HTC Desire on Telus

Back in the middle of July, we got word that the HTC Desire was officially coming to Canada on Telus. We just didn't know when it was going to happen. Well, it just so happens to be coming out, let's say - today! If you live in Canada and want something similar to the Nexus One, even though it kind of died, the HTC Desire is the way to go. [Telus]


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HTC Desire available today on Telus


About time Canada gets a real, modern, Android phone! Galaxy S and Desire out on the same day, wooo!

Best part is the price is much better than anticipated. $449.99 with no term, $79.99 with 3 year contract. Originally the speculation was a ridiculous $299.99.

This is a great price for a kick ass phone. I love my Nexus One, but I got it because the Milestone was so buggy and I was stuck with a Telus contract. This is a great option for Telus customers.

I'm getting a Desire for sure, when I go to Japan. Gotta wait a couple of months. Otherwise I'd spring for one right away at 450$, it's a steal! In the meantime I'll have to survive with a Nexus One. Not that it's a chore ;)