Sure, most of the attention is going to the Motorola Droid (and deservedly so, we suppose), but HTC's little Droid Eris is a worthy phone in its own right -- especially at $99.  If you're a widget-fanatic, HTC's Sense UI on the Eris is really slick, but otherwise we have to say advantage Droid.

Still, we like the Droid. The styling is conservative, sure, but it's great to have a trackball on the face of the phone.

Anybody out there choosing the Eris over the Droid?


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HTC Droid Eris Hands-On!



Do you feel as though the Eris is a little faster (given the same specs and all) than the Sprint Hero? I know you said that you noticed a slow down once you started loading the Sprint Hero up. Same thing with the Eris? I'm assuming that the cpu can only handle so much.

Arrgggg! just found out I can get it free online but then I'll have to wait!!!!! (was going to pick it up tonight) What to do, what to do?

Got the Eris. Dont give a damn about a qwerty keyboard and I already have a 16 gb micro sd memory card. It wont be long before Android 2.0 is game on eris with an inclusive and compatible sense ui.

I picked the Eris over the Droid... though mine is called the Hero. I still prefer Sense to raw Android. It's still plenty speedy, and HTC's Soft QWERTY is awesome! And like the above commenter said, we'll be getting 2.0 soon enough.

Definitely went for the Eris over the Moto Droid. Sleeker, much easier to hold, lighter, more iPhone-esque, same capabilities -- especially once they roll out 2.0 to it next week. I think it's just missing a flash and 8 gigs on the card but u can always get a bigger card.

And seriously for $100 less it's quite the capable smartphone. Definitely the better deal in my mind.

I just ordered my Eris! It has all the features I could ever want. I admit I was thinking about the Motorola Droid but for $100 less, I can think this is the better value.

I need to navigate WITH voice ( to avoid....uh, crashing) and google maps with voice is ONLY woking in beta on ANDROID 2.0 and i JUST got my Eris ( android 1.6) does anybody KNOW ( not think wish hope or conjecture ) but KNOW the IF WHEN and HOW of an HTC ERIS upgrade to Android 2.0 ( gotta knoe b4 my 30 day return period is up with verizon )

It lanched the 22nd but i live in kansas and i still havent got it yet infact im still on 1.5 and trying to find out how to get 1.6. hope that answered you ?

Ha So guess what people! i played with both!! and so FAR!! the ERIS is much better! and since i said that. you need facts, 1- I work for verizon!,, 2..its smooths, no lag between apps that are too buggy or cant support the screen size...(call)and (end) HARDWARE KEYS are there.. so no guessing on how to turn off or end call.. the key V-Keyboard is amazing my 8 year old sister can text with out being on point with the word, the HTC has the best V-keyboard ever!, and u have tons of apps, that can run your ERIS Smoother than the (DROID)*older brother haha, the Sense UI is just Lovely! and i own and run a lot of app's with softwares, with Blackberry, and My touch 3G, Storm 1 and 2, and the iphone..( so NO FANBOY HERE) i owned all these phones.. but by best i love the ERIS. another fav is the (HTC HD2(unlock).. yes cuz i travel alot....), love it!! but its all comes to choosing between performance.first hand testing...or just wanting cuz someone else said it was cool lol

yes, i totally agree. smoother between apps/screens, 7 homescreens, three scenes (TONS OF WIDGETS!! :) ) and i can type with v-keyboard on eris faster and than hardware keyboard on droid best v keyboard ive seen i think eris should b compared to iphone, not droid

I switched from blackberry to android and I couldn't be happier. I looked at the Eris and the Moto Droid. Not a huge difference in performance but the Eris is more comfortable to use. The slide out keyboard seemed cheap.

i think i want to get the eris instead of the droid, not even considering the 100 dollar price difference, which is also a big factor. i love 7 home screens with 3 different scenes, over just 3 home screens with no other scenes on the droid. i love having more widgets. also i am a fan of the multitouch interface not on the droid. the camera, even though no flash, is impressive and browser speeds are still really, really, really fast. it's slimmer, sexier, transitions from screen to screen are smoother, and trackball and call and on/off keys physically on front help too. eris i feel is closest to iphone, i'd put it over droid. DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS PHONE!!! ANDROID 1.5 AND 2.0 ARE NOT MUCH DIFFERENT, EXCEPT IF YOU'RE A GPS OR EMAIL FANATIC!!

virtual keyboard is also WAAY better than the droid's, i'd even say eris's virtual keyboard is better than droid's physical one! i can type faster!

lol just one more thing to add to the list ;) eris has peep, the twitter app just for htc, which is, i have to say, AWESOME :D

wait no u can hav more than 3 scenes i think thats usually just wat they use in all the reviews. but idk either way its AWESOME

I chose the Eris over the Moto Droid due to a few reasons that have already been listed. Feel, price, and Sense UI. I can live without the bulkiness of the Moto Droid and the qwerty. The Eris' virtual keyboard does a great job. After a month and a half, despite the horrible OTA update, I still love the Eris and am happy I went with it over the Moto Droid.

I thought and research long and hard between the Verizon Droids. I chose the HTC, not because of cost, but because of feel. The Motorola Droid FEELS cheaply made to me... and chinsy. I also think the design is rather boxy and unnecessary. A soft keyboard is ample for my needs. I spent about a month researching and have been an hour for 1 week. I love my Eris and am happy I chose it.

HTC Eris is to get Android 2.0 in Q1 of 2010(through an Over-The-Air-Update!)--while maintaining the enjoyable Sense UI overlap. That basically destroys any reason for the consumer to actually want a MotoDroid--aside from; Hype, the DVD Quality Video-Capture, or Aesthetic.

I have my Eris coming to me--and after getting to handle that sweet little phone--I can say, without the shadow of a doubt: Eris has THE best Virtual Keyboard I've ever used, yes--even better than an iPhone. I can type just as fast with it as I can with the full physical keyboard I have on my Verizon Voyager.

The physical keyboard on the MotoDroid is complete rubbish--if you have very thick fingers you can't even get easy access to the top row of keys due to design--and that's not to mention the completely flat-level the keys are at. You CANNOT type by touch, AT ALL! Meaning you have to actually look down at what you're typing(until, assumbily, you get used to the horrid keyboard) but even in that case, if you do make an error it's word-correction system is VASTLY inferior to the Eris'. I've never had an HTC, but I'm looking forward to my new Eris with baited breath!

On a side note--from a developers standpoint I'm impossibly excited about owning an Android phone! Considering the fact that you don't have to develop apps on a native(Apple) OS--which means I can finally start putting touches on a Beta for the smart-phone game I've been developing!

Hats off to you Google, and you HTC--you've come together to make a unique and pleasing piece of hardware!

I think I am sold on the ERIS. I am headed to the store tomorrow to pick one up. I know I have to spend the extra hundred but as long as I remember to send in the rebate, all will be fine. Android here I come.

I bought the droid eris and out of the box it is running the 1.5 firmware version can anybody tell me how the hell i can update it while i wait for the update to 2.0