Manufacturer also exploring updating the U.S. HTC One X directly to Android 4.4

Hoping to open up the communication lines to its customers, HTC ran a Reddit AMA today to take questions and shed some light on its processes. One of the big revelations so far is a new commitment to software updates — going forward, HTC claims it will bring "all major Android updates" to its flagship devices for two years after their release date. There's no indication of what's considered a "flagship," but we can at least hope this has a positive change on how HTC handles updates going forward.

HTC says the outcry over the update situation on the One X and X+ — after announcing both devices won't make it past Android 4.2 — has it rethinking the way it does updates. It explains that because the One X+ used an NVIDIA processor HTC was left in the dark on being able to update that device, and simply chose to keep the One X (which uses a Qualcomm chip in the states) on the same level as its counterpart. Following the response to the Android 4.2 update, HTC is actively exploring a way to bump the Qualcomm-based One X straight to Android 4.4.

Together with the relatively swift updates various versions of the HTC One have had over the last few months, we hope this is a step in the right direction when it comes to pushing major updates to the most popular devices. The extra transparency about the process doesn't hurt either.

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HTC commits to giving all new flagship devices major Android updates for 2 years


Well if they were the best they would have offered the update a long time ago, especially to those of us with HTC One X international versions which have no carrier standing between us and our update.

Don't get me wrong, I've been happy with this phone, espcially since 4.2.2 came out, but it really does deserve 4.4.

Didn't the Update Alliance or whatever it was called promise the same thing one or two years ago?

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Send an Email to Mo Versi at HTC. He's been hooking people up with the update, as part of some trial run from HTC. I already have it myself.

Hopefully this new means that the EVO LTE could also possibly get an update to 4.4 as well.

Nvm. Just googled and saw that it might be coming next week. Granted, I think they said that 3 "next week"s ago...

Kit Kat plus Sense? That'd be freakin' awesome! Then I wouldn't have to compromise on camera quality for the sake of aesthetics.

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Yes, it has been announced by HTC that Sprint's HTC EVO LTE (released 5/1/2012) and has received several updates will receive another OTA update again, very soon.

Punit Soni said the same Motorola. Hope that sticks with Lenovo. Curious HTC saying "flagship". In the One X example, would that mean only the One X would get the update and not the One S or One V?

Or with last year's devices, the One gets it - but will the One Mini and One Max get it? This probably rules out anything from the Desire line.

Oh and NVIDIA being involved (or not involved) further adds to reasons why phones like the Galaxy Nexus and the DROID Bionic, DROID RAZR/RAZR MAXX, and DROID 4 won't ever see an official KitKat update (due to TI).

Yeah, I'd like a little more clarity on that.

This is why I'll only buy flagships or Nexuses now.

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The statement says New Flagship Devices. So I would guess it will start with the M8 forward.

As with NVIDIA, I wonder if Samsung's Exynos will be problematic for updates. Probably less so, as it's Samsung's proprietary SOC.

I have a Samsung galaxy note 10.1 it was launched with jb 4.1 and is still on 4.1. And that was their flagship tablet I would never buy Samsung again

Wow!! Does this mean that HTC is finally starting to pull its head out of its ass? Maybe this will help them keep the customers they still have. Doesn't matter what they do, I'm still never buying anything from them again.

Nice job I will admit, even though I'm on the verge of switching from my Vivid to a Nexus 5, as soon as UPS delivers it.

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"Major updates" is the key words. I could see them pulling the "well it's just a minor update so your device won't receive it.

some people will always see the glass half empty. at least they seem committed to *something*. i did not expect my htc one be updated beyond 4.4.2. now i can count on at least one more update if not two this year.

That's a great commitment and all, but if there's one thing I've learned from HTC its that if you listen to them and believe what they say you will be disappointed.

Pretty sure that something like KitKat, which gets a whole new name, couldn't be passed off as a minor update. Going from 4.4 to 4.4.2 however could be.

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They aren't saying they will keep their phones up yo date. They are saying that they will give them major updates for two years. That's what they did with the One X, it got a major update after it had been out almost two years. By then they were do far behind it didn't matter.

Ill believe it when I see it meanwhile im rocking the Nexus 5 right, and have not looked back.

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Notes about the operating system having been optimised at least twice to enable acceptable performance on older devices, which would make it harder to point the finger at manufacturers. Good point!

What are you talking about? The S2 is on 4.2 right? The S3 on 4.3, and gonna get 4.4. There are things about Samsung you can complain about, updates are not really one.


Believe it when I see it. They have such a terrible track record and I have personally been through it twice that I refuse to buy another HTC till I see some actual changes.

