is now offering the HTC Droid Eris for the low price of $9.99. That's not too shabby considering before the holidays Best Buy offered the same device for $49.99. Keep in mind to get the price of $9.99 a new two-year contract with Verizon is needed.

Perhaps this is a sign that there are a few new Verizon Android devices right around the corner? 

Any takers?


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HTC Droid Eris $9.99 on Amazon with two-year contract


Thats a great deal imo, even with the assumption there are new phones coming. For most people this is a great phone with a nice screensize but smaller footprint that larger phones like iphone, droid ect.

And only two months after initial release. Wow.

Really makes me think about waiting before getting a Nexus One. Oh... about two months. (which will be painful as the Moto Droid is going back tonight, been 25 days with it, used to having it, but its not right for me)

Don't forget, there is fine print to go along with that low price:

AmazonWireless Instant Discount Policy

When you purchase your device with service from, we automatically pass along an instant discount from the carrier to you. This discount has been provided to you based on your agreement to (a) activate a new, or extend an existing, line of service for this device with the carrier, and (b) maintain this service in good standing for a minimum of 181 consecutive days. If you do not activate or extend a line of service in connection with this device, or if your service is canceled/disconnected before 181 consecutive days, will charge you $250 per device, plus applicable taxes.

WoW! I would have been so mad if I would had paid 100.00 for it new just to find out that in a few months (if that) its down to $9.99. Wow thats a slap in the face!!!

They've been offering this for the last three or four weeks.

The interesting deal here is you can buy it without any contract for $419 -- which is the lowest total price I've seen by $50 (Verizon will sell it for $469 off-contract).