchces
  • Weight: 4.66 ounces 
  • Battery: 1700 mAh

Reader comments

HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE outed on DroidDoes site


How does this compare to the Rezound on the hardware side? Cetainly having ICS and Sense 4.0 is a plus.

The Rezound has 1.5 dual core processor. The Rezound has it all but that new fast fancy HTC camera. The Rezound IMO has the strongest signal and radio strength of all Verizon LTE phones. I have had them all.

You are right about the Rezound having a 1.5GHz dual core, but what is worth noting is that the Rezound has a Snapdragon S3 at 1.5GHz, while the Incredible 4G is likely carrying a Snapdragon S4 as all of the US variants of the One series have carried thus far (TMo HTC One S, ATT One X, Sprint EVO LTE).

I'd agree on that. I've had the Tbolt, Charge, Bionic, Razr, Rezound and Galaxy Nexus and the Rezound definately had better signal strength. It was the only one out of all of those that locked on 4g all the time in my office. The Tbolt I could set to LTE only and it would work, the Nexus and the Charge were off and on with the 4g in my office and the 2 motorola phones barely got 3g in my office.

Do not pay attention to clock speed...the Incredible has an S4 processor. It will be faster despite the lower clock speed.

However...it has a crappier display (qHD? Really) and a 90s era VGA Front camera. It does have SD and a removable battery and probably has a great camera.

So basically this is a big "FU!" from Verizon. It is kind of insulting that they would demand $300 for a phone like this. It doesn't suck, but seriously, a $300 phone should at least MATCH the previous generation. There is nothing special about this phone that warrants that price tag.

I hope they at least included NFC on it...you know, a little lube while they are screwing you.

2 things:

The price of a luxury item can't be considered a "Demand" when there are so many alternatives. At best, you might say, "It is kind of insulting that they would expect $300"

This is NOT a big FU from Verizon until the phone is actually announced at this price. I have no doubt in my mind that either the specs or the price on this will be corrected at a later time. You can't get pissed (as you genuinely seem upset) at an obviously erroneously posted page that was immediately rescinded.

This comment was a riot! and very true. Phones are getting more and more expensive just because were willing to spend it. Well not me

The One S, not the One X huh? Not bad, other than that qHD display and the high price (T-MO is selling the One S for $199). Hopefully this means that Big Red will get the Galaxy III.

That is why I think the page was yanked. I think that $299 price was a place holder. It went up too early and had, I think, the wrong price. If they release this at $300, I will pick up the Rezound and not look back.

That's an odd clock speed for the Snapdragon S4 which I thought starts at 1.5 GHz. Could it be packing an S3? I think I'd prefer the HD resolution of the Rezound.

It could have an S3 with the S4 shortage looming, but being that this is likely gonna be a Sense 4 device, I'd have a hard time believing that they'll update the Rezound to a Sense 3.6 laced ICS while giving this Sense 4 with virtually the same CPU as the Rezound. It'd be pretty unfair.

Hmm, The now old Rezound is $50 to $99 on Amazon. and has a little larger screen.
This phone is waaaaaaay over-priced at $299!!! especially for a mid range phone. s/b $149 maybe? the Nexus us $149 now. not that I want a Nexus
The new HTC One X is only $149 pre-order from Radio Shack. only problem it's on AT&T - which has no unlimited and I have Verizon grandfathered in unlimited data.

Come on Verizon, all the awesome phones are coming out on AT&T. I'd LOVE a Samsung Note or HTC One X. Verizon has only old phones.
The Rezound has nice specs but too roundy looking like an old iPhone, plus the Rezound screen is too small.
The Nexus has a 5mp camera. 5mp? my old orig Droid has a 5mp. my Wife's almost 2 year old Droid X has a 8mp camera.
Razr maxx? I'd take one for a $100 on upgrade. but they're $229. and nothing as awesome as the Note, One X or SIII.
I want a Note or One X or SIII on Verizon - PLEASE!

Dude cool your jets. If you haven't caught on already carriers get high end phones in waves. Right now its ATT with One X and sprint getting the nexus. Verizon will get their round. Patience young grasshopper.
And yes this phone is way over priced in comparison.

I've been waiting and available to upgrade since Aug 2011, and Verizon has not had a real stand out high end phone since before then. so yes, I'm a little impatient.

This is especially hilarious since 5 months ago when the rezound, razr, and nexus were coming out on Verizon, tons of people on this site were complaining that Verizon was getting too many of the high end phones.

yes and no. yes all those phones went to Verizon. but are any of them real high end? None of them were perfect enough to me to live with for 2 years. maybe if they were all combined into one phone, or their prices were 1/2 of their release prices. Take the rezound specs/guts/camera/HD screen combine into the Nexus screen size & ICS add the Maxx battery and you have something I would have bought back then.