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How is this a reason to cheer if the equally capable HTC One S was conveniently left out?

The one s is equally capable?

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Anybody notice that there is no NoNexus hate?

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It's a good start but HTC should support every device they sell. Motorola is doing it with the Moto G also.

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To be fair, Motorola has 2 main devices to support.

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The X is liekthe droid line. Same processor at least.

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I'd rather see updates than commitments.

Sent from my T-Mobile variant HTC One on Jelly Bean.

If you are worried about updates then root. If you have to have prompt updates and you don't want to root, get a nexus or gpe device.

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People need to stop bashing HTC! Lately they've been better at updating than Samsung!

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From what it seems, HTC is trying to shift some blame on to nvidia for no bsp. I'm wondering what android version the 2012 Nexus 7 is on right now. If nvidia truly isn't supporting its chipsets, then I guess Qualcomm is the ideal vendor to get soc from, and nvidia can go the way of TI.

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This is not before time - HTC for me have form for not supporting their customers with OS updates. Having bought the excellent (at the time) HTC Desire on its release, I was appalled by how HTC abandoned updating the device as it moved on to Desire 2 and then the "One..X's". Even the latter were never really updated in a timely manner. As a result I upgraded elsewhere as I suspect from HTC's decline in sales, so did most other people. Shame as I can see that their hardware is superb.. but I would not go back without a clearer commitment to timely updates and probably for something slightly more generous than 24 months ... given how high spec'd these devices are now.

While this is great news, I just don't feel like it's absolutely necessary to update Android on older devices (with bug fixes being the exception). Don't get me wrong, I was happy to recently receive KitKat on my One, but I honestly would have been fine with Jelly Bean. After sixteen months, I usually feel like it's time to, you know, get a new phone.

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Because you don't value your device or you like to get raped by carriers. Not everyone is like that.

I will keep my devices for a long time, until I feel I got the money I spent in them worth of it.

Of course, if you are paying 80 dollars a month who cares, right?

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Nvidia needs to show more support. That's why most manufactures choose Qualcomm. I've never owned a flagship device from HTC, but them vocalizing their support for 2 years would make me consider them in the future.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

They choose Qualcomm for various reasons, and support is number 2. The SOC are just way better than anything Nvidia or Samsung can do.

Only the a7 is more power efficient, as powerful, brilliantly engineered. I choosed not to pay 700 euros for one of those, but I wrongly choosed Novathor.

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I have a Samsung Galaxy s3 mini (GT-I8190). Supposedly, it's one of the most used phones in the world (behind iPhones, s4, s3 and one I can't remember.) and do you know how many updates it got? 0.

Thankfully I didn't pay even close to full price for it, but I was expecting so much more from Samsung.

And that brings me to the question: What's in recent Android version to make the update worthwhile? Absolutely 0! There's no must have features, nothing that shines or improve the experience. From 4.1 to 4.4 it's just marginal stuff.

It will take a long time for 4.4 to be polished and worth it. Now I think Samsung was/is waiting to tweak the UI to make all those MB of OTA worth the time of the update. So who is to blame? Both Google and Samsung.

Let's not fool ourselves, right now it's HTC and Sony that are fighting to bring innovation to the Android arena. Google knows that OEMs are stuck, Apple only cares about high-end, Samsung has 15 billion dollars per year to generate interest with 0 innovation, support or utility, BlackBerry is dead and Microsoft is a joke.

We need and healthy HTC, and this is the right way to go. Hell, extend to support to 4 years and produce way lesser models. Everyone wins.

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We'll see about that. All these Android hardware makers keep on making empty promises. The only exception is the Nexus brand in which Google really do support their flagship hardware. Samsung is the biggest Android player and you'll be lucky if you get 2 updates ever.

Personally 2 years is not good enough for me. We are buying an expensive piece of technology and most of us intend on using it a bit longer and make it worth our investment. I think there should be a law protecting us with at least 3 years of product support.

I don't want the gov't involved in manufacturer updates. It will lead to some group to enforce the laws, which will cause taxes to go up.....If you don't like the update provided by your OEM, buy from a different OEM who will update their product. Vote with your dollar, not your legislator.

" HTC is actively exploring a way to bump the Qualcomm-based One X straight to Android 4.4"

If HTC is able to update the One X to 4.4 (Sammy can do it with the GS3, same processor and all, so I know HTC can), I will give them a "Good Guy HTC" award.

Although, it is too bad that Nvidia's lack of support for their own chips gave HTC a huge black eye in the public eye.