HTC Desire and Legend rooted

Well, that didn't take long. Get the right phones into the right hands, and rooting and custom ROMs are bound to occur. Such is the case with the HTC Desire and Legend, which Paul from MoDaCo has already cracked open. Look for more good stuff to pour out of this one. [MoDaCo via Twitter]


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HTC Desire, Legend rooted already


So does that mean they can rip the launcher .apk from the desire that we've seen can be turned off/on at will. Droid with an HTC launcher is perfect.

(( What keyboard is that and how do I get it? ))

Looks like the same standard HTC keyboard from the Hero, and prob with all SenseUI, just a guess.

interesting news on april 1st...

I thought Paul already stated the desire couldn't be rooted (at least anytime soon)?

He never said that. In fact, even before he received his phone, he said he thought he knew a way to do it. This is very much real.