You aren't going to get what you want. The closest thing to the specs you are talking about is the HTC Evo 4G LTE on Sprint (all the specs and a larger battery, at least largest I have seen compared to the Razr Maxx), and to a lesser extent, the HTC One X on AT&T. If you were looking 5 months ago, no-brainer would have been the Galaxy Nexus.

The longer you wait, the longer your spec wants will change. Nobody wants to keep a phone for two years. One of the main reasons I was on Sprint was because Premier customers were getting an annual upgrade. Sprint ended that program, with everyone using their last annual upgrade this year and only eligible for an upgrade at 20 months.

So I am going all out on specs, with the knowledge I will need this new phone to last two years. Therefore, the Evo 4G LTE will be my next phone. At least on Sprint they run these buy-in programs where for a small fee you can upgrade after 12 months. Nothing is guaranteed of course.

You need to take the plunge man. If I was you, it would be the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, or hold out for the Samsung Galaxy SIII (assuming it comes out on Verizon; the SII never did).

Way overpriced! 299 + 30 for the upgrade and add about 55 for the California tax. Ridiculous for a subsidized phone!

If that price is accurate it is literally offensive as a consumer. Not every verizon customer is an uninformed impulse buyer ! This price seriously makes me second guess re-upping with VZW. if you are an android fan, and HTC specifically, like myself how do u choose this over a ONEx for $199...seriously?

You don't. If you are on Verizon you get the Galaxy Nexus at a much cheaper price.

If you think of leaving, come over to Sprint. We need all the people we can get over here.

For me to even begin to consider this phone over a rezound...Its s4 processor would have to absolutely demolish the s3! is it THAT much better? ive been on a 4" inc2 for a year now, i was really looking forward to ATLEAST step up to 4.3

How can you say that this phone lines up well with the One X, and how can VzW sell this as a leading phone? Other than ICS/Sense 4 it's actually not just one but two generations behind the X; other than ICS the 6-month-old Rezound has this phone beat in almost every spec. QHD...really? 4"...really? 1.2...really (unless it's an S4 chip). I seriously don't understand why HTC is even bothering with this weak offering.

My guess is that AT&T paid for at least a temporary exclusive on the One X so VZW grabbed up the next One down on the list and are putting it out so they can say "Hey we've got an HTC One phone too!". I think they figure that this will satisfy enough people who get all excited for the new HTC line and are pricing it to seem like a high-end phone? (naw, I still don't get that price).

how come no one has mentioned how much the battery life is going to suck with a 1700 battery? how come its so thick and has such a small battery?

now since when was posting pandora and slacker as a highlight unless they meant the beats audio is now compatiable with both apps compared to only just you downloaded. still though i find it wierd.

wow.. thought the $30 upgrade fee was going to help reduce the subsidized prices. So glad I got the Rezound for $50 even if it was just for the free Beats headphones which I'm using on the Razr.

You know, take the pricing with a grain of salt until released... when I was on the site this AM, I noticed a Droid RAZR image on it as a header... so maybe the price is an artifact of that as well?

Um, is anyone gonna mention that stupid THREE button capacitive layout? I mean, that just means you'll DEFINITELY lose screen real estate for JUST the menu button in the action bar. I know that this mirrors the "One" design scheme, but come on. They should have done FOUR capacitive or made the "recent apps" function as a long press on home a la gingerbread and put a capacitive menu button instead. Why do HTC and Samsung ALWAYS manage to get SOMETHING wrong concerning their hardware?

Or do on-screen buttons so they can all be placed how they were intended. It's the same effect as capacitive anyway, except you don't see them when they screen is off (what purpose does that hold anyway).

Early rumors of the Fireball were that this was the first LTE world phone. Is that still the case, as I haven't seen any hint of GSM or world capability?

HTC needs to do a much better job on putting bigger, much bigger batteries in their LTE phones. 1700 is ridiculous, I have the Rezound with 1650 battery and it is no way big enough. I bought the 2700 and it is just big enough. This battery won't get you thru the day. Whoever is designing these phones need to have their asses fired.

At least the screen is better than the standard One S. I can't believe they are charging more than $100 for this though.

If it's global-ready, I know someone who would love to have that phone. Verizon needs more global-ready phones by HTC.

this is kinda offensive to me being a rezound user. it's basically the same phone right down to the red accents. no one in their right mind will pay $300 for this phone. you guys might as well get the rezound now that we have s-off.

how about verizon stop stalling and give us ics?

man.. THIS is why i am not a vzw customer. they charge WAY more (by $100 fn bucks)than ALL other carriers for their top o the line phones and oph yeah.. just for the "pleasure" of being on their 4g network (as long as it stays up) they charge more than anyone else for service.

Prices are going up $299 for it. What happened to the $199 price points?

I like the 4" screen I'd like to fondle one....I think the 4.6" and up are just too big of a phone. The iPhone screen is too small.

Like the specs for the most part, but not the price.

