HTC EVO 3D Docking Station 

Remember HTC's EVO 3D desktop docking station that first appeared on Best Buy's website earlier this month? You know, the one powers your  EVO 3D while propping it up for ideal multimedia playback? Well, it is now officially on sale, though at the moment it appears to be a bit backordered. You'll have to shell out $49.99, and you'll have to wait 1 to 2 weeks for availability, but if you're looking for that perfect dock to compliment your shiny new smartphone, hit the source link to order yours today.

Source: Best Buy; Thanks, jeallen1, for the tip!


Reader comments

EVO 3D dock up for preorder at Best Buy


$50 for a plastic prop that does nothing but charge and requires you use your own charger???

Um, no thanks.

Maybe if it had speakers or a second battery charger and/or HDMI or SOMETHING.

Yo, I know isn't it crazy how the fuckers decide to drop the kick stand so they can charge you $50 bucks for this extra paper weight piece of cow pie? No thanks HTC, you got enough of my money this year....even if it isn't from HTC, I'm not dropping another $ on this device. It's perfect just they was it is.

Wow, $50 for a piece of plastic with a plug embedded in it? I am guessing their cost on one of those units might be a dollar.

What people don't think about with these docks is that they are VERY hard on your USB port as you pretty much have to jam it in there and yank it out each time. Also, you can't pick the phone up to accept a call as you could if it were just plugged in.

Better to just spend your money on a case with a nice kickstand.

I love my Evo3D, but I think HTC or the powers at be made the charging port in an inconvenient place so that a kickstand wouldn't work, but this damn thing does. It basically forces us to get it if we want to prop the phone up while being charged.

I agree that the dock looks like crap, but for those of you who have an OG Evo try this. Take the back covers off the two phones and place them next to each other. Then try and figure out where a kickstand is supposed to go. This is the price we pay to get 3D, because it's either lose that or the battery to get the stand back. The positioning of the charging port has nothing to do with this. BTW, frustrations involving getting my angry birds progress data ported over aside, I love this phone.

So, by taking away the kick stand and moving the charging port, you try to force us to buy this?

Oh, did I forget the bootloader is still locked! Right now, HTC is on my s*#t list.

I loved my kickstand and i think its crappy that this thing costs $50. Bigger issue for me would be having to take it out of my case everytime i want to use it. No go for me.

Whoa! Forget the dock, look at that Evo 3D. I have no idea what's different but the shot from that angle makes the phone look WAAAY nicer than just from the front (and the front looks nice too!). 50 bucks is a bit steep though for a dock. I got a dock for my OG Evo on Amazon for way less.

Not very fun if you use a case to protect your phone. Taking the case off just to dock, not so much fun.. Better off getting a generic car dock with suction cup deal and slapping that on ur desk - easy to get on and off the dock.. I like docks and using caffine app from market to keep screen on all day to get instant notifications, etc.. then use BT headset for making/recv calls.

why not just buy a metal business card holder for the phone....i got one from office depot for $5.00...does the job....just saying...

Or get a Crabble for like $10 shipped or less (I had to order it from the UK because they actually charged less to ship it to Puerto Rico than the US distributor, go figure)

It looks a little silly, but it's actually pretty darn handy... It doesn't look like it fits in a wallet as they tout, but it definitely does. Just take it out, fold it in, and place your phone on it.

It actually holds my EVO 4G in landscape orientation slightly more reliably than the built-in kickstand (which lets it easily tip over due to the very thin TPU case I have on the phone), AND it'll hold it up in a very very stable vertical orientation (which will come in handy once more of my friends have phones w/FFC and Google video chat).

Honestly, it's probably not worth the money based purely on what it is, and the way the folding slit is cut it probably won't last you more than a couple of years... But if you really want a portable kickstand w/o having it permanently attached to a bulky case, this is it.

It'll probably work even better w/the taller/narrower EVO 3D... With my EVO 4G landscape is stable enough for use anywhere except maybe a turbulent plane, and that's with the TPU case as I said before, w/o the case it falls back further into the Crabble and it sits just fine.

With the same case I can easily tip over the EVO 4G when it's standing on it's own kickstand by just flicking it, not so w/the Crabble. Vertical is solid even w/the TPU case but might prove to be a problem for the EVO 3D because of the big dual-lens camera housing, depending on how far it sticks out.

One thing I really miss about BlackBerry is the dock. RIM got that one right with the cordless landline style charging ports. No "locking into" a USB plug.

I won't ever buy another dock unless it's executed the RIM way.