HTC Desire

Good news for our pals in the United Kingdom: The HTC Desire is coming your way in a month. T-Mobile UK tweeted this morning:

The Desire will be available on the 26th of March. Thanks for all the questions. Keep them coming. Ryan

That differs from T-Mo's Web site, which still says the Desire is "Due April 2010." But regardless, it's coming. Stay tuned. [Twitter via Tracy and Matt]


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HTC Desire coming to T-Mobile UK on March 26


If that's true, I must start finding friends in the UK :), especially since I learned today that the "o so wonderful Sense UI" can be turned off and on whenever you please. This means that you can actually use the extra RAM HTC installed for its purpose on something useful like multitasking!

Really? T-Mobile USA already has the Nexus One which is the same phone as this... you can even get the Sense UI on it as well.

What really needs to happen is this phone having all US 3G bands so that we can import it and use it on AT&T. Either that or Google needs to get the AT&T version of the N1 out the door immediately.

But with the HTC Incredible coming to Verizon soon, does it matter that much? For me, as long as I can A) Use custom firmware to remove the Verizon logo during boot up and all other things Verizon, B) Due to the hardware similarity with N1, manually upgrade the ROM to the official Android 2.2 ROM (or whatever) when it comes out (there by losing the Sense UI, of course).

because they are sleeping with google in a fancy hotel room. How do you think I feel, I'm on verizon and they have YET to get a half decent smartphone on their network. I suppose the droid is OK, but that keyboard is total horse crap... I mean, TOTAL! I wouldnt give that phone as a gift to my worst enemy!

I've today received my update on my T-Mobile Desire. I'm now on version Can't see anything different!