So when compared to AT&T's One X, this phone has a lower resolution screen, and is only 1.2 to the One X's 1.5, and only has 8GB internal storage, to the One X's 16GB.....lmao, this stuff is hilarious.....oh, let me add the this phone is also $100 more than AT&T's One X. What do you all think of this?

This is why every time I even consider switching to Verizon, I always end up deciding to stay with Sprint. Verizon is gonna charge $299 for a phone with last year's specs? Really? Why do they continue to rape their customers like this? I suppose "rape" is the wrong word, since its consensual. People are still gonna drop 300 bucks on a phone when they can go to AT&T and get a phone (HTC One X) with better resolution (HD), twice the storage (16 Gb), thinner, bigger screen, and a faster processor for 100 bucks CHEAPER!? Even on Sprint, you get a phone (Evo 4G LTE) with all the features as the One X (including thinness), PLUS a microSD card slot, a kick stand, dedicated camera/shutter button, and a bigger battery for the same price as the One X --- 100 bucks cheaper than what Verizon is asking for!

I remember when the Incredible use to be an Android Super Power among Smart phones, just below the Evo. Now its just a passible mid range phone with a price tag more expensive than a flag ship device on other networks. I expect this knd f crap when it comes to the iPhone (another overpriced piece of crap). But this is just ridiculous

You guys are getting way too hung up on the $299. It has not been announced at that price. That promo web page wasn't ready for prime time.

I love the Rezound screen but I'd really like to see if a 4" LCD is any less thirst for battery life.

I prefer the 4" screen to the larger screens, which is how I ended up with my current dinc2. Being the next gen of my phone, which has been very good to me, it has my attention. No way in heck I pay a One X or GNex price for a one S Though. This thing should be 149...199 tops. Hope it was an error.

Wow, people need to calm down. The phone isn't even up for sale yet and everyone is getting up in arms. I'm looking forward to this phone. Not everyone wants a 4+" screen. My sisters are still using the original Incredible and it works flawlessly. They don't like any of the larger phones as they are both petite, and they would prefer a similar 3.7" screen on their current phones if one were available. Verizon is smart to keep a decently powered 4" device. How many 4+" phones do you need? Verizon has numerous 4.3" and larger screened phones to choose from. My big issue is the battery, as with all HTC phones, although it can't be worse than my Thunderbolt, LOL. And regarding the prices, I hope it doesn't launch at that price point, but even if it does, those prices tumble on Amazon or Wirefly in a month or two after release, so its no big deal for me. I'm so over wait lines and pre-orders. I'll let the early adapters be the guinea pigs.

The RAZR, Rebound, GNexus, have all come out recently, and are still top notch phones, maybe not the cream of the crop anymore, but the One X and Evo 4G LTE will also be over shadowed by new phones only a few months after release.

I'm not in any hurry to upgrade from my Dinc2. This phone will be deeply discounted or offered as a free upgrade in a couple of months anyway.

I'm hoping that the price posted yesterday was a fluke like the link that lead to the Droid Razr Maxx. Even though the Droid Incredible 4G doesn't fit 100% of what I was looking for it is still sporting some decent specs, and I'd be interested in it at around $99-149....Maybe $199. But until we hear more I'm hoping the new Moto ICS handset is announced before my upgrade in mid-June.

Let's not get all wrapped around the axle about a phone that hasn't even been officially announced (Like Phil says CTIA next week (big CDMA conference as opposed to MWC GSM phones)). This looks like the 4G upgrade to the Dinc 2 and I bet it comes in at $149-$199. As far as the battery like, the S4 equipped One S has great battery life, 1700 REPLACEABLE battery, Micro SD, and 960x540 qHD on a 4" display gives you about 275 ppi which isn't quite retina BUT I don't think anyone has a 720P display at 4". If you don't like 4" don't get this phone. I think my Dinc 2 is the perfect size and if this is the dual core LTE replacement for this phone (Dinc 2 has always been a mid range phone) this will be my next phone. Every phone I've held 4.3" and up have been too big for my hands - don't want to be forced into two handed operation every time I use my phone. I got my Dinc 2 last year for free on contract and I have another upgrade (my wife doesn't use hers) that I will probably look to snag this phone by the end of the year in the same type of sale (remember the Rezound was available for as little as $50 on contract - great phone for the price). If you want the latest and greatest (mid or high end) on the day it's released you're going to pay a premium (full price). If you can wait a few months, you'll make sure you get a lower price on the one you want or don't get surprised by something like the Razr Maxx. The constant desire for something better will result in never being happy with anything. My Dinc 2 is a great phone (there are some things I wish were better), I've been enjoying it and I'm a HTC/Sense fan, looking forward to ICS on the Dinc 2 and taking my time to find my next phone - 3, 6, 9 months down the road whenever I see something that is significantly better than what I have (plus I'm in a small town and don't expect to see LTE until 2013 at earliest).