HTC’s European representative, Mark Moons, let it slip through a tweet that there’s a chance Froyo will begin rollout to their many devices starting with HTC Desires in the Netherlands as soon as tomorrow. A Dutch tech news site, comments that, “the update will start Thursday, but due to a limit on bandwidth it will be a gradual rollout” again, that’s if they have all the kinks worked out and are ready to roll out this highly anticipated update. Nonetheless we can all be sure that all  Desire owners in the Netherlands will be checking for updates nonstop tomorrow. [via engadget and]


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Is HTC commencing its Froyo rollout?


Sprint has already stated it will not officially update the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment beyond 2.1 (which it has already done) so any FroYo update for your Hero would be a completely unofficial ROM cooked up by crafty developers and would require you to be rooted. Actually, if you know where to look, a couple of FroYo ROMs for the Hero are already out there.

Hero is EOL. They will probably not update it. Still, it uses hardware nearly identical to many other phones so I doubt it will be long until you can find a version of 2.2 with Sense. Right now you can already get Cyanogen 6 on the Hero which is built on Froyo.

Agree! Right now it's a race between CM6 final version and the Sprint version rooted with all the crap taken out.

With the couple of bits of uncommon hardware (Wimax, front cam, FM radio, etc.) the Evo will probably take longer to come out versus the phones that are nearly identical to the Nexus One internally.

If HTC starts a rollout soon, that's nothing but good news for EVO owners. Froyo may not arrive as soon as the others, but it would be a positive sign for us. Any complications due to 4G or whatever would be the only things holding us back - and they shouldn't be insurmountable nor painfully time-consuming. In theory I guess. Regardless, I'm happy with the rumor. I can be patient. Still learning this wonderful phone and OS as I parted with my beloved Pre. Even here and now at 2.1, I couldn't be happier from where I was (and I LOVED the Pre.

Just love Android and the EVO more now.

I hope that when this does roll State-side that the DI, Evo, AND the X get the update at the same time, like one of the rumors out there suggests.. They're all kick-ass phones, and only differ in a few hardware components, otherwise being comparable devices. An update at the same time would quell a lot of the "my phone is badder than yours" threads, since we would all be on the same platform.

I was doing well at being completely chilled out about Froyo ... now I know the Dutch are getting it the UK must be soon and all my composure has evaporated. Check for update ... no. Check for update ... no.Check for update ... no. That is my life now ;).

I won't get excited until I see it. I won't get excited until I see it. I won't get excited until I see it. I won't get excited until I see it. I won't get excited until I see it. I won't get excited until I see it.

It would take HTC/Sprint time to have a final build for the evo. To incorporate Sense and now 4G, I wouldnt be surprised to see an update till late this year. Look at the track record (delays) HTC/Sprint took to have a 2.1 update for the Hero. I wouldnt get my hopes up for the evo.

I'm confused. In the US, don't the carriers roll out the updates? So does this really say anything about when US HTC phones will receive the update? Presumably the carriers have a release candidate ROM, and are testing before they roll it out.

You're right. The rollout is up to the carriers. They get their testing roms from the manufacturers. I guess that if the news is that the rollout is going somewhere outside the U.S., its just another point to increase the validity of Froyo expectations here at home. At least, that's the way I take it. Honestly, if VZW and Sprint happen to send the update close to the same time, it would be great for all of us. From what I said earlier, that would be an upgrade for the Incredible, the Evo, and the X. Even sweeter would be the inclusion of an update for the Moto Droid. They've been eager for some Froyo goodness probably the longest of any of us.

May be the Desire in Netherlands has it first, but in US the more strong leak confirmed in Tweeter VZW CR going to be the HTC Incredible the first phone to have Froyo OTA.

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! Finally. Not that I'm unhappy with Eclair, but this'll be pretty darn awesome. Me and my Desire are a-likin'.

I just got off the phone with Sprint because I was not getting a 4G signal , for some weird reason it starts working when the rep answered. So I decided to ask the rep does she know when 2.2 will be rolled out for the EVO , she said tomorrow. I asked her again, and she said the 2.2 for the EVO will be rolled out tomorrow. Then I asked if she knew when the epic would be available and she said she doesn't know. I hope she's right. I love my EVO and think its the best phone to date. Poor netbook, hasn't been used since launch.