Verizon Droid DNA

When the HTC Droid DNA finally hit store shelves, Verizon had pulled the plug on the official bootloader unlock method via HTC's dev tools. Since then, the folks over at Android Police and RootzWiki have of course come up with a method to unlock it. The basic idea is that you modify the device so that it appears as an unbranded one, and it can then be unlocked via the official tools from HTC.

You'll need a computer, ADB and some patience but if you're willing to spend the time you'll have an unlocked bootloader on your Droid DNA.

Source: Android Police


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HTC Droid DNA bootloader unlock now available


When are the idiots at Verizon gonna learn that there is no method of locking that the open community of developers can't crack. Fracking Verizon powers that be need to get a life outside their make believe world of a total mobile monarchy. That's all.....

Yeah, uhm, nobody in the dev community has managed to unlock the Motorola Droid 2+ bootloaders in the last two years, so it has just as much to do with the OEM as it does Verizon.

That's mostly due to the fact that there is not nearly as much as enthusiasm in the dev community for Moto devices as there is for HTC and Samsung. I can assure you that if there was....those bootloaders would have been open for a while now. ;)

It's primarily because Moto uses hardware encryption to lock the bootloader, as opposed to software