HTC Desktop Docking Station for EVO 3D

For every HTC EVO 3D owner who yearns for the best desktop dock, know that the jivest hepcats are sporting the official HTC Desktop Docking Station for the EVO 3D.

Designed with the HTC build quality you've come to know and love, the HTC Desktop Dock for the EVO 3D gives you the most attractive, space-friendly, and viewing angle-efficient dock you could ever hope for.

The dock itself is pretty no-frills; you've got a video button, a port for your phone to dock into, and a microUSB port on the back. Fortunately, the minimalist approach doesn't detract from the experience of using it. It's shiny, glossy, and black, but best of all, it works.


Once you've got the phone plugged into the dock, you can sync between your computer and phone (just like with the standard USB cable), or, if you're using the MHL adapter, you can watch media on your attached HDTV, straight from the phone.

Say you just want to use your phone as a desk clock, or perhaps you want to play a game or two while you're docked up. The dock puts your phone at the absolutely perfect angle for anything you could ever hope to do, and the best part, it's all hands-free. (Fruit Ninja has never been easier.)

If you're worried about the dock sliding around all willy-nilly, don't! HTC loves you and placed four rubber feet on the bottom, giving you all the grip and security you'll need, so no phones will go flying. (I promise.)

As far as desktop docks go, this one is definitely the tops. Sure, there's no extra slot to charge an extra battery at the same time, but when you get this one, you know you're getting quality, and that's something worth investing in.

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HTC Desktop Docking Station for EVO 3DHTC Desktop Docking Station for EVO 3DHTC Desktop Docking Station for EVO 3DHTC Desktop Docking Station for EVO 3DHTC Desktop Docking Station for EVO 3DHTC Desktop Docking Station for EVO 3DHTC Desktop Docking Station for EVO 3D



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HTC Desktop Docking Station for EVO 3D [Android Accessory Review]


I don't like desktop docks with USB connectors, even tho they might offer more capability. Too easy to damage the connector with a harsh bump when its in the dock.

Give me pins please.

Own it. Micro USB/MHL connectivity is great.. This dock is great sitting on my desk.
Unless you're a gorilla that is prone to seizures, there is no way to damage a device that is docked.

Got it at Radio Shack for $14.97. So keep your eyes peeled if you're interested.

Thanks for the info! I might run out and get one. That is a much more realistic price for a piece of plastic with two connectors :)

OK, I just bought one from Radio Shack for $15! I am impressed! It includes a charger and cable. The build quality is good, and it is easy to use.

Plus, the article doesn't even say anything about the video button role- it is a toggle and will put the phone into or take it out of "desktop dock" mode. In dock mode, it will stay one, in landscape, and offer some nice options. When you push the button, then it just charges while going to sleep.

Best $15 spent ever. Thanks!

I want this product for my office, but I use an Otterbox Defender case, which means no dock will ever fit my phone. I wish someone would design an adjustable width/length dock with an extendable micro USB tip. Sure it would be expensive to design it to be adjustable and not look trashy, but you could justify the purchase by using it for multiple phone models.

Yes I purchased 3 of them from 14.97 They are very nice however most cases will not work its a tight fit, so I purchased some 3M protective decals made for the Evo3D form skinguards it did the trick! Also I recommend WaveLaucher to be used with the dock mode to launch apps and WaveLauncher is the only laucher (that I know of) that actually allows you to place widgets on the dock screen!!

This dock is one of the few compatible docks with an MHL cable

I have the Seidio 3VO dock and it works very well. The advantage of that over this is the Seidio dock has an adapter that lets the phone dock even when inside any number of thin or thick shells. The Seidio puts the phone at an angle that isn't as laid back -- more upright -- than this one from HTC, but that's neither good nor bad, just different.

All that said, why the hard sell on this dock, AC? This is less like a review and more like an infomercial.