Scott Croyle at the HTC One M8 launch event

Scott Croyle, HTC's SVP of Design and User Experience, and the man who led the teams that brought us such amazing designs like the HTC One M8 is leaving the company. Croyle joined HTC in 2008 when the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer bought his One & Co. studio and reoriented it towards HTC products. According to The Verge, Croyle's transition out of HTC will be a slow one, where he'll move into a product development consultancy role for a few months before leaving to "work on his own projects."

Jonah Becker, Croyle's deputy at the HTC design studio, will take over his duties as he transitions out from HTC. Drew Bamford, meanwhile, has been elevated by HTC from overseeing Sense to managing the entire HTC Creative Labs software and services group. The HTC user experience team will reportedly be simplified and consolidated in the same manner as the company's design and engineering group. Bamford's position will place him directly under CEO Peter Chou.

HTC has been in turmoil for some time now, with several executives departing last month, including the VP of Global Communications, Chief Product Officer, and the CEO of HTC Asia. But the departure of Croyle, who was responsible for the class-leading design that's been a signature of HTC in the past few years, stings a bit more.

That's not to say that HTC doesn't have a deep bench of talent in the design department, but as iPhone owners can attest, change at the top of the design chain can have long-lasting affects.

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HTC design lead Scott Croyle departing company


Or, people not understanding how electronics work and thinking that HTC somehow wasted space instead of the fact that there's things going on behind the bezel.

That doesn't change the fact that it is ugly and wasted space for the people using the phone. Every other OEM figures out a way to get what they want in the phone without all that wasted space, so why can't HTC?

I've been using my m8 for a few days now and I don't even notice the logo bar. The display is so big and beautiful there's no need to even look down there.

I thought it would be a big deal before I bought the m8 but really it's a non factor.

I am on week three, still pisses me off that not only is there space wasted on the logo bar, but on screen buttons

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For work I get to play with all of the new phones for periods of up to two months.

I know your reading comprehension sucks but the guy was answering me, because I answered him. It is not an alias

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It's probably as easy to fix as getting rid of one speaker and moving the other one to the back of the phone. Or, they could use the two capacitive button from last year that everyone criticized them for.

One could just as easily ask why htc can put two speakers on the front of the phone while maintaining a similar footprint and other manufacturers can't.

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So I just compared my LG g2 to my m8. The G2 has on screen buttons and directly under them... An empty black space. The only difference is that htc has a speaker under that. So your statement is demonstrably false.

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So, you don't think there's electronics under the screen of a smartphone, huh? Who's not understanding?

The reason for the HTC logo bar is the decision late in the development cycle to use on screen buttons instead of capacitive buttons.

Has nothing to do with electronics underneath.

It's not really that we don't understand that essential parts lie beneath it. It's just fundamentally poor design if you end up with wasted space like that in the final product. It means that every step along the way, HTC put aside space for that black bar of nothingness

Bummer! Hopefully his replacement does well. I love the look of the M7 and M8, even the Evo 4G at the time of its release.

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Wow, there's a lot more negativity than I thought there was going to be. I guess not everyone likes HTC's designs as much as I do?

Haters gonna hate. I love the design of the m7/m8, bezel and all!

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Hating on HTC is sport in the comments section. In a few, you'll see someone asking Chou if he can hear them?????????

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I don't understand how anyone could be happy about this! Bezel or not M7 and M8 are the best looking devices Android has seen... Sense is the best UI imo on Android.. this is a major hit

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Yeah, guys seriously, this is not a good thing for HTC. I've had my fair share of problems with HTC over the years, but I don't think anyone would argue that the industrial design of the M7/8 are not game changers for both Android and HTC. Look - I don't think either device is perfect, I don't like the button placement - but there's no other Android option out there that's close to what HTC offers (even though i might be looking for something else). With the progenerator of this great design style...where does that leave HTC? Are we going to end up back in the farcical HTC Sensation days with stupidly laid out internals and a darth vader condom for a back plate?

You guys are worried about an extra couple of millimeters of bezel, I'm worried that this signifies the end of the new HTC as we know it. This is just one more bad piece of news for HTC and anyone who likes competition in the smartphone (and more specifically Android) space.

You should be more worried that it's important HTC employees making moves before HTC goes under. Most everybody loves the design, and don't be foolish enough to think this one guy is the only brains behind it.

He won't be unemployed long. There are a lot of companies out there that could use some innovative designs with their smartphones (I'm talking about you, Samsung).

Yeah I feel sorry to say it. Good riddance. Hopefully now they'll listen to customers for a change.

I love HTC, brought four of their phones (not including the HTC built Treo) but they need a fresh designer. The bezels are outrageous and on the M8, you actually have less screen space due to the on screen buttons over the M7 despite a larger and more awkward exterior foot print. That's poor design despite great material usage. I like my M7's design better. Definitely won't upgrade to another phone with ultrapixel.

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At first I was saddened by this, but then I thought about it and maybe they need a mix-up in the design area. The M8 is gorgeous but it's also huge and the bezels are obnoxiously.

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